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Today's Poem - 08/19/2017
In Between - Viewed 9325 Times
David Devaney
January 01, 2003
Am I somewhere in between,
Or must I here remain?
Has the sun now set for me,
Or will I new hope gain?

Have I reached the mountaintop,
Of life as it is known?
Are horizons only dreams,
Or will new seeds be sewn?

Will I to the canyon fall,
Nevermore to climb?
Is this day my destiny,
Or will there be more time?

Did I talents recognize,
Or all of them ignore?
Can I reach beyond myself,
Not knowing what’s in store?

Will I face my consequence,
And in my thoughts confide?
Do I know the answer yet,
Or will I from it hide?

Will I wash the tears away,
That stain and taint my eart?
Is their hope that I can see,
When better days will start?

These are questions for me now,
The answer is but one.
If only I can be myself,
Will life have here begun.
© 2003 David Devaney
A Precious Jewel - Viewed 9264 Times
David Devaney
December 13, 2002
Upon the winds I whisper.
Upon the stars I soar.
Into the twilight of my time
Not knowing what’s in store.
Excited to be venturing
where I have never been.
As life within the sunrise
does everyday begin.
New challenges do greet me
new intimates I meet.
Friendships ever growing
as soft my heart does beat.
Taking time to know of love,
it is a precious jewel
Greeting new acquaintances
never being cruel.
Capturing the memories
composites of my days.
Loving those who have loved me
in many different ways.
Laughing, crying, telling tales
bout life that I have known.
Though solitary in my world,
I never am alone.
For I am all that I have been
and all that I’ll become.
Father, soldier, confidante,
of me I am the sum.
Patiently awaiting
that special ecstasy.
When I do wake acknowledging
my final fantasy.
To here achieve upon this earth
that I do daily roam
A gentle kindness in my heart
and be no more alone.
For life well lived is understood
to be a life fulfilled.
One where love and special joy
for ever are instilled.
© 2002 David Devaney
A Bloody Mary Morning - Viewed 9467 Times
David Devaney
January 01, 2003
Salt and celery fill each glass
with juice and vodka clear.
The bloody Mary afterglow
helps headaches disappear.
Of every age they come in droves
to seaside ocean grills.
Where shrimp and catfish menu fare
help satiate their wills.
To piers extending o’er the sea
so many folks do come.
To end the aches from yester-eve
that beat now like a drum.
So if my friend you elbows bend
with dance and song and cheer.
Know the feelings of this joy
in mornings reappear.
© 2003 David Devaney
A Future Time - Viewed 8418 Times
David Devaney
May 09, 2002
Though there is a future time, it seems to matter not,
as the ever-changing present brings forth
the morning tide of my serenity.
For buried deep within the salinity of my joy,
is the experience of an uncontrolled history.
Present moments lost within the abyss that is my yesterday.
Learned references giving guidance and not control.

I am continually aware of the always present beauty of my time,
Its energy and its warming fragrance.
The love of life that transcends in its magnitude all else,
As I share with it the essence of all life. I am alive,
not in the tomorrow of my imagination,
but in the momentary joy of each silent beat of my heart.

There, just beyond the jetty, the tide flows endlessly
and timeless across the universe of my understanding.
There is an integrity, a truth, a beauty,
and a certain recognition, absent of all fear and turmoil.
Forevermore present is this joy,
for I am a certainty in my own reality,
cognizant and aware.
© 2002 David Devaney
A Menagerie of Beauty - Viewed 9090 Times
David Devaney
November 01, 2002
I do not now,
nor have I ever understood
the blending of so many
unique and different,
yet wonderful personalities
into a treasured existence.

None is the critique
nor the criticism,
for all are accepted
as they choose to be,
uniquely special
in their choice
of style and existence.

Non conforming in a world
of wasted conformity.
Joyful in the knowledge
of their choice to be as they are
and not as others would
perceive them to properly be.

They are accepted in this world
of the forceful and the condemned.
They are true to the style of being
that allows the individual to be as they are
and as they choose to be.

Not now nor ever
part of the shepherd society
that leads to the slaughter
of the personality
and the destruction
of the dream.
They are rather
the essence and the life
of its fulfillment.
© 2002 David Devaney
From Borneo He Came - Viewed 7873 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2003
I saw a great orangutan,
from Borneo he came.
He watched, as we did watch him back,
though never quite the same.
His face was sullen, smileless,
yet there within his eyes.
A sense that he had found a home
did come with great surprise.
Captive though he might have been,
he captivated all.
Most thankful are we that he came
and him we’ll oft recall.
© 2003 David Devaney
A Woman of Intrigue - Viewed 8891 Times
David Devaney
August 23, 2003
If I were younger I’d pursue
a woman of intrigue.
I’d do whatever it would take
to join her special league.

Where happiness it does abound
neath every single star.
And skies they are forever blue
no matter near nor far.

Her smile, it would radiate
as does the morning sun.
And life becomes a special place
for it has now begun.

I’d walk with her along the path
that leads into each heart.
Hold her tight and whisper words
to help her joy to start.

And she would walk with special grace
a step above the earth.
If only she could know my heart
for me would come rebirth.

A mentor, confidante and guide
this woman I’d call friend.
If she could touch me with her smile
my life will never end.
© 2003 David Devaney
Always Meant To Be - Viewed 8321 Times
David Devaney
September 08, 2002
I sit here by the garden park and watch the people
passing into the mist of the evening.
I wait patiently as God begins his journey into the night,
bringing to all, a cornucopia of patience and love.
A child passes, close by his father’s side, his steps firm yet tentative,
as he struggles to maintain the pace.
Women, strollers in front, jog through the heavy air,
as raindrops and love-bugs circle about this windswept summer’s eve.
Clouds, darkened by the afternoon sun, whisper silently,
as they course the heavens heavy laden with droplets from the sea.
Lovers walk, side by side, conversing silently with their eyes,
knowing always the eternity of their affection.
Friends, briskly pace themselves to a rhythmic cadence,
as tiny leashed dogs inquire about the tree bark at their nose.
Diamond, golden signs stop all movement, protecting each passerby,
from the uncertainty that lies just beyond the unknown.
All this happens within my grasp, within my view, as I sit silent,
the observer of things as they are and were always meant to be.
© 2002 David Devaney
Koala - Viewed 8129 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2003
I’m just an old Koala bear,
captive and forlorn.
Living in a cage of glass,
the trees are old and worn.
I rest my head upon my arms,
my eyes most often closed.
My neighbors are Koala bears
to this I’m not opposed.
Just three of us in Houston town,
down south in Herman Park.
So many people come and watch,
yet still I have no spark.
I sit and sleep here in my tree,
then once or twice a day.
I blink and raise my eyebrows up
and all the people stay.
They smile, laugh, the children scream.
“Hey mom let’s go inside”.
Yet all alone I must remain,
though from them I don’t hide.
I’m just an old Koala bear,
content to here remain.
To warm the hearts of young and old,
as happiness they gain.
© 2003 David Devaney
Tag You’re It - Viewed 7803 Times
David Devaney
November 03, 2003
Barehanded I did try to catch
a monarch butterfly.
I ran along the ocean’s rim
beneath a cloudless sky.
The sun did sparkle through its wings
and golden was its hue.
Its beauty caught me by surprise
against the ocean blue.
Then quick I stopped to here reflect
midst flowers on the shore.
Why chase and capture spirit’s free
living life so pure.
I watched as it did playful climb
along the dunes of grass.
“Tag You’re It” it seemed to say
to blossoms lad and lass.
I wondered why I ever thought
its freedom I would take.
The beauty of this insect friend
that rainbow sky’s does make.
For it was meant to live its life
for all the world to see.
Flying softly on the wind,
so lovely and so free.
© 2003 David Devaney
White Rhinoceros - Viewed 8523 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2003
Here’s to the white rhinoceros,
so strong and beautiful.
Why in the mud do you now play,
it must feel wonderful.
You lie behind the daisy bed,
one hundred bees in sight
Your tail does swing into the wind,
your size does cause a fright.
For in this park of creatures rare,
you are a special treat.
As dreams and fantasies come true,
when finally we meet.
© 2003 David Devaney
As People Do - Viewed 8330 Times
David Devaney
October 27, 2003
I chased you through the universe
no time came into play.
Our stars commingled near the sun
beside the Milky Way.
Our spirit and our energy,
were one upon the moon.
Where happiness is nightly seen
and love can’t come too soon.
As one we entered too a cloud
where rainbows touch the earth.
Then rode it to our pot of gold
to find true loves rebirth.
We stepped both naked into life
to go our separate ways.
Though years apart we’d meet again
to energize our days.
You as woman, I as man
would know great love and more.
Touch ten million hearts and souls
with life so very pure.
For in the heavens we began
as starlit energy.
Traveled through the universe
our souls forever free.
Blending into human form
in life as people do.
To find for all eternity
a love forever new.
© 2003 David Devaney
Beauty Soaring There - Viewed 8266 Times
David Devaney
July 01, 2002
Sixteen pelicans did cross
That jetty by the sea.
Each one in turn would take the lead,
They formed a shortened V.
Across the whitecaps headed west,
I’d not seen them before.
On occasion one or two,
Across my path would soar.
Yet sixteen came this summer’s day,
But no one seemed to care.
More concerned with thoughts of life,
Than beauty soaring there.
And then eleven more did come,
Wind currents set their height.
As cross winds from the south did blow,
They winged with all their might.
I wonder why so many came,
This sunlit, snow cloud day,
I guess so I might them admire,
And all my demons slay.
For when God’s beauty is revealed,
Do troubles disappear.
And I am grateful that I came,
To walk and watch and hear.
© 2002 David Devaney
Bob Walker’s Country Café - Viewed 6571 Times
David Devaney
September 08, 2002
Bob’s cafe in Galveston
sits on the white capped gulf.
As people come to taste it’s fare
and let their pressures off.

Checkered table cloths in red,
a buffet line for all.
As antiques from the ceiling hang
and from most every wall.

The window opens up on rails,
so breezes will invade.
The sea air, sun, and rolling surf,
do all around cascade.

Surf boards mounted on the wall,
a counter, window seats.
And friendly folks from near and far
do taste the breakfast treats.

Houses strung on Antique Ave
are everywhere now seen.
Smokers sitting to the west
the railings white and green.

Murals, fish and flying cows,
an east wall breaking wave.
Smiling long haired waitresses
do all their tips now save.

For on the seawall Bob’s does share
great camaraderie.
To all who cross its threshold warm
here by the Texas sea.
© 2002 David Devaney
Cat - A Woman of Intrigue - Viewed 8097 Times
David Devaney
January 01, 2001
I have, to infrequently experienced,
the beauty of a woman
full with the understanding,
of her own perfection.

Preconceived, not through an uncertain imagination.
She touches the stars in her dreams,
revealing there the truth
of tomorrows experience.

Cognizant of the strength of her understanding,
She is truly a beauty of this universe.
For she shares, through her inspiration,
the wonderment of this truth.

She steps beyond the present moment
with a controlled infatuation
for all that is real, dynamic,
happy, joyful and exciting.

She is life’s destiny,
Sweet, fragrant, alluring and always certain
of herself and the challenges of each moment.
For she is always filled with the laughter,
of her own inner peace.

--Written in New Orleans--
© 2001 David Devaney
Before The Dawn - Viewed 8161 Times
David Devaney
April 04, 2004
There is a silence blessing
that comes before the dawn.
The bats, they scurry to their caves,
the night will soon be gone.
The crickets all more silent grow,
the sun will soon arise.
The moon does catch its final glimpse
across the cloudless skies.
The night does whisper morning songs
awakening the trees.
The blossoms shed their night time dew
to hummingbirds and bees.
The sun from east and south and north
does through the mountains peer.
The prophet of serenity,
we need no other seer.
The birds on wind do silent soar
all seeking breakfast fare.
As night worms slide into the earth
no noise comes from their lair.
Ten thousand ants then raise the roof
another day begun.
No single sound is ever heard
before their day is done.
Then, come at last the trumpet winds,
to herald in the day.
When daylight creatures do appear
it’s beauty on display.
© 2004 David Devaney
Just Look Beyond - Viewed 8257 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2004
Life at times is difficult.
Just how will I survive?
The first commitment is to love
and keep myself alive.
To love the God whose part of me
and then to love my heart.
When human, it’s not easy done,
it’s hard to find a start.
The next is loving those close by
who love me in return.
Yet still this love does ebb and flow
as tides do beaches’ spurn.
There’s beauty too, that’s all around,
in nature’s wondrous things.
The freckles on a child’s face,
the voice that lovely sings.
In skies now dappled by great clouds
soft colored by the sun.
In childbirth, the perfect love,
as life is new begun.
So even though the days seem hard
and trouble is at hand.
Just look beyond just who you are
and firmly you will stand.
Upon this earth so full with joy
that daily can be seen.
Breathe the air of life itself
and taste the emerald green.
© 2004 David Devaney
Soundview - Viewed 8418 Times
David Devaney
April 07, 2004
A little south of where the pass,
two islands does divide.
Down one hill and up the next,
is a view that’s long and wide.
An old white table in the grass,
Drive Thru Expresso stand.
The San Juan Islands to the west,
There’s beauty in this land.
A driftwood log of sailfish form
does beckon one and all.
The pine trees leaning from the wind,
to north and east they fall.
Single engine private planes
rising overhead.
Across the cloudless sky they soar,
through sunsets amber red.
Boats upon the emerald green
trolling Puget Sound.
Deception Pass just to the north
does many hearts astound.
Vancouver, he discovered it,
and named it Whidbey isle.
Its beauty is beyond compare,
its fragrance does beguile.
So if you venture north and west
then south do “Twenty” take.
Just beyond Deception Bridge
your heart a friend will make.
Do stop here for a moments rest,
a cup of chocolate brew.
And you will find time does stand still
and dreams can all come true.
© 2004 David Devaney
That Only You Can Bring - Viewed 8258 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2004
The beauty of a special soul
is found behind their eyes.
The glimmer, with a sense of hope,
is never a disguise.
Extending downward to their lips,
it turns into a smile.
The love that’s seen on every face
can truly hearts beguile.
It’s found within their actions too,
they always seem to care.
Ending woe and misery,
with love there’s no despair.
They too possess a special gift
to every day exchange.
Renewing hopes for those distressed,
they problems rearrange.
Not worried what the world might think
their focus is the heart.
To be, as they, a special gift
with many hopes to chart.
So if someday you see their smile
or feel the warmth they bring.
Know that giving is a choice,
that only you can bring.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Glory and The Magnificence - Viewed 7442 Times
David Devaney
April 09, 2004
There is a Goddess of creativity who lingers
just beneath my eyelids. Serene yet majestic,
she brings to me the inspiration of new life.

The glory and the magnificence of the morning sunrise
is seen through her vision and she touches my thoughts
with its beauty.

I am mortal in a world of mortal beings,
yet I accept this goddess
as my spirit mentor and guide.

She is the feminine within me, sensitive and pure.
Patient and always kind,
she tempers the anger of my masculine soul.

I see, through her eyes, the springtime sparrows,
gathering for their nest, lovers beyond all lovers
as they build a resting place for those yet born.

Twigs and leaves, stems and buds, feathers and moss,
are all taken with anticipation
from the springtime garden on the hill.

Because of her I see all things simple and beautiful
in a world too quickly paced to experience
the wonderment of new life.

The perfumed fragrance of the morning dew
blended with the sunrise warmth of awakening evergreens
is a gift never to be lost from our consciousness.

So thankful am I that she has chosen my spirit
as the seer and the prophet
of life’s recognition and revelation.

I will be her champion and she my muse.
Protecting and defending her honor
and heralding the beauty of her inspiration.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Witch and The Poet - Viewed 7903 Times
David Devaney
April 04, 2004
She plied me with her witches brew,
seduced me with her charms.
Chips and pizza, snicker bars,
set off no fear alarms.
Four bottles large we did consume
and not one drop was lost.
Drinking from two bubble fish,
Three Ninety Nine the cost.
We solved all troubles in the world,
then with the dawn forgot.
Committed to be who we are
the “Witch” and “Poet” lot.
Shed some tears and shared a toast,
spoke of great books and more.
Life ideas were exchanged,
commitments we’d restore.
Then didn’t notice half passed twelve,
or half passed one and two.
This joyful night in Ocean Shores
the Witches got us through.
Creating spells from recipes
and books the goddess made.
‘Twas words of hope that we exchanged
before the night did fade.
Wishes too about this day,
the next one and the next.
The Poet and the Witch prepared
to write life’s perfect text.
© 2004 David Devaney
There Is - Viewed 7897 Times
David Devaney
April 02, 2004
There is a serenity that comes
with the friendship of a special heart
that eases the burden of life’s uncertainty.

There is a beauty in an understanding soul
who cares for you in spite of
the burdens it may bring.

There is a joy in the enlightenment
that is revealed when troubles
become smaller than their host.

There is a strength that comes
when two minds understand
the complexity of simple fear.

There is a love that is seen
beyond the limitations that exist
within the humanity of two spirits apart.

There is a fulfillment of life itself
when troubles no longer appear
just over the horizon of each new day.

There is a future full with happiness
for those who come to acknowledge
that life truly is a gift of God.
© 2004 David Devaney
Within My View - Viewed 7267 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2004
I came to see this northwest land,
its beauty in its form.
Great mountains course horizons pure
in sun or winded storm.
As though a woman soft yet strong,
the images are real.
This land a cornucopia,
remarkable its zeal.
Volcanic energy abounds,
fault lines where there’s no fault.
Tsunami warnings by the sea,
don’t by their waves be caught.
Ranier and Baker, snow capped both,
do rise above this scene.
The Cascade and Olympic tops
above the evergreen.
Stars too numerous to count
their canvas is the night.
Nesting birds, each loving pair,
sea eagles found in flight.
Blossoms on Lake Washington
in springtime bountiful.
The women rise from winter’s rest
each one more beautiful.
Pale of cheek, save for the rouge,
the north wind does apply.
These treasures all within my view
beneath a cloudless sky.
© 2004 David Devaney
Greetings - Viewed 7415 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Why do people pass us by
yet never say hello?
Eyes turned right or left at times
the head goes to and fro.

Why do people feel ill eased
when passing near at dawn?
Is it that hard to greetings share
and then to carry on?

Why do people look aloof
when passing that first mile?
The eyes will brighten, sun will shine,
if first they’d only smile.

Why do people cross the street
to others here avoid?
To say good morning now and then
will not have lives destroyed.

Why do people look away
as if their eyes are caught?
Knowledge fresh from greetings made
cannot be sold or bought.

Why do people turn around
and walk the other way?
Or wear dark glass to hide the eyes
with not a word to say.

Why are children never like
what they might now become?
They wear affection on each sleeve
their hearts an open drum.

Why am I so like the rest
though I don’t want to be?
Is it because I’ve aged so wrong
and fear just living free?

I do not know these answers now,
to the questions I have asked.
Perhaps it’s in another life,
I’ll find what has been masked.

Hidden from me in this life,
where I was immature.
I hope these greeting thoughts remain
an everlasting cure.
© 2002 David Devaney
I Am - Viewed 8050 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
I am the shadow.
I am the twilight.
I am the dawn.
I am the universe
as it awakens
to the sunrise of a new beginning.

I am the flower.
I am the raindrop.
I am the earth.
I am the nourishment
that permeates
the beauty of the creator.

I am the laughter.
I am the smile.
I am the joy.
I am the energy of new life
as it listens
to the heartbeat of the world.
© 2002 David Devaney
Seagull Wars - Viewed 7975 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Splat! Splat! Splat!
I heard it hit.
Their aim was to the right.
I turned to see from whence it came
but nothing was in sight.

The wind was strong.
A northeast gale
did whisper through my hair.
Another splat
and then one more.
Would they my life now spare?

And then I spied them to the north
two hundred yards away.
A squadron of attacking gulls
was there to my dismay.

No one was safe this autumn morn
here on the seaside boards.
For soon would come the bombs again
from these attacking hordes.

I looked for shelter left, then right
no compass did I need.
As quick I stepped beneath the roof
where from them I was freed.

No malice felt, nor hatred now,
for this foe, I do believe.
Does only soar and use the wind
to help themselves relieve.
© 2002 David Devaney
Silence - Viewed 8819 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Silence is a treasure rare
so few appreciate.
When the sun does break the dawn
no noise is at our gate.

The wind upon the cresting surf
allows no sound to flow.
The birds in flight so high above
bring voices we don’t know.

The fish that swim so deep below
in fathoms silently.
Do speak in tongues not understood
by all who hear and see.

So many things do quietly
exist upon this earth.
If only we could realize
this joy begins at birth.
© 2002 David Devaney
Sunrise Sky at Dawn - Viewed 8098 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
From sea, to earth, to sky they reach
great fingers of the dawn.
As though created once again
all life does carry on.

The mist receding to the east
as too the sun does rise.
The ocean’s haze shall disappear
and lose its night disguise.

The stars all shrouded by the haze
at dawn shall disappear.
The winds do guide the endless surf
As nature draws us near.

It is the dawn, our greatest time
when life we do renew.
Another moment in our day
that we are passing through.
© 2002 David Devaney
The Heart of Nature - Viewed 8270 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
I have found the heart of nature
where the grain stands ten feet high.
Where silence is the only sound
as the wind does touch the sky
Where the seabirds call with gentle voice
to those of us who hear.
Where the fragrance of ten thousand years
will draw us ever near.
Where stars are counted by the score
and flowers ever bloom.
Where snowflakes all are diamond pure
and rainbows need more room.
Where birth and death do matter not
for both, they are the same.
Where night and day of beauty boast
and the sun and moon bring fame.
Where God does rest the seventh day
and paradise is found.
Where everywhere is where we are
and us it does astound.
© 2002 David Devaney
The Night - Viewed 8050 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
When the day turns into evening
and the sun finds solace
on the other side of nowhere,
the stars sparkle with the freshness
of an evergreen forest.

Twilight has come to the day
as the creatures of the night
rise from their momentary rest
to begin the foraging and the feast.

The darkness quick appears
then disappears into itself
as shadows obscure all
that is visible by the light of day.

Across the ocean,
the moon sparkles the cresting waves,
before it is enveloped by the clouds
brought by the ever changing wind.

The beauty of the universe
is quick swallowed up
in the developing darkness
as colors and visions
disappear into its depth.

The hand searching out for guidance,
too, is obscured
but an arms length
from the tip of our being.

This is the night,
sullen and beautiful,
silent and austere,
simple and solitary,
full with the wonderment
of a now only imagined world.
© 2002 David Devaney
The Shrouded Dawn - Viewed 7959 Times
David Devaney
October 06, 2002
I walked and thought just who might win
this battle for the dawn.
The sun was shrouded by the clouds,
its hope, to carry on.

The winds northeast, a minor gale,
did come to aid their friend.
And free the morning rays of hope
and give the fog its end.

The seas high tide had crested too,
white foam the jetties saw.
As sparkle on it did appear
and rays did it befall.

The sun did rise much higher still
from pathways in the dark.
A saline fragrance filled the air
at the ocean jetty park.

One never knows the outcome true
when battles do begin.
Yet on this day of autumns chill
it was the sun and wind.
© 2002 David Devaney
The Wave - Viewed 8741 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
When the only thing in life’s a wave
and the next one and the next.
The troubles and the worries fade
no longer we’re perplexed.

When the ocean rises with the wind
and the tides are running high.
The only vision that is seen
is the ever changing sky.

When the surfers come to congregate
along the coastal shore.
Their church and pews are on the sea
as breakers constant roar.

When old and weary strangers trek
for miles to the sea.
Their worries and their troubles fade
with the ocean running free.

When children frolic long its edge
and build sand castle walls.
The wave will quick demolish them
as each of us recalls.

When crabs and clams do hunker down
below the roaring surf.
And sea grass elbows in the wind
as salt invades its turf.

When treasures and great pleasures come
to all who dip their toes.
There are no troubles in this world
as each wave ebbs and flows.
© 2002 David Devaney
Wheel to Wheel - Viewed 8198 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Wheel to wheel, of every age,
they came to course the boards.
A rainbow colored tapestry
they are the cycling hordes.

The thin, the fat, the tall, the short
the old and too, the young.
Front to back and rim to rim
along the boards they’re strung.

So many clicking through their gears
though many do without.
Pedals all go round and round
As they with joy do shout.
© 2002 David Devaney
WHY? - Viewed 7009 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
So many thoughts reveal the certain
uncertainty of our everyday existence
as we pass through the mist of our illusions.

Stride for stride we compete with those
who challenge us to be like themselves
and other than our own true destiny.

We are enveloped in the external programs
of our environment seeking to achieve
not in accordance with our heart
but rather in discordance with our conformity.

So much easier to leave unchallenged
that which others seek to control
as we only choose to concede and conform.

The sparkle of new energy fades
as the coals flicker and die
leaving only a field of ash
to be disbursed with the wind.

We are only alone when we conform
to another’s plan for us in the universe
for then do we sacrifice our being
for the security of the crowd.

As on the tollway with limited access,
we rush to our destination
never pausing to taste our surroundings
but always exacted a charge
through the cost of our individuality.

The ladders we climb rest on uncertain ground
if our dependence is always on those
seeking to control our will and our outcome.

“Nevermore”, we say, “Nevermore”,
when confronted with this reality.
Yet still we sit vague and uncertain
about who we truly are.

The winds of change are always about us
yet too often we hold tight to our position
never really free to be unique and special.

I am a participant in this conformity,
open minded yet action closed
as I allow the awareness of my predicament
to perpetuate my unchanged existence.

© 2002 David Devaney
Everlasting Fulfillment - Viewed 6868 Times
David Devaney
August 31, 2003
I have walked in the footprints of my dreams
seeking there the consummation of my fantasies.
I have lived through my imagination, always certain
that I would experience the beauty of new life.
I have seen the beauty of a woman in her smile,
in the suppleness of her body and in the twinkle of her eye.
I have longed to experience the fragrance of her nectar
and the perfumed aroma of her essence.
I have touched her being with my soul
and shared with her the sense of everlasting fulfillment.
© 2003 David Devaney
Heart Child - Viewed 7368 Times
David Devaney
July 29, 2002
So many years have come and gone
and still the love does grow.
A daughter, friend and confidante,
who helps life better flow.

Full with love and patience rare,
she understands each need.
To live in joyful ecstasy
and share a special creed.

Giving of our hearts and minds,
loving as we do.
Understanding many things,
the sky’s forever blue.

Distant though we now may be,
in thought we’re heart to heart.
Though troubled times and empty nights,
too long kept us apart.

Yet just beyond the morning sun
that rises warm and clear.
You’ll find us joyful with each thought,
the beauty and her seer.

Seeing happiness and warmth,
for every day yet known.
With her my life is now complete,
I’ll never be alone.

For daughters’ are such special breeds,
unique in every way.
Capturing their father’s hearts,
with love that’s on display.
© 2002 David Devaney
I Am Just Who I Am - Viewed 8029 Times
David Devaney
June 27, 2002
It is so very, very hard, just being who I am,
Yet when I am just who I am, I’m unhappy who I am.
And too, it is so very hard just being whom I’m not,
And though I always want to be, I am not who I am not.

Now if I am just who I am and not who I am not,
I am who I now want to be and that is who I am.
So now that I am who I am and who I want to be,
I recognize I am again, I am just who I am.
© 2002 David Devaney
Kate Jordan - Déjà vu - Viewed 6988 Times
David Devaney
September 14, 2002
Your majesty rises above the mountaintops
touching often the rainbow’s hue
where heaven and earth meet
just beyond the sunrise.

You have known the spirit
and placed within your progeny
the gifts of enlightenment, courage,
perseverance, intimacy and knowledge.

The earth reveals your affection
through the insight of your ancestors,
which connects you directly
to the Great Spirit of the creator.

Your loveliness emanates from the heart,
permeating this universe
with an incomparable certainty
and a never ending warmth and understanding.

Your smile brightens ten thousand hearts,
giving freely the joy
and the wonderment of its connection
to the soul of the divine.

Your beauty is the panorama of the forest
filled with strength, knowledge,
courage and affection,
for those who touch upon your aura.

Gifted, yet aware,
you cherish that which has been placed
within the being that cradles, nurtures
and suckles those you love.

You are different and unique,
yet simple enough to be the enlightenment
and pathway through the canyon of life,
for those who are privileged to recognize.

You are Kate, mother, friend
and confidante of the angels,
a treasure of creation, possessed with
an awareness of your reason for being.
© 2002 David Devaney
My Butterfly - Viewed 6631 Times
David Devaney
February 28, 2002
I saw a stained glass butterfly,
Upon the summer’s wind.
Its beauty was a gift from God,
that helped my day begin.

It soared midst flowers beautiful
Sun sparkled and unique.
Touched the heaven’s essence pure
As I did treasures seek.

I see it everywhere I go,
Upon the ocean’s crest.
Within the shadow of the moon
On every daily quest.

It lingers just behind my eyes
Always near at hand.
My butterfly is dreams pursued
No matter where I stand.
© 2002 David Devaney
Alone - Viewed 6368 Times
David Devaney
December 04, 2019

I am the shadow.
I am the twilight.
I am the dawn.
I am the universe
as it awakens
to the sunrise of a new beginning.


You are the flower.
You are the raindrop.
You are the earth.
You are the nourishment
that permeates
the beauty of the creator.

Then Together

We are the laughter.
We are the smile.
We are the joy.
We are the energy of new life
as it listens
to the heartbeat of the world.
© 2019 David Devaney
Then It’s Halloween - Viewed 6813 Times
David Devaney
October 26, 2003
When the winds of Autumn start to howl
and the leaves do rainbows show.
When windows frost as blossoms fall
and sunlight comes to slow.
When nights are longer than the days
and the air begins to cool.
When side streets all do darker grow
and the moon is harvest full.
When the sounds of night do chill our spines
and the shadows grow to long.
When the corn stalks whither, die and fall
and the goblins sing their song.
When the ghosts all gather round the fire
and the witches join the fray.
Then it’s Halloween, that All Saints eve,
when the spirits come to play.
So take precautions everyone,
the garlic and the cross.
Then step most careful through the dark,
So your life will have no loss.
© 2003 David Devaney
The Mailbox - Viewed 6666 Times
David Devaney
September 30, 2003
It sits, dark and ravenous
halfway between nowhere
awaiting unsuspecting prey
whose energy is dissipated
by its voracious appetite
unceasingly extracting its toll
for mans labor
to achieve respectability
while accepting his deposit
only to leave him
further lightened by
its fee.
© 2003 David Devaney
Questions - Viewed 6553 Times
David Devaney
October 08, 2004
Do you ever hear the silence end
as the sun breaks free at dawn?
Do you listen to the howling wind
when the autumn leaves are gone?
Do you feel the softness of the snow
as it blankets Mother Earth?
Do you taste the beauty of each day
as it brings to you rebirth?
Do you listen to the sparrow sing
As it calls to you with love?
Do you understand you are unique,
sent specially from above?
Do you walk alone in crowded rooms
with smiles everywhere?
Do you have a lover and a friend
to with this world now share?
Do you too believe that fate does bring
a special happiness?
Do you let each day now softly end
feeling God’s caress?
Do you do all things with special love
always from the heart?
Do you now accept how great you are
as this course through life you chart?
© 2004 David Devaney
In Heaven’s Speak - Viewed 7081 Times
David Devaney
October 07, 2004
I truly do believe that lives
do intersect in time.
Through centuries is love renewed
making life sublime.
Genetic it is thought to be,
for me it’s spirit led.
The physical must go away
the heart is never dead.
Now people talk in heaven’s speak
of pure eternity.
Where God and friends do poker play
with hands dealt perfectly.
And every one wins every game
just cause they’re hanging there.
With all their troubles left behind
they never have a care.
So when our spirits intersect
another time on earth.
Perhaps we all can recollect
another special birth.
When we were friends and lovers too
at times so long ago.
So now when once again we meet
true love does stronger grow.
© 2004 David Devaney
A Muse - Viewed 7052 Times
David Devaney
September 07, 2004
What is a muse but a friend who sees,
the true reality.
Who’s energy transcends all life,
with perfect honesty.
Their wisdom touches thoughts unknown,
with clarity and grace.
Identifying certain needs,
that we ourselves misplace.

What is a friend but a heart who cares
and overcomes all odds.
While we through forests wander free,
seeking other gods.
Someone whose love is oft revealed
in trust and confidence.
Patiently, they watch us change,
accepting our pretense.

What is a heart when blended pure
into a person rare.
But a gift from heaven high above,
for God does truly care.
A soul uniquely different now,
insightful and concerned.
‘Tis gratitude we should express,
for those from whom we’ve learned.
© 2004 David Devaney
As I May - Viewed 7129 Times
David Devaney
September 08, 2004
I’d like an opportunity
to love you as I may.
To take you through the universe
and share with you each day.
Accepting challenges in life
no others understand.
Sharing hopes, fulfilling dreams,
throughout this freedom land.
We’d capture every memory,
this world had ever known.
Climb mountains to their snow capped rim
and never be alone.
We’d tiptoe silent through the night,
play shadow hide and seek.
Let the moonlight be our guide
across each frozen peak.
We’d wander with no destiny,
save where our hearts would lead.
Know that friendship would provide
all that we’d ever need.
We’d know of God and of his grace,
find answers to each prayer.
Bring happiness to all in need
ending their despair.
It’s all these things and more we’d do
if only now in time.
We shared this opportunity,
for life to be sublime.
© 2004 David Devaney
Ten Million Stars - Viewed 8315 Times
David Devaney
June 12, 2004
I saw ten million stars last night,
but wished upon just one.
I watched the waves break on the shore,
before this day was done.
I saw a great white buffalo,
soaring through the sky.
A “Snoopy Dog” with puffy ears
in heaven I did spy.
The “Dippers” large and small were there,
each moving south and west.
Then quick, a shooting star appeared.
This night it was a test.
Could I be silent and aware,
of beauty all around.
Let the wind its secrets tell,
where love is truly found.
Listen to the melodies
the nighttime breeze does play.
Taste the fragrance of the sea
brought to me this day.
And could I simply here enjoy,
The wealth of nature pure.
That God did give the universe,
to happiness restore.
© 2004 David Devaney
City of The Dark - Viewed 8052 Times
David Devaney
November 25, 2001
The shadows, they are different here,
in this city of the dark.
They seem with energy to flow
down by Cabrini Park.

Steeped with feelings ominous
the haunting does occur.
Four hundred years of history,
will restless spirits stir.

Along Dauphine and Bourbon Street,
Decatur and Rampart.
They endless through eternity
new pathways often chart.

Cemeteries don’t contain
their wanderings at night.
The Mississippi muddy still
does nurture here their flight.

The crescent moon reveals their trek
along these ancient streets.
Silently immersed in lore
of ancient pirate fleets.

And no one who does visit here
has ever been the same.
New energy commingles them
with spirits man can’t tame.

Lafite and Jackson, many more,
who marked the byways here.
Do every night at half past dusk
in New Orleans appear.
© 2001 David Devaney
Most Feminine - Viewed 7513 Times
David Devaney
January 24, 2004
Surely there must be a God
who guides us through the night.
She brings to us a restful bliss
is never out of sight.

She lies there just beneath our brow,
her warmth does rest our eyes.
She never needs to hide from us
or wear a strange disguise.

‘Tis sleep she brings and special dreams,
new hopes, the morning sun.
Awakening our energy,
with her ,life has begun.

Her beauty is magnificent,
unique and O’ so rare.
She brings us grace and love and strength.
For us, she’s always there.

And too, she is most feminine,
Gentle, kind and pure.
No hatred comes nor anger now,
our ailments she does cure.

For she is light and energy,
the freshness of the rain.
And since she is a part of us,
there is a new refrain.

Full with beauty, patience rare,
sanctity and grace.
Because she enters every heart,
new love we all can trace.
© 2004 David Devaney
Angels of the Sea - Viewed 6593 Times
David Devaney
May 27, 2002
The dolphins, Angels of the Sea,
their kingdom has no end.
As fisherpeople jetties ply
this message they do send.
“We are the harbinger of life,
of peace and hope and dreams.
We touch the earth with gentleness
across its’ many seams.
From sea to sea we bring great joy,
as Angels we bring hope.
Touching every continent,
we know each rise and slope.
And as mankind, this beauty rare,
in greed destroys our home.
We wander further from his shore,
and leave this fateful tome.
Allow us now to do our work
God’s messengers on earth.
So all the creatures large and small
can in us find rebirth.
© 2002 David Devaney
Without You Friend - Viewed 7986 Times
David Devaney
September 12, 2003
How would I live without you friend,
desolate and cold?
You bring the sunlight to my day
let happiness unfold.

Where would I be without you friend,
if I was all alone?
Nowhere in this somewhere land,
to for my life atone.

Could I survive without you friend,
with no love in my life?
I doubt that I could carry on
midst all this woe and strife.

How would I feel without you friend,
if the moon did disappear?
And the stars no longer shone at night
on an evening crystal clear.

Might I survive without you friend,
to live another day?
Still I would never know the love
that you so oft display.
© 2003 David Devaney
Whisper Through My Dreams - Viewed 6853 Times
David Devaney
October 08, 2004
I hear the prayers of angels
who whisper through my dreams.
They seek a special gift from God,
a favor it now seems.
‘Tis through me that they do reveal
the needs of guarded souls.
So many children who have dreams
and hopes and wants and goals.
They say to me in silence
please lead us in this prayer.
And then the heralds call him forth
this God of our despair.
How can there be such illness,
anxiety and woe.
And why do wars continue now
and why is peace so slow.
Disease it seems to take its toll
for death there is no cure.
If God were all they say he is
he’d bring good health I’m sure.
I wondered now how angels could
have all these thoughts so strange.
And aren’t they all God’s messengers
mine own I’d rearrange.
Just then I saw a mirror light
reflecting in my heart.
And recognized these questions odd
did not with angels start.
It was my own humanity
that questioned of this pain.
Of life and death and poverty
and hopes that seem in vain.
Then to my knees I quickly moved
so I might understand.
That every prayer is answered
and gentle is his hand.
© 2004 David Devaney
A Jack O Lantern Moon - Viewed 8157 Times
David Devaney
October 29, 2004
I saw a Jack O Lantern moon
Deep in the autumn sky
The ghosts that tiptoed on its cap
Did all man’s laws defy
A halo aura all around
Revealed its inner glow
Bright orange it seemed from here on earth
Passing very slow
This all appeared as I did watch
Eclipses of the moon
Unaware when I emerged
These shadows changed my tune
Amazing and phenomenal
I’d not seen this before
This beauty so remarkable
Brought thoughts of witches lore
For in the Fall comes “Halloween”
A night when goblins prowl
And friendly children everywhere
Like monsters start to scowl
So now it seems appropriate
to see a pumpkin there
I share this treasure with the world
It was unique and rare
© 2004 David Devaney
Streetlights, Shadows and Snow - Viewed 6721 Times
David Devaney
October 26, 2004
The weathermen could not predict
The depth we might achieve
They only knew that snow would come
In them we did believe
Would school be closed tomorrow morn
Would all the streets be white
Is the shovel close at hand
Are the sleds in sight
Then peering through the frosted pane
The first flake did appear
Streetlight revelations seen
The storm is drawing near
Nighttime shadows often hide
What daylight does reveal
School Numbers now have been assigned
Will our hopes be real
Don’t let it turn now into rain
The temperature must fall
For every ten year old does wait
To make their first snowball
Life in winter, joyous fun
As storms do course the sky
But still to have a freedom day
On guesses we rely.
© 2004 David Devaney
Tis Great - Viewed 7243 Times
David Devaney
September 22, 2004
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
who cares so much for you.
That even when the clouds are gray,
they help to get you through.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
who gives you all you need.
To overcome each obstacle
and warns you to take heed.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
who knows how to forgive.
For here within humanity,
at times with fault we live.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
to guide us through the night.
Where darkness is our greatest fear
and loneliness our plight.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
who understands our soul.
Then eases us through stressful times,
so we can reach our goal.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
accepting us with love.
And with whom we do dance for joy
midst starlight from above.
© 2004 David Devaney
True Friends Of Consequence - Viewed 7865 Times
David Devaney
November 20, 2004
There are true friends of consequence
so special and unique
They touch our hearts in many ways
and bring what we most seek
They tickle us with kindness
and warm us with their love
As does the sun each day bring hope
they guide us from above
They bring a feeling natural
and wish us always well
Each heart does pitter patter more
from friendship it does swell
With them there is true happiness
they easy make us smile
Because of them life’s better now
it has a different style
So next time you are with a friend
who makes you feel this way
Let them know how great they are
with simple words that say
“Life is precious now because
you are so much a part.
Loving you as you love me
helps each day better start”.
© 2004 David Devaney
A Softness - Viewed 7864 Times
David Devaney
November 19, 2004
There is a softness to true love
so few experience
Its gentle fragrance fills the air
and has no consequence.
From kindness it has true emerged
from patience and from trust
As does the warming summer breeze
it brings no hate nor lust
No jealousy is on it borne
for it is most unique
Not limited in space nor time
to be shared it does seek
Filling hearts and minds and souls
with special energy
This love, begun before all time,
lasts through eternity
Though it is heaven sent to all
so few it recognize
It’s found behind the morning sun
and wears no dark disguise
In children it’s most often seen
their innocence its source
Yet when we step beyond these years
it takes a different course
It’s sought to be most understood
in ballads and great verse
Yet though it ripens and matures
it often brings the curse
Of being only physical
a thing we must possess
Forgetting that it’s perfect found
when we do heart’s caress
© 2004 David Devaney
The Backward Haunted House - Viewed 6222 Times
David Devaney
October 13, 2004
The cellar’s in the attic
The garage is on the porch
The house has no electric
Each room, a single torch
The bedroom has a kitchen sink
The bathroom has no tub.
And in the parlor fireplace
Are brushes used to scrub.
The chandelier is made of silk,
Each wall of candlesticks.
The drawers all hold the dental floss
That furniture does fix.
The ghosts do live beneath the stairs
Behind a secret door.
The goblins wander through the halls
Cause scaring is their chore.
The witch’s mix their secret brew
In cauldrons made of wax.
There are no windows anywhere
The door’s held on by tacks.
The dining room has two old cars
One purple and one pink.
And in the pantry one dead bat
That certainly does stink.
The carpets are of cobwebs made
With spiders all around.
And in a rocker near the den
Count Dracula is found.
His buddy Frankenstein alone
The balcony does hold.
And Halloween comes every night
The wind blows strong and cold.
For here in this old Haunted House
The weird meets the confused.
Upside down and backward rooms
Keeps all the guests amused.
© 2004 David Devaney
An Opinion - Viewed 6612 Times
David Devaney
October 09, 2004
There is no great embarrassment
if Kerry you might choose.
It’s just that war is such a waste
for everyone does lose.
Death, destruction, hatred too
does all the world pervade.
And every heart that understands
knows hatred cannot fade.
‘Tis greed that seems to stimulate
the reasons why we wage.
Revenge does also us control
upon this endless stage.
Though "Nine One One" is tragic
and it we won’t forget.
Just like Pearl Harbor many died
and we our sights did set.
Upon mid-eastern terrorists
and all we thought might be.
For we the brother of mankind
must set the whole world free.
Yet when we make decisions
that cripple, maim and kill.
Though armies now are volunteer
they die against their will.
For politicians do decide
from towers clean and white.
The reasons that our young must fade
those elected never fight.
So when you vote please listen
to your heart not rhetoric.
Then let your conscience be your guide
whomever you might pick.
For Bush, he’s truly done his best
to stabilize this land.
I’d rather give Iraq to France
they play well in the sand.
To compromise is never weak
to touch, to taste, to feel.
For when another soldier dies
their wounds will never heal.
So let us send a message
Americans we all.
Go fight these wars in conference rooms
where only egos fall.
© 2004 David Devaney
How - Viewed 7000 Times
Mandy Schleifstein
January 07, 2005
How can you know what I want?
I don't know what I want
Unless what I want is what you want but, much is that you in me?

(Written in response to Lockean epistemology and essays by John Stuart Mills)
© 2005 Mandy Schleifstein
Irony and LIberty - Viewed 6095 Times
Mandy Schleifstein
January 07, 2005
Moderate Moderate Moderate
I just can't decide.
Do I have to know why?
Can't I just do as you say?
Conform me to your conformity
Enslave me to your mastery
and let me get to heaven on your rules.

(Written in response to "On Liberty" by John Stuart Mills)
© 2005 Mandy Schleifstein
Women - Viewed 6893 Times
Mandy Schleifstein
January 07, 2005
Refutation is the key - to setting the woman free.
You aren't right because you say,
"Let me talk as you decay."
Women need a chance to show
Women need a chance to show
Women need a chance to show
how you do enslave them so.
What is "natural" might not be
if they can but just be free
from your ideology.
Step outside your enclosed mind
And out here you just might find
What's voluntary is not kind.
How can they accept subjection
when their only education
only shows our own "conventions."

(Written in response to John Stuart Mill's, "The Subjection of Women")
© 2005 Mandy Schleifstein
In My Awareness - Viewed 6545 Times
David Devaney
September 11, 2003
You have always been my special friend
throughout the eternities of my existence.
An inspiration to my creativity
and a reflection of my understanding,
you have guided me with your spirit into reality.
As the stimulant to my hidden energy,
you have counseled and consoled my maturation.
Through times of uncertainty and confusion,
you were here within my recollection and my action.
I am better because of you and because I have experienced
the truth of love through our friendship.
Even when time finds the limitation of its momentary existence,
I know that through infinity our interconnection will continue to be.
I believe in the certainty of things as they do occur
and acknowledge daily the beauty of your participation
in my life, in my dreams and in my awareness.
© 2003 David Devaney
I Believe - Viewed 6134 Times
David Devaney
March 01, 2002
I believe that there is a present time
where I can truly participate
in the beauty of my own life.
I believe in sensitivity, creativity,
goodness, love, joy, and friendship.
I do understand that I need to be there
from time to time and then for all of time
to greet the gods of my being
and reveal to them, the universe of my dreams.
I am not the third person plural
experiencing life but rather myself.
I am the I and me of my own existence.
I choose to lead my life in response
to my own needs, wants and desires,
not reacting only as a puppet
to the puppeteers demands.
I commit to God and choose to know myself
through the excitement of this experience.
I realize that life’s hills are steep
and its mountains high,
yet no obstacle will deter me in the pursuit
of this experience which is for me
the now and the evermore of my being.
I can only be myself,
the composite of my experience
but I need to experience
the treasures of my own life
to recognize who I am.
I will love myself, forgive myself
and not be burdened by the anger
on my own misunderstanding.
© 2002 David Devaney
I Cried - Viewed 7002 Times
David Devaney
August 21, 2003
I cried again tonight my friend,
and I haven’t cried in years.
A movie of great consequence
did bring about these tears.

For no emotion have I felt
no laughter and no joy.
I’ve walked to many endless paths
and did all love destroy.

No anger and no pain had I,
no feelings understood.
The only sense that I recall
is always doing good.

I’ve fucked myself so many times
by never being here.
Then ran and hid from all I am
to quick I’d disappear.

This cold and empty callow man
forever was alone.
For many sins I’d not commit
in life I did atone.

I’d run from friendship, family,
yet nowhere could I hide.
Then call upon the wind for help
in it I did confide.

I’d whisper secrets to this wind,
my confidante at times.
And hear it in the night respond
with these poetic rhymes.

So barren and so desolate
a man of endless woe.
Lost and found upon each tear
the verse still did not flow.

So watchful be my precious friend
as life you rearrange.
And let the tears of hope become
a stimulant to change.
© 2003 David Devaney
A Heart You Can’t Resist - Viewed 7386 Times
David Devaney
September 13, 2002
When God did touch us with his love,
he treasures did reveal.
The fragrant beauty of a rose,
that every heart does feel.
The hummingbird so small and frail,
whose energy won’t wane.
The symphonies, their joyful sound,
that comes with each refrain.
When God did touch us with his grace,
he cleansed our mind and soul.
Allowing us to live this life
and never pay a toll.
To step with heartfelt gratitude
and share his wondrous gift.
To walk with courage into time,
where sands do gently sift.
When God did touch us with his strength,
he knew that we could bear.
The darkness of an endless night,
when life seems not to care.
The loss of love and those we’ve loved,
who it could not return.
The energy of life that fades,
when happiness does burn.
When God did touch us with his prayer,
we heard his voice to say.
In all creation I’m revealed,
my heart is on display.
In fragrance, beauty, love and hope,
in all that does exist.
I am the reason and the path
my heart you can’t resist.
© 2002 David Devaney
Special Dreams - Viewed 7195 Times
David Devaney
January 24, 2004
Surely there must be a God
who guides us through the night.
She brings to us a restful bliss
is never out of sight.
She lies there just beneath our brow,
her warmth does rest our eyes.
She never needs to hide from us
or wear a strange disguise.
‘Tis sleep she brings and special dreams,
new hopes, the morning sun.
Awakening our energy,
with her life has begun.
Her beauty is magnificent,
unique and O’ so rare.
She brings us grace and love and strength.
For us, she’s always there.
And too, she is most feminine,
Gentle, kind and pure.
No hatred comes nor anger now,
our ailments she does cure.
For she is light and energy,
the freshness of the rain.
And since she is a part of us,
there is a new refrain.
Full with beauty, patience rare,
sanctity and grace.
Because she enters every heart,
new love we all can trace.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Heart of Nature - Viewed 7133 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
I have found the heart of nature
where the grain stands ten feet high.
Where silence is the only sound
as the wind does touch the sky
Where the seabirds call with gentle voice
to those of us who hear.
Where the fragrance of ten thousand years
will draw us ever near.
Where stars are counted by the score
and flowers ever bloom.
Where snowflakes all are diamond pure
and rainbows need more room.
Where birth and death do matter not
for both, they are the same.
Where night and day of beauty boast
and the sun and moon bring fame.
Where God does rest the seventh day
and paradise is found.
Where everywhere is where we are
and us it does astound.
© 2002 David Devaney
An Angel Guardian - Viewed 7100 Times
David Devaney
November 21, 2004
I’ve met my angel guardian
she is a special friend
She’s touched me with her eloquence
my troubles she does end
A woman, O’ so beautiful
she is my ecstasy
She shields me in the troubled times
fulfills my fantasy
She strengthens me when I am weak
brings nourishment and hope
Guides me through the darkest night
with danger she does cope
She brings to me great confidence
true happiness and love
When tired, she does me refresh
with showers from above
I’m never cold, forlorn nor lost
for she is always there
Sharing, teaching, touching me
ending my despair
She cradles me within her arms
when I have child fears
Has nurtured me with special grace
for all these many years
And though she’s been here all my life
we’ve only now just met
Her gentle kindness warms my heart
it’s her I can’t forget
And happy am I now in life
to recognize and know
That love eternal we will share
for she has told me so
© 2004 David Devaney
Soundview - Viewed 7292 Times
David Devaney
April 07, 2004
A little south of where the pass,
two islands does divide.
Down one hill and up the next,
there’s a view that’s long and wide.
An old white table in the grass,
Drive Thru Expresso stand.
The San Juan Islands to the west,
There’s beauty in this land.
A driftwood log of sailfish form
does beckon one and all.
The pine trees leaning from the wind,
to north and east they fall.
Single engine private planes
rising overhead.
Across the cloudless sky they soar,
through sunsets amber red.
Boats upon the emerald green
trolling Puget Sound.
Deception Pass just to the north
does many hearts astound.
Vancouver, he discovered it,
and named it Whidbey isle.
Its beauty is beyond compare,
its fragrance does beguile.
So if you venture north and west
then south do “Twenty” take.
Just beyond Deception Bridge
your heart a friend will make.
Do stop here for a moments rest,
a cup of chocolate brew.
And you will find time does stand still
and dreams can all come true.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Love You Bring - Viewed 7210 Times
David Devaney
April 11, 2004
I thank you God for simple things,
the chance to sleep and dream.
The choice of faith you’ve given me,
though challenged it does seem.

I thank you for ten thousand stars.
They guide me through the dark.
The beauty all about me now,
the pathways you did mark.

I thank you for my progeny
and those that came before.
The gentleness of friendship true,
with love that’s strong and pure.

I thank you for my intellect.
It makes me more aware.
That life itself is full with love
ending our despair.

I thank you for the hummingbird
that through the garden flies.
Its beauty is remarkable
you never it disguise.

I thank you God for life itself
renewing with the dawn.
Its strength and too its energy,
do help me carry on.

I thank you God for all you are,
but most, the love you bring.
It’s everywhere about me now
and of it I will sing.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Twilight Star - Viewed 6882 Times
David Devaney
January 01, 2003
There is a twilight, just before the last ray of sunlight
settles over the horizon, when only a few stars have
the energy to touch the world with their beauty.

It is during this brief respite, between the days end
and the nights beginning, that I think of
the precious person that you are.

You are the twilight star in my life,
gently guiding me with your wisdom to new adventures,
where the sunlight warms the heartbeat of each new day.

Caring, loving and committed, you bring an energy
of enlightenment, courage and perseverance,
into a world of uncertainty and confusion.

I have grown to love your presence in my life,
appreciate your honesty and compassion,
and enjoy the pursuit of the dreams that we have shared.

My poetry flows with a new energy since you entered my world.
I wish only that the joyous intersection of our lives
would occur more frequently in my everyday experience.

I know certain that your energy is for me an inspiration.
With it I touch the timeless universe that is my joy
acknowledging it through my creativity and my love.

May each day of your life be a rainbow of colors,
fresh and warm with the fragrance of spring,
bringing you always, the courage to succeed.
© 2003 David Devaney
Within My View - Viewed 6218 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2004
I came to see this northwest land,
its beauty in its form.
Great mountains course horizons pure
in sun or winded storm.
As though a woman soft yet strong,
the images are real.
This land a cornucopia,
remarkable its zeal.
Volcanic energy abounds,
fault lines where there’s no fault.
Tsunami warnings by the sea,
“Don’t by their waves be caught”.
Ranier and Baker, snow capped both,
do rise above this scene.
The Cascade and Olympic tops,
above the evergreen.
Stars too numerous to count,
their canvas is the night.
Nesting birds, each loving pair,
sea eagles found in flight.
Blossoms on Lake Washington
in springtime bountiful.
The women rise from winter’s rest
each one more beautiful.
Pale of cheek, save for the rouge,
the north wind does apply.
These treasures all within my view
beneath a cloudless sky.
© 2004 David Devaney
A New Serenity - Viewed 6898 Times
David Devaney
February 24, 2004
You step silent through the gates
of this place of rest and peace
sensing there the certainty of life’s mortality.
So insignificant are we midst so many of our peers
who no longer taste of the morning sunrise.
Here too, you find a true sense of understanding and worth
as you come to recognize the certainty of death.
Fearful yet assured, you no longer need to surrender
to the depressions of life arising from your humanity.
Then, as you gaze upon the names and ages
of those who have gone before, you are enlightened.
Smiling deep within your heart, you are grateful
to those peaceful souls for the awareness they have shared.
You then wonder how they lived and died
here within the kingdom of our limitations.
So many children have too gone before,
their shortened existence a tragedy of life
always accepted but never understood.
Though death is all about you,
there too is an energy that rekindles your spirit
to live and to create within the tomorrow of your being.
As you depart this place, a new serenity,
a peacefulness is yours for you have begun anew,
this journey into the life of your choosing.
© 2004 David Devaney
Angels of the Sea - Viewed 6494 Times
David Devaney
May 27, 2002
The dolphins, Angels of the Sea,
their kingdom has no end.
As fisherpeople jetties ply
this message they do send.
“We are the harbinger of life,
of peace and hope and dreams.
We touch the earth with gentleness
across its’ many seams.
From sea to sea we bring great joy,
as Angels we bring hope.
Touching every continent,
we know each rise and slope.
And as mankind, this beauty rare,
in greed destroys our home.
We wander further from his shore,
and leave this fateful tome.
Allow us now to do our work
God’s messengers on earth.
So all the creatures large and small
can in us find rebirth.
© 2002 David Devaney
Before the Dawn - Viewed 6576 Times
David Devaney
February 28, 2004
Before the dawn you’re on my mind
and bring me happiness.
I lie here silent in the dark
and know of your caress.
Too many years have passed me by
since I have new love known.
The fragrance just a memory
too long I’ve been alone.
I hear your words within my mind
they help me carry on.
I sense your presence and your warmth,
then quickly you are gone.
My heartbeat quickens with each thought
I tingle in the know.
And though we’re distant now in time,
our energy does flow.
I think that we were meant to be
blended in the hour.
Each the other sharing dreams,
the blossom to the flower.
So as the warming sun does rise,
so too do we each day.
Much stronger am I now since you
my life is on display.
© 2004 David Devaney
Friends Are All Around - Viewed 6651 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2004
I’ve really never met you,
though I wish I knew you well.
Your kindness so becomes you
the future I’ll foretell.
Because the path you’ve chosen
is one where dreams come true.
Doing what you need each day
will surely get you through.
Independent yet assured
you’re patient and aware.
No moment will escape you now,
you’re almost nearly there.
Sitting top each billowed cloud
observant and fulfilled.
You feel as though the chance is now
the energy’s instilled.
So take this opportunity
to give yourself success.
Then know that friends are all around
and life, will you caress.
For special people too become
exactly whom they choose.
And you my friend do head the list
of those who will not lose.
So listen daily to your heart
and understand its need.
True love begins within oneself
to this you must take heed.
© 2004 David Devaney
Houston - Viewed 7645 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2004
City of Energy, City of friends,
City of the heart where humanity blends.
City on the Bay, City of the bold.
A small town city where they found black gold.
City of the people, City of the moon,
City of the cowboy where the good folks spoon.
City of NASA, City of the Dome,
City of two loops, where I write this tome.
City of religion, City of love,
City of the Shuttle that soars above.
City of the bayous, City of Wealth.
City of great Doctors who restore all health.
City of the “Astros”, City of hope
City of the “Rocket”, can the Yankees cope.
City of the Yao, City of Hakeem,
City of compassion, fulfilling each dream.
City of champions, City of the “Heights”,
City of “Montrose” that lives for the nights.
City of great theater, City of football.
City of a port where great vessels call.
City of the humid, City of the hot,
City of great beauty the nation’s forgot.
City of millions, City of the few.
City of neighbors old and new.
City of great Rodeo, City of peace,
City of Mac of the mattress crease.
City of the people, City of their seed,
City of the country, fulfilling its need.
City of success, City at ease.
This city of the future, does its citizens please.
© 2004 David Devaney
K-A-R-E-M-E-L-I-A - Viewed 6532 Times
David Devaney
March 26, 2004
“K” is for the “Kindness”
you’ve shown me from the start.
“A” is for the “Attitude”
that strengthens now my heart.
“R” is “Recognition”.
you give like none before.
“E” is for your “Energy”
the always perfect cure.
“M” is for “Magnificent”.
It’s how you make me feel.
“E” is the “Emotion”
your never ending zeal.
“L” is for the “Love” you send
that fills my every day.
“I” is for the “Innocence”
that’s often on display.
And last the “A” that end it all
so full with warmth and love.
“K”A”R”E”M”E”L”I”A” in my life
an angel from above.
© 2004 David Devaney
Memorial Park - Viewed 6449 Times
David Devaney
September 08, 2002
I sit here by the garden park and watch
as the people pass into the mist of the evening.
I wait patiently as the sun begins its journey into the night
bringing a treasurechest of patience and love.
A child passes close by his fathers side, his steps firm,
yet tentative, as he struggles to maintain the pace.
Women, strollers in front, jog through the heavy air,
as raindrops and love bugs circle about
on this windswept summers eve.
Clouds, darkened by the afternoon sun,
whisper silently as they course the heavens
with droplets carried from the sea.
Lovers walk side by side
conversing silently with their eyes,
knowing always the eternity of their affection.
Friends briskly pace themselves to a rhythmic cadence
as tiny leashed dogs inquire about the tree bark at their nose.
Diamond golden signs stop all movement
protecting each passerby from the uncertainty
that lies just beyond the unknown.
All this happens within my grasp, within my view,
as I sit silent, the observer of things as they are
and as they were always meant to be.
© 2002 David Devaney
Of Its Cause - Viewed 6644 Times
David Devaney
February 26, 2004
At this very moment I sit estranged from my intellect
seeking only the rebirth of my inspiration.
I call now upon your energy and your spirit
to rekindle in me the essence of my creativity.
My imagination lingers somewhere hidden in an abyss,
locked behind the doorway to my understanding.
I know not why this stagnation does exist within my being
though I am the certainty of its cause.
Therefore my friend, I clamor for the winds of change
to intersect and divert this endless journey to the forlorn.
Come now and guide me through the caverns of darkness
that are once again my everyday experience.
For you are and will remain the angel of my cognition
touching me always with the energy of new life.
© 2004 David Devaney
Precipice of Life - Viewed 7182 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2004
There are thresholds along the pathways of my history.
Misted highways above the ocean’s kingdom
challenging me each day
in the pursuit of my imagination.

Strengthened by the energy of the sea, no obstacle,
no mountain nor canyon, no cliff nor forest,
no desert nor darkness nor fear,
will deter me in the pursuit of my destiny.

The beauty, however, is in the journey,
as the winds whisper their message of courage
and spread the fragrance of their enthusiasm
through the blossoming flowers of my potential.

It is not the completion of this escapade
lengthened by the vagaries of age and uncertainty
but the journey itself, wherein I find
the saline aroma of my satisfaction.

I am but the pilgrim emerging from the sea of my childhood
traversing the beaches of my adolescence,
and climbing, inch by inch,
through the plateaus of my maturity.

As I now face the precipice of life,
I turn to see the exquisite beauty of my existence.
through the challenged successes that are,
now and evermore, my reality.

The byways of my future have often been shrouded
by the mists of my uncertainty.
Yet now I traverse joyfully through the archways,
to my denouement.
© 2004 David Devaney
Sassa Fras - Viewed 6562 Times
David Devaney
January 06, 2004
You are frequent here within my thoughts,
though we’ve never really met.
Yet still impressions real remain
that I cannot forget.

Tall and beautiful you stand,
so different and unique.
I wonder what is on your mind?
Just what is it you seek?

Is it great wealth and happiness
or just a special friend.
A confidante to share your dreams
with whom your life will blend.

I know not yet just who you are,
perhaps that time will come.
When we can share life’s wonderment,
as on its chords we strum.

I thought I was a bit to old
to fantasize and such.
Yet just before its eyelid time
I long for your soft touch.

You gentle but determined are
to goals now set, achieve.
I wish you warmth and great success
for in you I believe.

So take a moment now and then
to on the heaven’s gaze.
For there you’ll find a star so bright
it truly will amaze.

And it contains all that you seek
to ever now fulfill.
I know it’s true, for there I found,
new hopes and strength and will.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Chesapeake - Viewed 6421 Times
David Devaney
January 20, 2004
You’ve traveled cross this continent
The course set was your own.
And there, upon the Chesapeake,
Decisions new had grown.
To set a pattern in your life,
New dreams to be fulfilled.
Shared with progeny were hopes
So recently instilled.
Then patiently you headed west
To see what you might find.
A “Windy City” wintering
To you would be most kind.
No need to rush, no need to fear,
Each moment you could live.
This life free chosen is your own,
The past you could forgive.
Friendships from relationships,
Had grown through many years.
True kindness is a place to stay
Eliminating fears.
The air to breathe, much fresher now,
Each step is effortless.
The choice your own, to feel the warmth
and know life’s tenderness.
To write, to dream, to wander free,
A life, most do defer.
Yet you have stepped with courage now
new energies you stir.
Your life is joy and happiness,
It’s wonderment and grace.
'Tis heaven here upon this earth
As dreams you daily trace.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Sea of My Endeavor - Viewed 6573 Times
David Devaney
April 19, 2002
There is a love within the sea of my endeavor,
which crests upon the morning of my sunrise
bringing to me the energy of new life.
She caresses me
with the warming fragrance of the brightest star
and I am stronger with every new challenge of my time.

There is a simplicity to my belief
in the harmony and the goodness that is humanity
and I possess a true compassion for its survival.
I know that love exists.
For I have seen the beauty of the rainbow as it touches
each silken petal of the rose on the fields of my enlightenment.

I have been touched by her fire
as I overcome that which I know to be an incongruity
in the acknowledgement of my potential.
The golden sparkle of her reality,
now climbs high upon the mountaintop of my understanding
and I am in pursuit of the enlightenment of my spirit.

There is evermore to be a strength, an energy
and a commitment to understand and to believe
that I am the prognosticator of the future that is my purpose.
I am the essence of my dreams,
not only in the fantasies of my imagination
but also in the acceptance of my capacity to understand.
© 2002 David Devaney
Touches Me With Energy - Viewed 6584 Times
David Devaney
January 30, 2004
I have an extra special friend
who gives me confidence.
Touches me with energy
and shares her common sense.
I know I love her with my heart
so practical is she.
Believing that I will succeed
and be what I should be.
And many thoughts she shares with me
so many, I have not.
Perhaps someday I’ll listen close
as pathways she does plot.
She truly does appreciate
the gifts that I’ve received.
Thoughtful insights guide me now
her words can be believed.
I wish that we were closer now,
than butterflies at dawn.
When morning winds bred by the sun
do separation spawn.
Taking us long separate paths
into our worlds unique.
Because she is my special friend
I’ll certain reach my peak.
For truly she believes in me
much more than I believe.
So thankful am I now that she
Does troubles all relieve.
© 2004 David Devaney
Transitioning - Viewed 7063 Times
David Devaney
January 09, 2004
You stepped onto, the other day,
a pathway filled with dreams.
Challenged to accept your goals,
your course is set it seems.

Transitioning into a life
that you can call your own.
Your courage brings new hopes and strength
no longer you’re alone.

For like a magnet you attract
great beauty all around.
Happiness, true love and joy
sweet fragrances abound.

And life is now a special place
colorful and pure.
As with each breath it is refreshed
the always perfect cure.

So take the time to taste my friend
each moment as they come.
Experience their wonderment
of which you are the sum.
© 2004 David Devaney
Laguna Relya - Viewed 6067 Times
David Devaney
August 30, 2003
We buried you within the sand
to cool your nakedness.
Soft and silent you did lie
the grains would you caress.

Your body supple, with sweet curves
would rest here for a while.
The wind and waves would ease your pain
and to you bring a smile.

Silent with your thoughts you’d lie
peaceful and serene.
In a cove where happiness
is always on the scene.

I worried not about you then
just loved you all the more.
A special friend of joyful heart
who helped my life restore.

So when I’m off and all alone
these moments I relive.
When we did share these precious times
and so much love did give.
© 2003 David Devaney
One Wish - Viewed 5877 Times
David Devaney
October 25, 2003
If I were granted in my life,
one wish to be fulfilled.
I’ve often wondered what I’d choose
to have this gift instilled.

Would it be love upon this earth
to with another share?
Where every moment that I know
would find them always there.

Would it be wealth beyond all dreams,
me rolling in the dough.
Where all good things I did possess
and they did doubly grow.

Would it be happiness itself
with joy my middle name?
So every step I took on earth
would be a joyful game.

Would it be friendship so unique
no tear would need be shed.
It’s all these things and many more
while through my dreams I’m led.
© 2003 David Devaney
Stuart the Artist - Viewed 6429 Times
David Devaney
February 23, 2000
There is a symmetry that is
the balance of this universe.
An equation that is the formula
for the creativity of humankind.

In the molding and the crafting of our imagination,
There is a numerology of true balance.
A flow of energy , that,
as the tidal ebb and flow of life,
Is our denouement.

With sorrow is the resurrection of joy.
With fear courage,
With anger grace.
Within the spectrum of our own fulfillment,
there are pyramids of truth and understanding.

As the starlight touches the earth
with its inspiration,
So to mankind
is touched with talent and ingenuity.

Grounded within the earth,
he is the seer of equilibrium,
where balance is majestically reproduced.

For in the brightness of this universe,
the stars of his endeavor are revealed.
As in wood, metal, glass and stone
he does craft the the masterpiece of our desires.
© 2000 David Devaney
Paolo - Viewed 6443 Times
David Devaney
February 01, 2000
He touches us with an understanding of our innocence
and our perplexity
Patient, he allows not our confusion to impede
our initiative.

With him, there is truly a simplicity to the things and the people
as they are reconciled.
He gives freely a formulation of knowledge and understanding
that reveals the essence of our awareness.

He recognizes too, that our ability to succeed is dependent upon
the elimination of our fear of this collective information.
For he has deciphered the out of balance,
Accruing in us certainty where there had only been confusion

Our gratitude is truly understated as to the clarity
which his efforts have manifested.
For we now, through his initiative, have a new certainty
in these the areas of our previous bewilderment.
© 2000 David Devaney
Peggy Wynne - Viewed 6639 Times
David Devaney
February 23, 2000
Vata, Kapha, Pitta,
Air, Earth, Fire
The energy that we possess
will new success inspire.

No simple task confronts us all
yet through your inspiration.
The goals are better understood
there’s hope and some elation.

For we the novice and informed,
found truth in what was shared.
And with this guidance recognize,
from failure we’ve been spared.

Though choices critical remain
no burdens do they bring.
For you have shared experience
and detail is the thing.

That finally we recognize
may bring each new success.
Your patience has been justified
your words did minds caress.

So as commencement does arrive
and future days begin.
Much brighter is our future time
because of Peggy Wynne
© 2000 David Devaney
Forever and Eternal - Viewed 5442 Times
David Devaney
June 15, 2000
There truly is a God who has touched our hearts with his benevolence.
Knowing only the colors of the palette of creativity,
we are the harmony in the everyday experience of our existence.

Upon the horizon, the sun rises and sets in its magnificent splendor.
always remembered, often depicted, frequently imagined,
It is the infinite rainbow of our truth and our understanding.

Life is not you nor I, male nor female; black, yellow, white, red nor brown,
Neither flora nor fauna, mountain nor stream, animate or inanimate,
but rather, the universal composition of all these things.

The symphony of color, fragrance, sound, taste and touch,
we are the silence, the whisper and the crescendo of all things one to the other.
Our incarnation is simply the acceptance of our participation.

I am because of you, and you because of me.
We are the same but uniquely different in our oneness through the soul.
This is the core of our existence and our connectedness one to the other.

There is not hate nor love, anger nor joy, war nor peace.
For these are mere moments of disparity in the timelessness of our truth.
Negatives in the thought process of dependent intellects not blended chakras.

Our oneness with the creator is our recognition and our independence.
For we are the seed and the flower, the acorn and the tree, the spark and the fire.
Forever and Eternal, we are the energy of the earth and the sea and the sky.

I am because of you and you because of me, one in recognition and in spirit.
Uniquely different but the same in our quest for knowledge, truth and love.
For it is this love, truth and understanding that is the God of all that does exist.

We are the template of our experience and the composite of our energy,
Bound only by the limitations of the uncertain acceptance of our divine participation.
For God is in us and with us and for us, “So Mote It Be”.
© 2000 David Devaney
A Seattle Morning - Viewed 6086 Times
David Devaney
May 17, 2000
This is a morning, fresh and new
when the oceans rise to greet the sunrise
with the fragrant shower of their love.

The ever present scent of springtime is then nourished
by these droplets of energy and hope,
as they trickle down from the heavens.

The trees do whisper ballads of their fantasies in the wind
as they softly caress each other
in the forests of our endless imagination.

The birds too, preen themselves in their radiance,
just before the sun begins
to envelope the universe with the energy of creation.

Man also rises, to early or late,
to capture this elegance that is all about him
and of which he is so often unaware.

Look through your window as you touch the dawn.
Picture there always
all that is in contrast to your true serenity.

Patiently it waits for you as the sun breaks
and the earth once again reveals the reality
of all that exists in the splendor of God’s kingdom.
© 2000 David Devaney
Leaving Me In Place - Viewed 5535 Times
David Devaney
April 15, 2005
Last night my Angel Guardian
did whisper in my ear.
And shared with me the beautiful,
the precious and sincere.
She introduced me to myself
and what I might instill.
Challenged me to grow in strength
so dreams I might fulfill.
We recollected pathways
along which I had been.
Shared the wonderment of God
who does all life begin.
And when she kissed me on the cheek
all pain did disappear.
She held my hand as I became
a poet and a seer.
Predicting just how life might be,
tomorrow and the next.
Allowing me to recognize
how time can too perplex.
And when she held me in her arms,
I felt a warming glow.
As childhood was once again,
so innocent and slow.
And last of all she touched my soul
filling me with grace.
Cleansing the imperfect me
but leaving me in place.
How wonderful her visit was
at fifty five past three.
My life does so much better feel
in perfect harmony.
© 2005 David Devaney
Into Eternity - Viewed 6365 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2005
Black like dolphins they await
the challenge of the wind.
The sea a chocolate malted brew
will pleasures here begin.
Rainbow platforms glide and soar
spreading heaven’s gift.
The waves will guide them long the shore
and to the sand them lift.
Too numerous to count are they
these men and women foes.
Competing for the perfect crest
its timing each one knows.
In and out and back and forth
and north and south they trek.
One with arms in constancy
like paddles intersect.
The waves now surging through them all
once ridden do employ.
The energy to split in two,
these surfers they’d destroy.
Then Gloria’s and Allelu’s
are heard both far and wide.
A true elation is revealed
their joy they cannot hide.
For it’s for them a lifetime goal,
a dream that’s coming true.
To ride into eternity
upon the ocean blue.
© 2005 David Devaney
By Degrees - Viewed 6609 Times
David Devaney
April 11, 2005
Now everyday is different
in time and scope and form.
Take a moment to observe
what beauty does adorn.
There is a true simplicity
in nature by degrees.
Ever changing but the same
with it there are no fees.
So take this opportunity,
observe and understand.
Real beauty now is all around
and shared with every man.
© 2005 David Devaney
From Slumber Rose - Viewed 7354 Times
David Devaney
April 10, 2005
Silent slowing silhouettes
did suddenly appear.
At first I did not recognize
what was now drawing near.
I stood my ground as ominous
this demon breached the strait.
Colored gray, as was the fog,
my fears would not abate.
I could not see the vessels name
this misting April day.
The sun had not from slumber rose
night’s edge was on display.
I first had seen the pilot boat,
it solitary rode.
Through the jetty, into dawn,
it had not then foretold.
These tales of every buccaneer, pirate’s ship and ghost
Sailing through these Texas seas
of conquest they do boast.
For when the mist and fog are found
along the jetty’s edge.
Life’s destiny is fearful felt
by every mate and pledge.
© 2005 David Devaney
Great Arms - Viewed 6777 Times
David Devaney
April 11, 2005
Shrimp boat trawlers on the sea
seen just before the dawn.
With great arms stretching side to side
their nets are hanging on.
Dolphins diving desperate
to find their breakfast fare.
Seagulls soaring toward the sun
above the saline air.
Raging seas now battering
this ship before the sun.
When man awakes to greet the dawn
the fishermen are done.
© 2005 David Devaney
If I Were to Observe - Viewed 6185 Times
David Devaney
April 10, 2005
What is now it that I might see,
if I were to observe.
True life here passing silently
no master does it serve.
Palm fronds do rustle in the breeze
the tides do ebb and flow.
Children in the playground climb,
no sorrow do they know.
Work crew sheriff designates
do rake and move about.
Red vested doing what they’re told
amends for being out.
As freighters tween the jetty’s pass,
a tugboat left and right.
The dawn does touch the Texas coast
now gone the dark of night.
This beauty seen most everywhere
observed and taken in.
It’s only when we patient watch
that life does now begin.
© 2005 David Devaney
Chocolate Covered - Viewed 6215 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2005
I saw one single pelican
glide top each cresting wave.
The wind was howling south/southwest
his energy he’d save.
Into the wind but just above
those reaching to engulf
In Surfside Beach where Texas meets
the ever fragrant Gulf.
He searched upon horizons long,
for family, friends or foe.
This solitary pelican
southwestward did he go.
The seas, they were in decibels
and on the jetty broke.
Chocolate flavored, cresting white
their mist a saline smoke.
And fishermen were gathered here
ten rods did some possess.
Cast upon the raging sea
with bait to fish impress.
‘Twas Sunday noon upon this walk
that I did pen this tome.
Thank God for pleasures of the mind
as bout this earth I roam.
Then came a solitary fin
beyond the jetty east.
The first I’d seen this year of change,
now looking for a feast.
No fishermen were near at hand,
the sea was all its own.
And then a second fin appeared,
my friend was not alone.
So many treasures God does share
if only we took time.
To listen, watch and feel the earth
it always is sublime.
Then last through inlets granite bound
one freighter I did spy.
From Freeport, tugboats nestled it,
a pilot boat was nigh.
True commerce and true happiness
found here beside the sea.
No better place on earth exists
to live life’s fantasy.
© 2005 David Devaney
In Their Wake - Viewed 6451 Times
David Devaney
April 09, 2005
No funeral dirge this ship of sea
traversing landed straits
As dolphins frolic near its stern
true destiny awaits.
Pelicans and seagulls too
now gliding on the wind.
The shrimp and bait-fish here abound
and here does life begin.
© 2005 David Devaney
Their Secrets Kept - Viewed 6786 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2005
When first you heard the silence
or anything at all.
Was it the wind upon the sea
and waves you most recall.
And did they whisper of the stars
and share their secrets kept.
Or was the stillness silent too
as quietly you slept.
And did you hear a pelican
or seabird by the shore.
And was this true serenity
the always perfect cure.
Or did you listen motionless
as nature was revealed.
With shadowed birds upon the sea
true fate is finally sealed.
© 2005 David Devaney
How Many Sunrise - Viewed 6302 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2005
Two tugboats through the jetties pass,
what cargo might they meet?
Black and red and white and black
a captain in each seat.
And on horizons distant now,
a ship by pilot led.
Across the seas, its cargo stored,
need nothing more be said.
How many sunrise had it seen,
from whence had it now come?
Silently it headed north,
through redfish, shark and drum.
Observers are we all of life
but what is it we see?
True commerce passes in the night
to lands now living free.
Commodities of every ilk
so we may live and flow.
And yet we notice not it pass
as older we do grow.
For these are moments “O” so rare
that pass within our view
Never seen and never heard
as we in life rush through.
So next time you draw near a beach
with inlet to the land.
Take a moment and observe
the world from which you stand.
© 2005 David Devaney
Of My Endeavors - Viewed 5570 Times
David Devaney
April 13, 2007
There truly is a God of my endeavors and my devotion
who brings to me the enlightenment that I need
to understand my “Raison d’etre”, the why of who I am

He accepts me always for my frailties and forgives me
my indiscretions as I allow my humanity to intrude upon
the divinity of perfect life which he has shared

I am in need of his love and his patience, his commitment
and his guidance, as I wander too often, aimless and alone,
through my own creativity and confusion

He has given me the freedom to be whom I choose to be
and allowed me to course the oceans of this universe
into the depths of my never ending uncertainty

Bring to me now the ability to understand the self control of my being
so that I may once again seek his tenderness and his love
as I resurrect the spirit of my eternal fulfillment
© 2007 David Devaney
To The Silence - Viewed 5599 Times
David Devaney
September 20, 2005
Come listen to the silence
A sound forever real
The softness of a heartbeat
When love it does reveal
The melodies of happiness
When nature is first heard
No need for lyrics in this song
This treasure needs no word
These pleasures found now everywhere
Where fear cannot exist
The raindrops on the windowpane
that morning chills do mist
The babble of a hidden brook
Deep within each mind
The memories of moments shared
To which we were once blind
Then listen to the love you feel
It never makes a sound
It’s sensed in all that does exist
Though seen, may not be found
For silence is the essence of
What truly is our worth
Too oft it disappeared for us
The moment of our birth
© 2005 David Devaney
As We - Viewed 5391 Times
David Devaney
September 07, 2005
If I had one capacity,
Much greater than the rest.
I’d choose to love beyond compare
And all the world caress.
I’d take the sunlight from the dawn
And brighten every heart.
Ending all anxiety
And wars would never start.
I’d sprinkle stardust everywhere
And warm the universe.
Eliminating all despair
And hatred I’d disperse.
I’d take the nectar of each flower
And magic potions form.
One drop would bring prosperity
And hearts’ forever warm.
I’d tickle laughter everywhere
And help all dreams come true.
And every moment of our lives
Would seem to be brand new.
Then last but first of all I’d share
What no one has to give.
The strength to be the one we choose,
As we, as we, do live.
© 2005 David Devaney
Nowhere - Viewed 5396 Times
David Devaney
June 18, 2005
Have you ever been to nowhere?
Where nothing need be done.
Where everything need not occur
And nothing is begun.
The place where living happens now
With no requirements.
Where waking, sleeping come and go
And there is no pretense.
Where rainbows do begin and end
While you are standing there.
Where happiness is evermore
And there is no despair.
So if you’d like to come with me
To nowhere for a while.
Just open up your heart and see
A world that does beguile.
© 2005 David Devaney
The God of Is, The God of Was and Will Forever Be - Viewed 6017 Times
David Devaney
September 25, 2005
The God of Is is critical,
Cynical, unkind
Represented by our fears
To which we’re ever blind
He is for us most cognizant
Of every breath we take
And rests within our consciousness
As we ourselves forsake
He seems to have so little love
And brings a constant guilt
His dominance of who we are
Would many persons wilt
This present God, the God of fear
Brings much anxiety
A deity magnanimous
Who brings no piety.

The God of Was intimidates
With knowledge of his strength
With sacrifice and full control
He went to any length
He does create and too maintain
A universe of fear
No freedoms did he give to man
Till Jesus did appear
His history is Biblical
Told and told again
Demanding that we do or die
Before each day would end
He stories shared in testaments
The new and too the old
Where innocence was ever lost
And lives were bought and sold

And then, my friends, there is the God
Who will forever be
Since he began to touch our hearts
We live in ecstasy
For he’s the morrow and the next
Where pain no more exists
In heaven where true love is found
With harmony and bliss
Where all the is and was is joined
In perfect happiness
The place of dreams that do come true
And does each life caress
And will be is a place of hope
Where fears are put aside
And God is just that special friend
In whom we do confide
© 2005 David Devaney
One Man - Viewed 5418 Times
Matt Bisset
April 17, 2007
A man sits alone,
As the world rushes by.
As he slowly reads his paper,
Line by line.
For him there's no hurry,
His life is just fine.
The man is content,
To just take his time.
'Til midnight he sits,
then folds his newspaper.
He'll begin his slow journey,
sooner or later.
He stands and he looks,
At the mess that surrounds him.
The world as controlled,
By impulse, by whim.
By sad little men,
all dressed up in suits.
With there fancy briefcases,
and black shiny boots.
The ones with the money,
are the ones with the power.
While the man he just lives,
takes it hour by hour.
As the man journeys slowly,
to his nice homely flat.
He thinks to himself,
“Now how about that”
“My flat is small,
and not really clean.
But though it be nothing,
quite a lot it does mean”
For the man this is true,
For others not so.
For most money and power,
are how things must go.
Looks and appearance,
corruption, deceit.
Lie, cheat and scam,
just to stay on your feet.
For the world cares to much,
of what others say.
How much sex do you have,
just how much are you paid?
Do you weigh just six stone,
is your waist really thin.
Do you wear loads of makeup,
all over your skin.

Because the world has a view,
that the man cannot stand.
If you see another in trouble,
don't offer your hand.
Laugh at other's misfortune,
put faith in your health.
And do all you can,
to acquire much wealth.
Happiness comes,
with a truckload of money.
No longer do they care,
for the bees and their honey.
Or wide open spaces,
or green open land.
Blue skies and a rainbow,
or a beach and the sand.
Simple pleasures soon gone,
to a place a long way distant.
Once a great jungle,
gone in an instant.
The one man reaches home,
unlocks his front door.
Collapses on the couch,
for his feet are quite sore.
But his heart is joyful,
his soul sings a song.
And his happiness comes,
not from drugs and a bong.
Not from power not from sex,
just a small tuneless whistle.
As he walks to his kitchen,
with his plates covered in gristle.
But yet he is happy,
but to the world he has naught,
how can this be,
with the world's ways he has fought.
He lives in a flat,
with barely no room.
His bank account small,
he lives in the gloom.
For the world laughs at this man,
the man in the flat.
But the man cares not,
he just sits with his cat.
His cat does not judge him,
as the cruel world outside.
His cat sits and sleeps,
lies by his side.
The man turns the box on,
they call a tv.
To see what the worlds horrors,
can bring unto thee.

Another bombed city,
another law suit.
And more fancy men,
with their black shiny boots.
Supermodels walking,
their waists are too thin.
No one looks at their hearts,
but the man looks within.
Sees through the fake exterior,
the make-up and plastic.
And what lies beneath,
is no longer fantastic.
These girls once young,
and happy to boot.
Had their lives ruined with,
just a single photo shoot.
Too much emphasis today,
on the way people look.
You must look like this,
like the girl in this book.
Can no one be happy,
with what they are given.
We all are alive,
its a great chance for livin'.
Care not for the thoughts,
that other's believe.
Just escape from the world,
to a place you can breath.
Clean air fills his lungs,
where this man has been living.
Where every day he is thankful,
for the chance he was given.
To live happily,
in this place that's so pure.
Were appearance and money,
no longer adhere.
So be like this man,
live the way that he lives.
Free from the criticism,
that society gives.
So if you want to be free,
Live your own plan.
Follow this person,
live like ONE MAN.
© 2007 Matt Bisset
A Smile Thought or Tear - Viewed 5066 Times
David Devaney
January 20, 2007
If this one day would be my last
Would I have lived it well
And would my life have consequence
When people of it tell
Would I have been a man of strength
Who lived creatively
A man who shared his love of God
With friends and family
Would I have touched upon this earth
With just a feathers grace
As both of us matured in time
And left a better place
And would I have examples set
Of kindness and respect
Always being diligent
And never love neglect
Would I be one forgiven
And better yet forgive
Allowing those who crossed my path
To so much better live
Would I have been a teacher
A mentor and a guide
Living well in harmony
No secrets to confide
Would everyone acknowledge too
That goodness I did share
And I had brought them happiness
Each moment I was there
And would I be in memories
A smile, thought or tear
A moment of true consequence
When they would draw me near
I would be these most certainly
For each day I have known
By living with integrity
I would have stronger grown
© 2007 David Devaney
Survival is the Goal - Viewed 5459 Times
David Devaney
April 04, 2007
A momentary respite
In the consequence of life
A hallowed opportunity
To end this woe and strife
Certain conversations
Of how to time survive
A change with patterns mystical
To keep myself alive
Understood solutions
Survival is the goal
Changing habits hard to break
Before they take their toll
Cleansing new equations
Corrections do reveal
Consequential explanations
That my fate does truly seal
Lasting new commitments
Life as it should be
Unburdened of the shackles
Each day belongs to me
© 2007 David Devaney
I Cherish To This Day - Viewed 4778 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
When I now live in ecstasy
I think of you who’ve shared
A moment of my lifetime
For whom I’ve truly cared
I think of you that I have known
Who’ve touched upon my heart
The kindling that did bring the fire
To help love better start
You live within my memories
And help to make me smile
And certain moments that we’ve known
Do too my heart beguile
Beyond true love is friendship real
I cherish to this day
And when you touch upon my dreams
My life is on display
I am so much the better soul
Since you are part of me
The inspiration to the verse
That comes creatively
How special is it to recall
These moments I did live
And love and dream and fantasize
And life and times forgive
I have become because of you
The spirit of my choice
And nightly listen to the words
Your memories do voice
There is this sense of gratitude
I share because of you
A man, a prophet, poet, seer
Whose dreams each day come true
© 2007 David Devaney
As It Begins - Viewed 5197 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
Love is the inspiration to all creativity,
Passion to enlightenment
And wisdom to understanding

There is an intellectual capacity
Possessed and understood
That is the guiding star of our potential

As the sunrise reveals its perfect beauty,
The morning awakens
To an acceptance of each new challenge

Let your energy capture within every moment
The resolution of a true commitment
To the pursuit of your denouement

“So Mote It Be”
© 2007 David Devaney
The Love You Bring - Viewed 5796 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
I thank you God for simple things
the chance to sleep and dream
The choice of faith you’ve given me
though challenged it does seem
I thank you for ten thousand stars
They guide me through the dark
The beauty all about me now
the pathways you did mark
I thank you for my progeny
and those that came before
The gentleness of friendship true
with love that’s strong and pure
I thank you for my intellect
it makes me more aware
That life itself is full with love
that ends our great despair
I thank you for the hummingbird
that through the garden flies
Its beauty is remarkable
but never in disguise
I thank you God for life itself
renewing with the dawn
Its strength and too its energy
do help me carry on
I thank you God for all you are
but most, the love you bring
It’s everywhere about me now
and of it I do sing
© 2007 David Devaney
In The Twilight - Viewed 5496 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
I live between the shadows
In the twilight of my time
I hear the silence and the sounds
As life does better rhyme
I am never in a hurry
To get where I have been
And though the sunset touches me
I will not let it in
I have found life’s wondrous beauty
And its true serenity
In conversations with my heart
I listen carefully
I have known the depth of passion
Yet here I stand alone
But still my days have consequence
Though I have older grown
I can hear the wind soft whisper
The secrets of each day
And the ocean always calling me
To come inside and play
I have crossed through generations
And found love waiting there
And when I’ve listened to my dreams
I’ve ended all despair
Now as these sands of time do flow
So easy through my heart
I stop and thank the God of love
For giving life its start
© 2007 David Devaney
I Am Becoming - Viewed 5484 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
I have stepped beyond the horizons of my own destiny
discovering there the precipice that is my incarnation
my acceptance my endurance and
my fulfillment
I am not now nor have I ever been alone
along this journey through the intimacies of my creativity
for the beauty of this universe has forever
lit the candle of my inspiration
There are hearts that have touched my own with their
with their sensitivity and with their commitment
to my growth, my exclamation and my
Life is not merely a journey in which we are the passengers
upon the midnight express to a land beyond the everyday
nowhere of our existence
but rather our participation in the creation of the heaven
that is truly our foretold destiny and our reward
Who am I to question or interpret the wonderment of this
beyond my own reality as I challenge the dreamscapes of my heart
I do believe that there is a God, magnanimous and powerful,
guiding my excursion with his wisdom and enlightenment
so that I may achieve the self, soul and sentiment
of my essence, my spirit and my humanity
We are neither the seers of our destiny nor prophets of our
as we embark upon this journey but rather the culmination
of the blended energies of our experience, our recollections and
our thought
I love because I am, I create because I endure and I fulfill
because I am the self of this mystical journey into the identity that I am becoming

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
The Ebb and Flow - Viewed 6015 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
As I now watch the seabirds soar
upon the cresting sea
And hear the breaking ocean waves
there is a subtlety
To nature and its wonderment
its beauty and its grace
So privileged I the visitor
to this a magic place
Where people gather to become
childlike and true
The sea with all its energy
the sky forever blue
There’s clarity and purity
sunsets and starlit skies
The whispered softness of the wind
that no one need disguise
It is the perfumed fragrance found
the dolphins as they glide
The certain beauty constant now
that never seems to hide
A treasure chest of hidden dreams
that never disappear
The sun’s caress and moon’s embrace
that always draws us near
It is the cornucopia
of life that all should feel
The ebb and flow of perfect love
that nature does reveal
© 2007 David Devaney
I Have Lived - Viewed 5494 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
I have lived within the energy of my own creativity
emerging from my innocence as I learned to be aware,
to listen, to understand and to be patient with
this transformation into my humanity, my sensitivity,
and my enlightenment

It was through those who touched upon my essence with their love
that I was capable of feeling the emotions of my destiny,
my fulfillment and the acceptance of myself as a being of
understanding and commitment

I am because I have listened to those friendly mentors
who continuously shared with me the experience
of their own recognized potential being fulfilled
here upon this earth within the limits of their lifetimes

There is a beauty which I would never have seen
A truth which I would have never learned
A self which I would have never encountered
And a love which I would have never experienced
without their guidance, their instruction and their counsel

Who are these angels of my enlightenment
and why have they participated in my denouement
Family, friends, neighbors, lovers, classmates
and prophets of my encounter all of whom
foresaw in me the potential to be
a true man of vision and of consequence

Because of them I am

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
A Cup Of English Tea - Viewed 9653 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
I once discovered happiness
in a cup of English tea
Grandmother Funk had brewed a batch
and shared her thoughts with me
We spoke of everyone she knew
in Nineteen Fifty Nine
The family and its history
her thoughts she did refine
Born before the century
so many tales she’d tell
Of English Irish origin
her words my heart did swell
Grandfather Funk was quite the man
devoted and unique
She spoke of all his escapades
as through the past we’d peek
She’d told me of those joyful times
that I might recognize
Hidden there within her heart
that love could not disguise
Family thoughts and memories
a blizzard she lived through
Trips to almost everywhere
and all her dreams come true
How beautiful and wonderful
it was to share this day
As Nana and her memories
were placed upon display
And though she now has stepped beyond
the times that we did share
I still so often recollect
her in that kitchen chair
The teapot that was whistling
the fragrance and her smile
And as these thoughts I do recall
she does my heart beguile
© 2007 David Devaney
last Night I Met Insomnia - Viewed 5395 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2007
Last night I met Insomnia
Bout half past two or three
She kissed me with her passion
And kept my sleep from me
We’ve been now long time lovers
She comes to me each night
And counting sheep one thousand times
Does never end my plight
I’ve had myself examined
To seen what might be wrong
Some Doctors say depression
Is why I don’t belong
But me I think Insomnia
Is really just a witch
Who cast her spell so long ago
To day and night now switch
And ever since she came to me
My rest has gone away
And here I lie throughout the night
With many things to say
Perhaps some day I will discard
These feelings she has brought
Recapturing my innocence
Where sleep is often caught
T’is then I’ll rest the whole night through
No lover by my side
With sleep the new found mistress
In whom I will confide
© 2007 David Devaney
Heaven Most Importantly - Viewed 5875 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2007
Heaven is a thought away
A breath or just a wink
How wonderful imagining
It could be green or pink
It is for me simplicity
The fact that I’m alive
A moment in my history
When I for life did strive
Heaven is the treasure chest
Of everyone I’ve known
The fact that in my memories
I never am alone
So many special people too
Who’ve touched upon my mind
And linger neath my cranium
Where dreams are always kind
Heaven is the paradise
That I now recognize
No need to hide it in a trunk
Or dress it in disguise
It is the recognition
That God is here with me
And knowing that his passion
has set my spirit free
Heaven is so many things
Like picnics on the beach
And all the love that we can share
That’s always within reach
An end to wars so tragic
The birth of common sense
The fact that we can live our lives
With truth and no pretense
And Heaven most importantly
Is when we finally say
Dear God I love you most of all
I’ll be with you today
© 2007 David Devaney
The Purpose Of My Time - Viewed 5843 Times
David Devaney
January 26, 2007
I frequent sit in wonderment
Of this life I have know
The treasured moments I recall
When I was all alone
The wondrous people who have helped
To make my dreams come true
The special friends I’ve yet to meet
As lifetimes I renew
The knowledge that experience
Forever is a guide
And that true love is everywhere
Though from it we might hide
That here within humanity
Are those remarkable
Who simply help each traveler
When troubles them befall
I try to truly understand
The purpose of my time
And why each day I am confused
And often out of rhyme
When too my quest does fruitless seem
Though I do stay the course
And why my energy depletes
And what could be its source
I sometimes think and ask God why
Real hatred must exist
And jealousy and avarice
Are not too often missed
Why friendships made in honesty
Eternally survive
Exchanging hopes and dreams and thoughts
Which keep the soul alive
I have no answers at this time
To questions I propose
Yet just to question brings great joy
As each verse I compose
For life is truly what it seems
Each thought experienced
And every thirst is satisfied
When spirit dreams are quenched
© 2007 David Devaney
Their Silent Words - Viewed 5215 Times
David Devaney
February 04, 2007
There is a sound of whispering
Found often by the sea
The waves have conversations
As things flow naturally
They speak most of the weather
The wind, the rain, the cold
And cradle fish within their hearts
Or so I have been told
They sparkle in the sunlight
No beauty can compare
And when great storms are circling
White ruffles they all wear
They course the beaches of this world
With tides that ebb and flow
And if you with them secrets share
No one will ever know
They travel round great continents
To mingle with mankind
And bring a true serenity
That everyone can find
Caressing spirits as they rise
Who seek to know them well
Regaling surfboard victories
As stories they do tell
So many thoughts, so many dreams
Through centuries unknown
Please listen to their silent words
And be no more alone
© 2007 David Devaney
In A Purple Cow on A Highway Blue - Viewed 10555 Times
David Devaney
February 04, 2007
Now somewhere deep in Texas
Where the Brazos finds its end
And the pelicans do course the sea
As the winds great palm trees bend
Where the moon is shrouded by the clouds
That intersect the skies
And the Shrimpers troll the oceans rim
In boats their nets disguise
Where the chocolate sea begins to change
Into an aqua haze
And the people always share a smile
With spirits that amaze
Where the barges ply the inland way
With no wake often seen
And the bridges arch upon a land
Forevermore bright green
Where the streets all end upon the sea
And the sand crabs reappear
And everyone becomes your friend
When first you do appear
Where breakfast wears a purple hue
And always tastes sublime
And the sunshine is not far away
As you pass back into time
Where love does permeate the air
And happiness is pure
And E. M. T’s do Surfside proud
When life is so unsure
It’s here a gal remarkable
Does own a friendly bar
Painted purple by the sea
With a cow its only star
And too you’ll find Ms Kitty there
For few like her exist
Her hair a little pink and gold
With warmth you can’t resist
An extra special friendly gal
Who shares each day her heart
In a Purple Cow on a Highway Blue
Is the place where dreams do start
© 2007 David Devaney
Behind The Lighthouse Beam - Viewed 6268 Times
David Devaney
February 04, 2007
On an island east of Eden
By the North Atlantic Sea
Is a house that’s very special
Aunt Frani shares for free
It’s there you’ll find the paradise
That God placed in her care
A smile that is oft recalled
Old Cos and Carm did share
It is a place where family
Does touch upon the sun
Absorbing too the atmosphere
Where life is new begun
Where meals are everyday prepared
In pots all extra large
And nephews, nieces and grand kids
Into your room might barge
A place where time has quality
And love does permeate
And Lynnie by the kitchen sink
Will know each clam’s true fate
Where bathroom leaks son Scott does fix
And teens on rooftops climb
Where laughter fills most every inch
And summers are sublime
It sits their near the waterway
Her Cousin Joey plies
And Billy comes to counsel her
For on him she relies
A place where Sheri hangs her hat
On sultry summer days
And Maddie studies Algebra
As Abby sits and plays
It is a home remarkable
Much more than just a dream
A little bit of heaven lived
Behind the lighthouse beam
So next time you are headed north
Or west or south or east
Come visit Frani’s by the sea
And on true love you’ll feast
© 2007 David Devaney
The Fog Turns into Haze - Viewed 5786 Times
David Devaney
February 05, 2007
Sometimes in life we are estranged
Though no one is at fault
And love is not the reason why
It can’t be sold or bought
Reflections in a mirrored room
Show only ego there
And pride and also jealousy
Which bring to us despair
We wander aimless through our time
Uncertain what the course
Depending on another’s lead
Our id is not life’s source
We think solutions might be found
Within this world we know
Yet far too often we do fail
And life does lose its flow
Then to the desert we must trek
Now lost within our mind
With each solution near at hand
Though seen, to them we’re blind
Internally we lose our way
The fog turns into haze
And only when the dark night comes
Do we ourselves amaze
Survival is our only path
To find the one we are
For when no answer comes our way
We seek a different star
Deep within our inner self, our psyche and our heart
We taste the strength and energy
To better courses chart
Then those we care for most of all
Are once more by our side
Allowing us to recognize
We need no longer hide
Then last and most importantly
We must ourselves forgive
With tragedy now in the past
A new life we can live
© 2007 David Devaney
New Light - Viewed 5264 Times
David Devaney
February 06, 2007
As I do take one moment now
To wonder where I’ve been
I seem to understand the fact
In life it’s hard to win
I try to work with diligence
But give more than I should
And when exhaustion takes its hold
To change, I wish I could
I work beyond the normal day
Yet further get behind
I am a fool who is confused
To life I seem now blind
Fearful that I cannot change
But knowing that I must
I need the courage to succeed
One soul that I can trust
Some say this habit is no good
There is no love or peace
I need to challenge me myself
To now this pain release
I do these things with little thought
But to life just react
Yet much too soon I lose control
Then tolls life does exact
I turn to God then turn away
Though he does love me so
I wish I had his strength of heart
To make time better flow
I must now change just to survive
Or soon my days will close
And though I frequent cry out loud
This curse life does impose
So now again I ask for help
Forgiveness and true love
For only God can change these ways
With help from him above
So call my name my precious friend
And lead me through this night
Though dark and endless it does seem
With you there is new light
© 2007 David Devaney
Saint Valentine in Heaven Waits - Viewed 5726 Times
David Devaney
February 14, 2007
Now on this day true friendship
Through hearts we often see
And flowers travel through the night
Fulfilling fantasy
When cupid on each shoulder sits
His arrows filled with love
And Valentine in heaven waits
With treasures from above
When all great lovers in this world
Acknowledge who they are
With gifts of candied happiness
Now sent from near and far
When little children cards design
And share red lollipops
A day when love’s found everywhere
With rainbow chocolate tops
When all of us do life forgive
Forgetting yesterday
And every moment that’s brand new
Finds joy upon display
A day so special and unique
That only love will do
I wish you warmth and happiness
And all your dreams come true
© 2007 David Devaney
Yet To Be Found - Viewed 5743 Times
David Devaney
February 15, 2007
I wish you thanks my special friends
For each day I have known
Since placing you within my heart
I’ve never been alone
Through wars of devastation
And nights that would not end
No matter what the time or place
Sweet memories would blend
Of passion and true ecstasy
And laughter heard out loud
Of moments restful by the sea
Beneath a billowed cloud
Of walks along a rivers edge
And through a forest green
Of desert mountain memories
Where music was the scene
Of moonlit nights upon a knoll
That reached a mile high
Where I could wish upon each star
That filled the winter sky
Of conversations that we’d share
Of life yet to be found
And dreams of midnight fantasies
That would our hopes astound
Of real success, true happiness
And friendship that is pure
Having limits, none at all
Of this I am most sure
So now as I do recollect
The beauty of my time
It’s thoughts of you within my heart
That makes my life sublime
© 2007 David Devaney
Heavenly Love - Viewed 6790 Times
February 17, 2007
Your heart open, honest and free,
As Jesus' light hath chosen thee.
Wonderfully forgiven, merciful test,
Pathways chosen He's done the rest...

The glory of our Father in Heaven,
Through His Son our grace is given.
Cleansed to purity, washed of our sin,
Glorious kingdom spirits lead us in...

Praise you our Lord on eternities flight,
Guiding us home, sheltering into the night.
Tenderly watching somewhere up above,
Nothing compares to His Heavenly Love...

A Valentine Blessing
By: Judith A. Warren-Wright

Greet one another with a kiss of love.
Peace to all of you who are in Christ.
(1 Peter 5:14)
© 2007 2wings
And God Laughed - Viewed 5365 Times
February 17, 2007
The warmth of summer brought forth a tiny new child.
Parents planned for the future, then beamed with a smile.
And God Laughed...

Community service jobs or a ballerina I'm sure that I'll be.
Day dreamed plans from a child who's turned just only three.
And God Laughed...

Impressions brought forth by grade school and neighboring friends.
Perhaps I'll be the President or a famous star were my big plans.
And God Laughed...

I said to myself.. I am going to be a famous Rock-N-Roll star,
Traveling the world, sharing my music and I'll play a guitar.
And God Laughed...

My first feeling of love awakened the innocent heart of a teen.
Marriage plans were ahead for us, or so I continued to dream,
And God Laughed...

Colleges open the doors of learning for any career that was ahead.
Dreams of wealth and power were mine, as I laid there on my bed.
And God Laughed...

Married now, must start making plans for my own family someday.
Nothing can stop me now or would dare to even get in my way.
And God Laughed...

Written By: Judith A. Warren-Wright
© 2007 2wings
Psalm 23 Explained - Viewed 5280 Times
February 17, 2007
The Lord is my shepherd: That’s relationship with God!
I shall not want: That’s Supply!
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: That’s Rest!
He leadeth me beside the still waters: That’s refreshment!
He restoreth my soul: That’s healing! (makes new)
He leadeth me in the path of righteousness: That’s Guidance!
For His Name Sake: That’s purpose!
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death: That’s Testing!
I will feel no evil: That’s protection!
For thou art with me: That’s faithfulness!
Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me: That’s discipline!
Thou prepares a table before my enemies: That’s Hope!
Thou anointest my head with oil: That’s consecration!
My Cup runneth over: That’s abundance!
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
That’s Blessing!
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord: That’s Security
© 2007 2wings
My Gardener, My Lord - Viewed 5111 Times
Like the flowers of my garden left
dorment and cold,
preperation and nurturing brings
radiant colors so bold.
Anticipation of new growth
delight my heart so joyous,
I'm made new with my Lord,
abiding in Him so Glorious.

Bless You! My Gardener, My Lord!

He waters my soul with His blood
to refresh my mind,
removing the weeds of sin,
He leaves tranquility behind.
Pruning all that which has withered and over taken,
Delicately He restores, desiring
none be forsaken.

Praise You! My Gardener, My Lord!

Yes His wonders in my garden grow,
uplifting my heart,
Transforming new life abundance,
for sin he will depart.
Henceforth, I too blossom in His knowledge,
grace and love,
As I am prepared on earth,
I'll flourish in Heaven Above.

Thank You! My Gardener, My Lord!

By Judith A. Warren-Wright
© 2wings
I Am Thankful - Viewed 4871 Times
I rise up in the morning to God's grace,
thankful of all surrounding this place.
I share my mornings with God and nature,
Studying His words, for wisdom is sure.

His truth brings peace, His grace is love,
How joyful my journey toiward home above.
A squirrel taps upon my door, a bird sings,
All of God's blessings,
to me He truly brings.

Yes to be His child, chosen before time,
Selected an nurtured, not always in line.
His will commands my future with assurance,
Confidance, love, forgiveness
glide as a dance.

I see His wonders around me and
I feel His love,
He sent me His Son from Heaven Above.
Carrying His cross, bearing my sins of ole'
For every moment given, I am Thankful.

By Judith A. Warren-Wright
© 2wings
He Loves Me - Viewed 6140 Times
October 30, 2006
I am His daughter, My Father's own,
anointed in route to join His thrown.
Guided along whith His firm direction,
While gently molded to His perfection...

Joyous laughter in my heart shall sing,
protection of His love from heaven bring.
Telling all that my father's given today,
Words so many could not begin to say...

Captured elation of hevenly bliss abound,
Through Him all that love truly surround.
God sent treasures that I've received,
Blessed favorly for He has chosen me...

Yes, I am my Father's chosen child,
The one He nurtured as life went wild.
He forgave me, He loves me,
I know it's true,
More wonderful my friend,
He loves you too...

By: Judith A. Warren-Wright
© 2006 2wings
The End of Time - Viewed 5142 Times
David Devaney
February 17, 2007
I’ve touched upon the end of time
Before my life should close
Then asked the Father of my days
To bring no quick repose
I begged for courage and respect
To help new courses chart
The strength to place life in God’s hands
So better days might start
I’ve tried so hard to do things right
Integrity my guide
But only found great disrespect
From which I could not hide
So often kindness did appear
To only weakness be
Yet when the fog did dissipate
I set my passion free
Counting moments that remain
More precious than pure gold
The midnight still unknown to me
As days all new unfold
And I must choose to live my time
Much stronger than the rest
Knowing that life’s destiny
Will always be a test
Of heart and will and intellect
Myself I must decide
To live a life of consequence
Where love need never hide
© 2007 David Devaney
A Melody A Song - Viewed 5509 Times
David Devaney
February 17, 2007
Life is but a treasure chest
Of dreams and fantasies
Anticipated happenings
And joyful ecstasies
Imaginary moments
That tingle us each day
Starlit nights of wonderment
Now always on display
It is a touch, a soft caress
A melody, a song
A special understanding
That we do here belong
It’s always living in the now
Where energy is pure
Not contemplating anything
Nor ever keeping score
The hummingbird that might appear
One sultry summer’s eve
Life and love and happiness
In which we do believe
It’s lying comfy in a bed
No worries and no fears
Allowing time to easy flow
When passion reappears
It is not living yesterday
Tomorrow and beyond
But rather understanding
That life does carry on
So step into each moment
And crystallize your view
Then feel the energy of life
Where every day’s brand new
© 2007 David Devaney
Does New Begin - Viewed 5689 Times
David Devaney
February 18, 2007
It’s when our life does new begin
That we must make a choice
To taste the treasures in our time
And listen to one voice
That tells us almost every day
That we were meant to know
The taste and touch and feel of love
So life can better flow
We are the prophet of our time
If we do take control
And end our burdens and our fears
Before we pay a toll
Allowing things most beautiful
To permeate our heart
The fragrance of a summer rose
The dawn when day does start
The shooting star the nighttime brings
The hummingbird revealed
The butterfly or kangaroo
From memories unsealed
The treasure when a baby laughs
As we strange faces share
The sense that we’ve been here before
A friend for whom we care
And too all things most wonderful
For granted we did take
Our life can be so marvelous
If we in it partake
© 2007 David Devaney
Throughout The Night - Viewed 5610 Times
David Devaney
February 19, 2007
I sat myself upon the earth
Reflecting on the day
When suddenly appeared to me
The angel of dismay
We’d been acquainted for some time
And shared a thought or two
My history revealed to me
As both were passing through
She told me that I’d lost control
Of what and who I am
The image that I would create
Was such a wretched sham
She couldn’t stand alone for me
As others took control
A man of little consequence
No virtue to extol
My image was reflected there
Upon my clouded heart
But it I could not recognize
I must my time restart
She told me God was generous
And often he’d forgive
Allowing each another chance
To in this life now live
So I decided then and there
T’was time to make things right
And quickly did forgive myself
Then slept throughout the night
© 2007 David Devaney
Traversing History - Viewed 5210 Times
David Devaney
February 19, 2007
I leapt upon a comets tail
Then soared beyond the sun
To find a life of consequence
Before my own was done
My trip was most remarkable
Traversing history
T’was there I found so many souls
Who met and greeted me
David from the Testament
Goliath he had slain
And Shakespeare of great Sonnet verse
His words knew no refrain
A man named Einstein did appear
No intellect compared
John Paul who knew of only love
And often he it shared
I met there too great Presidents
Who freedom did aspire
And Jesus Christ upon the cross
When his life did expire
Mary Mother, Mary whore
Both touched upon my soul
Czars and Kings and patriots
On whom war took its toll
I searched for individuals
Who must have found their way
Hoping that from them Id learn
Just how to truly pray
My comet touched this universe
Each planet and each star
And then at last I recognized
I needn’t go that far
For just beyond my windowsill
Was beauty uncompared
And people of simplicity
That life had not ensnared
They always lived to love each day
Accepting all that came
And who on earth does need much more
To live life’s precious game
© 2007 David Devaney
Alone and Forlorn - Viewed 5380 Times
David Devaney
February 21, 2007
I have at this moment begun to recognize
that life has certain limitations
which have been identified by my
over commitment to the insecurity
of my very existence

I am because God has allowed me to be
and I grow because he has given me
the wisdom to understand that he will always be
my raison d’etre, my reality
and the wonderful purpose of my being

I do, however, lose sight of his wonderment
and so often drown in the tears of my humanity
where he allows my choices to be my own
my decisions to be my uncertainty
and my confusion to be my denouement

It is only when I fall deep into the abyss
that is the depression of my existence
that I am able to ask for his strength,
and his forgiveness so that I may recover
the spirit of fulfillment that I seek to be

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
My Salvation - Viewed 5655 Times
David Devaney
February 21, 2007
As the twenty third hour of the second month
of the twenty first day of the seventh year of the second millennia
passes the fourth minute of my existence I listen to the joyful sounds
of the creator God who is my salvation and my truth

I sit alone but never lonely for the spirit of my father
is here within my heart bringing to me the enlightenment
of the many generations of my existence who have learned
from their forefathers the true meaning of love

It is through the living spirit of Jesus my Christ and my mentor
that I now seek to discover the passion of life
this is found deep within the heartbeat of my ancestors
and transcends always the spirit of my progeny

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
Sixty Grown - Viewed 4976 Times
David Devaney
March 08, 2007
From Upper Darby, Drexel Hill
And places far and wide
They all have passed now sixty years
No secrets to confide
Friendships lasting longer than
Most people live on earth
From girls to teens to women now
All full with love and mirth
They now will gather “Down the Shore”
Where happiness abides
So they can share their memories
As new dreams each confides
They have remained true friends through time
And tasted treasures rare
And seem to be a special group
To which few can compare
So many years of friendship pure
A most astounding thing
How special and unique they are
When tales of life they bring
Of children and those children grand
Of husbands, friends and more
They gather all here by the sea
Not knowing what’s in store
Perhaps a little bit of wine
A glass of great champagne
With them there’s no uncertainty
From life’s most sweet refrain
Revealed to be a special love
Which each of them possess
As through each day of history
God did their thoughts caress
Allowing them to all renew
The years that they have known
How wonderful it is to see
When friends have sixty grown
© 2007 David Devaney
ballerina leaves - Viewed 4706 Times
ballerina leaves
March 12, 2007
poetic wind
chaperones a robin's song

evergreen ballet
pirouettes the sky

"ballerina leaves"
gown the stage



© 2007 ballerina leaves
To Achieve - Viewed 5110 Times
David Devaney
March 12, 2007
Within my time we’ve shared a day
A moment or an hour
Through many lifetimes I have known
With you my thoughts did flower
Your soft caress and friendship pure
Has helped me to achieve
The truth of life as it should be
In which I now believe
We may not then have noticed it
As it did quickly flow
Yet now as you I recollect
I seem to better know
That you are much a part of me
Your fragrance and your smile
And still within my memory
My heart you do beguile
Your kindness and sincerity
Allowed my thoughts to bloom
Since you I’ve never been alone
Though empty is my room
So with these thoughts now here recalled
I send you only love
For you’ve brought dreams remarkable
And blessings from above
© 2007 David Devaney
Now Gone - Viewed 5157 Times
David Devaney
March 13, 2007
I soar as though a butterfly
Beyond the amber sun
Nurturing the beauty there
Before my time is done
The wind does whisper silently
A herald to each day
As mountains, seas and forests green
All end mankind’s dismay
New treasures rare and mystical
Revealed each day at dawn
Allow them to embellish you
Before they are now gone
© 2007 David Devaney
I Wish That - Viewed 4790 Times
David Devaney
March 13, 2007
I wish that I could cherish you
And linger in your time
I wish that I could bring to you
Most everything sublime
I wish that I could too reveal
Sweet treasures yet to be
I wish that I were near to you
To solve this mystery
I wish that I could call your name
And silence not respond
I wish that I could know your love
Before this night was gone
I wish that I could bring to you
The rainbow of your choice
I wish that I could softly call
And always hear your voice
I wish that each new memory
Began as you appeared
I wish that I were not alone
And life need not be feared
I wish that all these wishes were
A part of who we are
I wish that all your dreams come true
When wishing on a star
© 2007 David Devaney
All Irish Just A Bit - Viewed 5315 Times
David Devaney
March 17, 2007
I saw a green clad leprechaun
Beside the Texas Sea
Three dozen floats, a tiny horse
And felt their harmony
They all came early, well prepared
The weather on display
Parading neath the pelicans
On Great St. Patrick’s Day
They gathered first at City Hall
Before the march began
With horse and cycle side by side
On floats green folks would stand
The best of all would prizes share
Their trophies dressed in green
Acknowledging their heritage
So joyful was this scene
Then as the sun did beckon them
These revelers set off
To share their great community
Along the Texas Gulf
Three thousand people, maybe more
All Irish just a bit
Did line the streets and on the beach
They patiently would sit
Bikini clad young beauty queens
And folks of every ilk
Tattooed ladies with their kids
And babies drinking milk
In front of Kitty’s it would pass
The lunch crowd had a show
And though the traffic topped the bridge
Pure happiness did flow
For every heart was wearing green
And every face a smile
As down in Surfside on the coast
St. Paddy’s did beguile
© 2007 David Devaney
A Tiny Yellow Bird - Viewed 4870 Times
David Devaney
March 19, 2007
I spied a tiny yellow bird
Beneath the wooden beam
He tiptoed long the garden’s edge
His vision filled my dream
His feathered head of yellow hue
His tail as black as night
And only momentarily
He stayed within my sight
From whence he came I do not know
Or when had he arrived
Perhaps across the Texas sea
His home could be contrived
He lingered just beyond the wind
Then dashed into the void
Where only beauty can be found
And love we shan’t avoid
T’was then that I did understand
This treasure that I’d found
For here upon the water’s edge
Do fantasies abound
© 2007 David Devaney
It\ - Viewed 5119 Times
David Devaney
March 20, 2007
It’s when I think of hummingbirds
And golden butterflies
And all the beauty in this world
That we don’t recognize
It’s when I hear a lullaby
From deep within the sea
That thought’s of you do reappear
And bring true ecstasy
It’s when I see the raindrops dance
Across the golden sun
That life is found abundantly
And days are soft begun
It’s when I feel the silent night
Caress upon my heart
That I do sense you close at hand
Though we are far apart
It’s when I capture stars at night
Before they disappear
That I at last can understand
Why you in dreams appear
It’s when I thank the Lord at night
For treasures that abound
That I can recollect a love
That truly does astound
It’s when I finally fall asleep
Where dreams do all come true
That I do find a special friend
And often think of you
© 2007 David Devaney
That Man In Green - Viewed 4748 Times
Matt Bisset
September 10, 2006
I saw a man today,
Who had no need to die.
I saw a setting sun,
It’s backdrop was the sky.

I saw a flower blooming
It’s petals open wide.
Why I saw these things today
I could not decide.

I noticed things I’d never seen
Right in front of me.
A bird, a cow, a kangaroo,
An old dead barkless tree.

We pass by things of beauty,
And prettiness aplenty.
Without these things and much, much more,
Our lives would just be empty.

It makes you think ‘bout what you have,
And how long it will last.
So while you still are able,
Live life, and live it fast.

For nothing lasts forever,
Not even special things.
Even those who seem immortal,
Still fly on angels wings.

Our heroes and our icons,
Our idols and our friends.
However special they may be,
They all will pass that fatal last bend.

The bend you turn and see the line,
That’s been coming forever.
And the time that someone takes another lap,
That time is known as never.

Because no matter how hard it seems,
To contemplate the end.
The pain that comes with someone’s death,
Is a hurt that never mends.

Two weeks ago Australia,
Lost it’s greatest mate,
A guy who wanted just to help
But the stingray was too late.

To stop the amazing work,
That Steve Irwin’s done,
And when you think about that man,
The tears just run and run.

I realise now why I’d noticed,
Those thing I’d never seen.
It was that kind and loving man,
That man all dressed in green.
© 2006 Matt Bisset
Future? Past? - Viewed 5206 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 11, 1983
In day-dreams deep the Earth I see,
before Man came, (or after he
had gone to what fate meant for him),
in ancient past or future dim.

The Earth is dust, no foot-prints show.
In quiet beauty rivers flow.
Is Man to come or has he past?
It matters not, the dice are cast.

And Man for just this moments glory,
his birth or passing, just a story.
His dreams and plans of "future? past?"
Have been, may be, but will not last
© 1983 Hal Ethridge
ON A STONE - Viewed 4404 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 11, 1983
He was not best, but far from worst.
Seldom last, not often first.
With too much zeal he wasn't gifted.
With time to spare a drink he lifted.

Yes watch the ladies fair he would,
and steal a kiss when ere he could.
He bragged a bit and told some story's
of better times and greater glories.

Forget him now he's met his maker.
He met his match and couldn't shake her.
She did him in and he expired,
in act's of love she was inspired.

He left her here among the living,
because of all her wwilling giving.
He died in bed his passion cresting
and though in bed he was not resting!
© 1983 Hal Ethridge
Spring - Viewed 4828 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 11, 1983
Spring, dull brown, gray, some green.
Breeze, wind really, some chill from melting snow.
Birds, well some Robin's somewhat bedraggled and sooty.
Water in sudden rivers washing waste in gutter's to polluted seas.
Me, older, grayer, sadder and disillusioned by yet another
© 1983 Hal Ethridge
NOW - Viewed 5221 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 11, 1983
Now we meet past with present, present with future. It is here where we spend our lives. Weare like a reed that grows from the bottom of a flowing stream. It protrudes through the surface and the current flows around it. We, like the reed are rooted in place and time, like the current flows around us. We can gaze down the stream and see our past as it flows away from us, now beyond control and only a memory. We can anticipate the pleasure or pain we will feel as the currents of the stream or life surge toward us. Yet these things are beyond control. It is only the current that strikes us now, the present, that we can deal with. This is the"now" of life that is everything. Past, a dream of what may have been. Future, a dream that may be.

Now is real, all that we can change for better or worse. For some their roots grasp the stream bed firmly, or the currents are gentle. For others the current may be great or their grasp on the bottom weak. Yet for all, the erosion of time and current will finally cause the reed to loose it's grasp and travel with the current into the past.
© 1983 Hal Ethridge
The Sound of \"S\" - Viewed 4805 Times
Hal Ethridge
April 19, 2007
Silent seas, sandy shores, setting sun.
Seeking sympathy, suffering.
Sighing sad songs silently.
Sadly seeking something.
Finding sublime senseless sameness!
© 2007 Hal Ethridge
Wondering - Viewed 6082 Times
Hal Ethridge
April 19, 2007
Watching out the window at the distant mountain tops.
Wishing to be wandering out where the skyline stops.

Wanting more of living than to draw a daily pay.
Wistfully longing for a future not so gray.

Wasting precious moments as years go slipping past.
Wondering if it's worth it, each day so like the last.

Sitting, watching, wishing, wistful and forlorn.
Wasting time and wondering just why I was born.

Waking every morning afraid to face the day.
Wondering, ever wondering, should it really be this way
© 2007 Hal Ethridge
Solitude - Viewed 4499 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 11, 1983
I want to go down to the beach today,
I want to walk in the sand.
I want to watch the breakers play,
and spend the day unplanned.

There's solitude on the beach I find'
alone twix't the sand and the sea.
Somewhere apart from the Worldly grind,
A place where I can be me!
© 1983 Hal Ethridge
Quest - Viewed 4552 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 11, 1983
In retrospect I now dissect my life and place it here.

Without a plan became a man and journeyed far and near.

I've seen Marseilles and Subic Bay, I've fought on Chosen's shore.

The land of Calm, then Viet Nam, and still, I journeyed more.

In Shannon town I've drunk them down, and Juarez found me there.

As memories pass, some dusky lass I've found exceeding fair.

So little time here in this rhyme to tell of where I've been,

but please take note and you may quote, my dreams take me again.

In Quest of fun I've watched the sun go down on Tokyo Bay.

'Neith azure sky's I've told sweet lies in Bordeaux far away.

I've drank wine near River Rhine, burned my candle at both ends.

So ends my quest of East then West, the Past and Future blends
© 1983 Hal Ethridge
Unveiled Mortality - Viewed 4469 Times
David Devaney
April 27, 2007
I have most often touched upon the intensity
of my life in those hours just before sleep
cleanses the uncertainty of my self importance

It is then, when the starlight crosses slowly between
dusk and dawn, that I am most fully aware of the
consequences of my true enlightenment

Then too does begin my denouement, as all existence
stands naked and unsheathed in the window of
my confusion, my emptiness and my greatest fear

I am at this moment frail and vulnerable,
fearful and intimidated by my very limitations
as my scripted humanity weighs deeply upon my soul

It is during these moments of unveiled mortality
that I whisper the tomes of prayer to the Creator God,
the Redeemer Son and the Spirit Guide of my salvation

“So Mote It Be”
© 2007 David Devaney
TO REACH A DREAM - Viewed 4873 Times
Hal Ethridge
April 30, 2007
To reach a dream you must turn loose
of all that you are holding
and grasp at that, which fleet's from you,
forgetting reasoned scolding.

The dream you seek if grasped, though weak,
will pay for all your loosing.
There is no cost too much to pay,
do it, stop your musing.
© 2007 Hal Ethridge
A MOMENT IN THE PARK - Viewed 4424 Times
Hal Ethridge
April 30, 2007
I made no promises today,
no bonds that I must keep.
The day is mine to work or play,
or maybe even sleep.

A poet paints with word and tone,
His colors bright or gray
realities that he has known
on paper makes them stay.

When loneliness assaults his day,
when clouds turn dark and grim,
he seeks solace in word play,
his way to talk to 'Him'.

He plays with words to fit his needs,
he looks for line and flavor
yet no one hears his silent plea's
to hear it said 'He's clever.
© 2007 Hal Ethridge
RECOLLECTION - Viewed 4982 Times
Hal Ethridge
April 30, 2007
They came from the East and they came from the West
to show what their horses could do.
They came from the South with some of the best,
The North country was showing some too.

Their horses were good ones, the cream of the crop.
Their were fast ones and fine ones to see,
but the one that was best and always on top
was the mare that I called "Kimberly'.

When you looked for endurance she had what it took,
and start from a stop, she was fast.
For handle and savvy, why she wrote the book
and any horse running she passed.

I've seen some of the good ones and owned quite a few,
Thoroughbreds, Morgans and Grade
but that Quarter horse mare was better for true
wherever her entry was paid.

If horses were trading for gold pound for pound
and I had my druthers to say,
I'd still rather have that bay mare around
than all of the gold that they'd pay.
© 2007 Hal Ethridge
And By Your Love Be Caught - Viewed 4760 Times
David Devaney
May 02, 2007
If I within my lifetimes chose
One person most unique
Whose heart was gifted with the strength
That everyone does seek
If I could throughout history
Let all the truth be told
My words would speak of friendship rare
That can’t be bought or sold
If I through all the centuries
That I have walked through time
Were asked about a beauty rare
So precious and sublime
If heaven were no mystery
Not hidden by the mind
I do believe I’d touch its joy
And treasures there would find
If all life’s beauty were revealed
Through friends eternally
Where love’s a daily happenstance
And always given free
And as these things were told to me
Through one who shares my heart
I wish I’d not be by myself
Where loneliness does start
For even with fond memories
I share each day in thought
I’d simply rather hear your voice
And by your love be caught
© 2007 David Devaney
Being A Winner - Viewed 4466 Times
Ruth Warren
May 03, 2007
Being a Winner

I may not have run to win,
Or played a sport at all;
But winning is so much more
For a survivor who might fall.

It is easy to return to old times
And get yourself in a rut;
But a survivor will remember
Moving on is not just a.. but.

Excuses are just that
Because we fall prey to relapsing,
But a survivor will get back up
Remembering their blessing.

So Survivor, lets be more than that
For we have won real success;
We have won our real battle
Striving for total progress.
© 2007 Ruth Warren
Questions for the Management, also request! - Viewed 4728 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 12, 2007
Why on the lead or first page are you the only Author posted?

Please remove my collection submission's:
When Elephants Were Not Extinct, (2 ea) since I can not attach the material I wish to them and do not want them blank.

Please remove the item that now exists at the top of the collection list with me as Author since it is blank, both title and material!

All three of these "Collections" are mine!

Hal Ethridge
h.ethridge@gmail .com
(If anyone has comments or answer.)
© 2007 Hal Ethridge
Beyond The Canyon\ - Viewed 4529 Times
David Devaney
May 14, 2007
Now way out west in Vegas
Just beyond the great divide
Is a man who’s tasted ninety years
With tales he will confide
He’s lived nine decades on this earth
And cherished every one
Known great men of consequence
And watched the rising sun
This father, mentor, special friend
Knows what it takes to live
Acknowledging that humor comes
When we the past forgive
He’s watched the generations flow
But lived beyond the past
And gratitude fills every day
Though life don’t move too fast
He knows to take his vitamins
The ladies still does chase
And through the new millennia
He set a special pace
Happily he greets each day
Acknowledging its worth
Remembering those wondrous times
He’s touched upon since birth
So next time when you’re traveling
Beyond the canyon’s rim
Just ask for “Bimbo” and I’m sure
You’ll soon run into him
For somewhere neath the neon sun
His pockets are spun gold
Growing younger every year
With tales that need be told
© 2007 David Devaney
Did Gravity Defy - Viewed 4795 Times
David Devaney
May 05, 2005
It seems to me remarkable
That God would challenge man
To from his brilliance redefine
This world as best he can
It started simple with two sticks
Then fire she’d create
Transported through the centuries
This genius won’t abate
The simple and the most complex
Inventions have occurred
Just turn about with open mind
There’s nothing here absurd
The wing, the kite, the aero plane
Did gravity defy
And now the shuttle astronauts
Do soar beyond the sky
There’s consequence in everything
That comes from minds intrigued
Challenged to this world reveal
No spirit is fatigued
They’re seen with great magnificence
Forever into time
Searching for that single clue
To make this world sublime
Creative minds of consequence
About the world are found
Each element so intricate
Does genius too astound
And for it all there is a source
With credit given free
From what man does discover new
We find our history
So when you step into the day
And think you think alone
Just open each creative thought
Where seeds of change are sewn
© 2005 David Devaney
A Silence - Viewed 5215 Times
David Devaney
April 21, 1999
Upon the sea there is a silence and a strength that is everlasting.
A purity and a joy that penetrates the universe with its glory
I have touched the sea with my life as it has touched me with its beauty
I have immersed myself in its constancy and its passion
Endless is the sea as it spans the world bringing enlightenment and truth
Never to be conquered
Never to be feared
Never to be alone in its pursuit of freedom
I have driven my feet deep into the sands upon its perimeter
there to be enveloped by the oceans of my being
There too, I touch the heavens and the universe
where the sea and the sky are joined
through the being that I am
I am the conduit, the link, and the connection between
the earth, the sea and the stars
I am the pillar that transmits the fire energy of love
throughout this universe
My life is my inspiration, my peace is my delight
and my love is the harmony uniting mankind
as he pursues the essence of his reality
I watch there upon the horizon as the sun sets
upon the beginning of my time
Never to disappear but merely to touch the universe
with its warmth and its joy
I am the sea. I am the earth. I am the sun
I am the universe commingled with the energy
of an eternity that is my own
© 1999 David Devaney
As It Might Be - Viewed 5053 Times
David Devaney
June 05, 2007
Perhaps the greatest tragedy
That my heart does possess
Is living life all by myself
No woman to caress
These nights which seem to endless be
When silence does respond
Where emptiness finds loneliness
And warmth is far beyond
Where love is just a memory
That long since passed me by
And stars that sparkled through the night
Are gone from every sky
It is her fragrance disappeared
Her taste, her touch, her kiss
The world of passion we once shared
But now so often miss
Her name was music’s harmony
That whispered through each thought
Her energy, new life itself
By which I had been caught
So now as I do pen this tome
Of life as it might be
Perchance I’ll find her in my time
And solve this mystery
© 2007 David Devaney
There Is a God Of My Intellect - Viewed 4382 Times
David Devaney
June 12, 2007
There is a God of my intellect
Who has enlightened me to understand,
To contemplate and to reveal
His beauty within this universe
I am the butterfly emerging from its
Cocoon of darkness and confusion
Into the sunlight of a new revelation
Warmed by the never ending star of hope
I am encouraged to partake of those treasures
That are revealed to me along this,
My journey of new discovery

There is a God of my passion
Who allures my very existence with
his love of humanity and an understanding
Of his divine presence within all things
Soon to be created but yet to be revealed
I am his heartthrob and his heartache
His Lover and his Lucifer
For even though he is now and forever
Foremost in my heart, my indecisiveness
Has brought to be the passion of his demise

There is a God of my creativity
Who has revealed to me the beauty
Of life’s energy and its existence
Through him there is compassion,
Through him there is forgiveness
And through him there is a cleansing
Of the self initiated burdens of humanity
of which I am an integral part.
For he is truly the energy of life and death
And the confidante who shares
The inner most fears of my soul

“So Mote It Be”
© 2007 David Devaney
Once Upon a Quiet Day - Viewed 4671 Times
David Devaney
December 22, 1997
Once upon a quiet day
I dreamt of loving you
Then captured for one moment rare
The strength to get me through

Once upon a windy day
I found you by my side
Then knew the reason that from life
I’d never have to hide

Once upon a stormy day
I hid behind the clouds
Then spied a rainbow neath the sun
Whose spectrum sadness shrouds

Once upon a sunny day
I saw horizons break
With morning stars awakening
In life I would partake

Once upon my favorite day
I held you in my arms
Then felt with you a moment rare
And shared life’s secret charms
© 1997 David Devaney
I Looked For God - Viewed 5184 Times
David Devaney
June 13, 2007
I looked for God the other day
In everything I saw
And hoped that he would see me there
And might my name recall
I sensed him there within the wind
That whispered through the trees
And there upon the mountaintops
That glacier snows did freeze
I found him on the forests edge
And on the oceans shore
Deep within the darkest night
When sunlight is no more
I sought him in the rainbow’s hue
And in a child’s smile
Most often in a mother’s heart
Whose love does us beguile
I spied in the steeple top
Where bells do peel each day
And there beside the hummingbird
Whose beauties on display
I captured him within my dreams
And there upon the sea
And through it all kept wondering
Is he aware of me
© 2007 David Devaney
Time Space and Eternity - Viewed 4587 Times
David Devaney
June 14, 2007
As I seek the rejuvenation that comes
With the restfulness of sleep,
I sit and wonder if the God of my enlightenment
Will once again bring to me
The beauty of this true serenity

A wakeful mind too often wanders aimlessly
In great fear from crisis to crisis creating always
The tragedy of an endless and empty
Life of disillusionment, sorrow, fear
And abandonment

At these moments of uncertainty
I call upon Mary; mother, friend, confidante
And purveyor of true love, grace and patience
To bring to me, through the blessings of her divine son,
The strength and energy to survive the endlessness of the night

Though solitary in my journey through humanity
I am not alone or forgotten as the saints and angels,
My forbearers in time carry me through
These moments of uncertainty, crisis
And overwhelming confusion

God the Father be my salvation
God the son be my redemption
God the spirit be my energy and my strength
Pray with me Trinity, as I now pursue my destiny
In time, space and eternity

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
The Soul\ - Viewed 4612 Times
David Devaney
June 30, 2007
Father God, creator of my enlightenment

Be always for me the spirit of my understanding

The redeemer of my misfortune

And the savior of the eternal soul that I so long to become

I am too frequently misled by the uncertainty of my commitment

To you my mentor, my hope and my fulfillment

For I have wandered aimlessly and alone along

The never-ending pathway of confusion and uncertainty

Hear me now as I once again call upon you, my companion

To forgive my frailties, understand my indiscretions

For I am so Lifeless and forlorn without the beauty of your love

Lying here within the heartbeat of my humanity

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
At Last - Viewed 4781 Times
David Devaney
July 03, 2007
At times I find a momentary respite
When I lie quietly alone
Not in the past through my recollections
Not in the future through my dreams
But rather in this moment of my existence
Where life is all that I possess

It is during this moment of true perception
That I pause and begin to understand
The beauty that is the gift of life
Unlimited by time uncontrolled by destiny
And a part of this wonderful existence
That I can, at last, call my own

Then I cry!
© 2007 David Devaney
Through The Twilight - Viewed 4294 Times
David Devaney
July 03, 2007
I am the cascading waterfall
Abundant with the energy of new life
Flowing endlessly through the evergreen forests
Nurturing and healing the creatures of God
With the essence of his beauty and his love

I am the companion walking hand in hand
Through the darkness of the night
Counseling protecting and leading the way
Into the kingdom of true friendship
And the knowledge of eternal peace

I am the serenity that you seek through the heartbeat
Of the child within growing stronger and secure
Along the pathways of discovery which are
The boundaries of life itself limited only by
The fulfillment of an unrealized potential to be

I am the echo in the canyon that reverberates
As the cacophony of earth sounds repeat
Themselves through the twilight beauty
That is the harmony of a forever ending life
Nevermore alone with the silence of an empty heart

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
So That I May Find Rest - Viewed 4339 Times
David Devaney
July 03, 2007
There are moments in the depth of the night
When the darkness and the fear
Invade my spirit and I lie awake
Seeking only the whispered silence of precious sleep

There is no resolution, no reconciliation
No certain way to end this mind felt
Turmoil and quietly proceed into the
Soothing and restful moments of true slumber

It matters not the method or the formula
The potion or the apothecary
For I am destined always to lie restless and
Fearful of the consequence of the darkness

Why must this sleeplessness be
A never ending part of who I have become
But whom I choose not to be
For without slumber there is only madness

Protect me God from this darkness
Lead me into the serenity of my years
Cradle me now in the sweetness of your heart
So that I may find rest
© 2007 David Devaney
Because Of You - Viewed 4487 Times
David Devaney
July 08, 2007
I’ve touched upon ten thousand lives
Who’ve touched upon my own
And since you are a part of me
I’ve never been alone
Friends from childhood who shared
The gift of innocence
And those who fought a war with me
Where there is no pretense
Students, teachers, everyone
Who led me to the source
Of intellect and knowledge pure
That helped to chart my course
I’ve always been inquisitive
And answers I’ve received
At times I’ve been too skeptical
For I had been deceived
Yet still I cherish everyone
Who counseled and consoled
They brought to me humanity
Which can’t be bought or sold
I am because of everyone
The spirit and his guest
It seems to me remarkable
That I have passed life’s test
But most of all I’ve learned of love
Forgiveness and respect
To tell each heart who’s touched my own
That them I’ll not neglect
For every single night I know
These feeling I renew
And share them with the Lord above
As prayers are passing through
So always know within your heart
You’re often on my mind
Much better I because of you
As happiness I find
© 2007 David Devaney
I Send My Gratitude - Viewed 4744 Times
David Devaney
July 08, 2007
To those of you who’ve touched my time
I send my gratitude
Much better is each day I know
You’ve changed my latitude
Constantly you reappear
To linger in my heart
My course assured to wonderment
As you my pathways chart
With friendship you have brought to me
The gift of precious gold
For memories of times we’ve shared
Have helped each day unfold
Midst doldrums in a stormy sea
Your love my compass true
Your star at night the darkness broke
Revealing skies of blue
There are so many names you share
Yet each one is unique
For now they are a part of me
As I new treasures seek
Courage, love and energy
Happiness and strength
I have become more diligent
With dreams of endless length
So let your heart know of this gift
That constantly we share
And too remember for all time
Your thoughts are in my care
Knowing and protecting them
As they have done for me
T’is wonderful to recognize
When true love’s given free
© 2007 David Devaney
A Shooting Star - Viewed 4501 Times
David Devaney
July 13, 2007
When I touch upon a shooting star
The future is revealed
When I find a rainbow near its end
Pure gold my fate has sealed
When I listen silent to my heart
All worries disappear
When I walk along a sunlit beach
The sounds of hope draw near
When I whisper thoughts into the night
The darkness has no voice
When my smile fills a crowded room
There is no better choice
When I tell a friend how great they are
All loneliness is gone
When a prayer begins and ends each day
New life will carry on
When I understand that dreams come true
I’ll treasures always find
When I know that love does guide my choice
Then life is truly kind
© 2007 David Devaney
Triskaidekaphobic Thoughts - Viewed 4511 Times
David Devaney
July 13, 2007
T’is just beyond the midnight hour
when twelve has passed away
That on this Friday ought ought seven
I find fear on display
I see sublime uncertainty
In every somber frown
Then touch the lucky rabbit’s foot
That I have recent found
There are a few who lock the doors
And never venture out
And too those who will sleep all day
No need to squirm or pout
For superstitions do come true
With nightmares on display
And when the thirteenth Friday finds
Black voodoo fills the day
Now true, there are some fearless folk
Who worry not at all
For when this number reappears
Good luck does them befall
And some were actually born this day
Where the month is cut in half
While others grow more confident
And mystics only laugh
So next time Friday reappears
As nineteen minus six
Just take the opportunity
To all your troubles fix
Cause when those superstitious folks
All lock themselves inside
There’s lots of room for you and me
To share the luck outside
© 2007 David Devaney
A Greater Wealth - Viewed 4674 Times
David Devaney
December 15, 1989
I have a secret hiding place
I thought was all my own
But there I met a special friend
Who too was all alone
We stopped and talked about the day
And things quite uninspired
Then walked into our destinies
New insight we’d acquired
For though a certain privacy
Is best found by oneself
Now more aware am I that friends
Do bring a greater wealth
© 1989 David Devaney
Fragranceof the Wind - Viewed 4759 Times
David Devaney
May 07, 1990
The shrouded mystery of time
Found in the ocean’s breast
Brings forth a challenge always new
For life’s an endless quest
So daily we must recognize
Each goal by us defined
Seeking to each one achieve
Success has no design
But still it seems we do forget
The fragrance of the wind
The morning dew upon each rose
As daylight does begin
The sweetness of a lover’s kiss
A child’s gentle voice
The warming sun upon our brow
The fact we have a choice
So always in your life my friends
Be constantly aware
That we are in this world unique
With talent we must share
© 1990 David Devaney
For Heaven I Am bound - Viewed 4358 Times
David Devaney
July 22, 2007
Three two’s two zeros now I count
The days I’ve been alive
Have I best used most every one
And for what did I strive
I true believe that most of all
I sought to share God’s love
Though so imperfect have I been
He blessed me from above
I’ve tried to love my family
And give them all they need
Counsel them and too console
And plant a healthy seed
To friends I’ve tried to show respect
Patience and concern
And from most every one of them
Bout true love I did learn
I fought a war that no one won
And fathered children three
Lived a life of fantasy
So few did ever see
Too often I was all alone
With none but God at night
The darkness was a lonely friend
The morning eased my plight
My days in thousands numbered now
Each one I did caress
And when at midnight they did end
Their memory I’d bless
How strange it is to recollect
This gift of life I’ve found
A true composite of each one
For heaven I am bound
And though I’ve faltered on the way
God did my faults forgive
Allowing me to honor him
With every day I live
© 2007 David Devaney
Before The Setting Sun - Viewed 4519 Times
David Devaney
July 22, 2007
I’ve found the gold of Solomon
In the hearts of those I’ve known
The treasures of the Inca kings
In love that has been sewn
A savior too in Jesus Christ
Who knew just how to love
Giving even of his life
For freedom high above
I’ve walked along the desert’s edge
And climbed to mountains high
Laughed at funny stories told
To greetings did reply
I’ve known the darkness of the night
When everything was lost
Let my heart go wandering
No matter what the cost
I’ve lived and died one hundred times
As God did with me share
A sense of true maturity
That is beyond compare
For when we recognize that life
Is God’s gift to each one
We’ll cherish every moment lived
Beneath the setting sun
© 2007 David Devaney
How Special I Might Be - Viewed 4764 Times
David Devaney
July 24, 2007
I sprinkled gold dust in the sky
Then whispered words of love
Knowing that most every night
I’d count the stars above
My palette held a mixture
Of yellows, greens and blues
My brush a glaciered mountaintop
Would spread these wondrous hues
My canvas was the winter’s sky
Held softly by the breeze
Allowing me to life reveal
Before the night could freeze
There was a giant waterfall
That reached a mile high
A fragrant forest hammock glen
Where redwoods touched the sky
A pathway lined with evergreens
That never seemed to end
A warming fire waiting there
In which new life could blend
There was a chapel full with dreams
An angel at the door
The sense of love most everywhere
Not easy to ignore
And there within a mirrored pane
Great beauty I did spy
Reflections of the life I’ve led
Not easy to deny
For here midst all the wonderment
That ever might exist
I found life’s wondrous spectrum
That often I had missed
And too I came to recognize
How special I might be
If only I would take the time
To think creatively
© 2007 David Devaney
About The Morning - Viewed 4258 Times
David Devaney
July 24, 2007
I think about the morning
The afternoon and eve
And every single blessing
That daily I receive
I look upon horizons
And places I have gone
And cherish every moment lived
As I do carry on
I listen to the heartbeats
Of those who’ve touched my day
Forever feel the warmth we shared
Now always on display
Then last but most importantly
I thank the Lord above
For giving me within my time
An endless stream of love
© 2007 David Devaney
Too Much - Viewed 4418 Times
Calin Radulescu
July 29, 2007
It's me, and still is someone else
I'm here, though I'm gone so far
My watch is ticking with no sense
My heart is beating with no charm.

The dogs are crying like they know
The dark is overflowing now
Just random thoughts that come and go
Picking me up, pushing me down.

The phone will ring in the same tone
This chair, it is my friend to be
In silence I'm afraid to moan
I smell cologne, and it's not me.

With little strength to lift myself
In hope for love that I can't touch
No need to search for "I" to spell
But to know you it took too much.
© 2007 Calin Radulescu
No more - Viewed 3889 Times
Calin Radulescu
July 29, 2007
I wait in vain believing what I’m told,
Just trying to escape the pain and hate,
With all my power I had tried to hold,
And live inside black clouds of faith.

And even when I did explained it loud
Over again the reason and the cause
I hope that now she smiles so proud
Seeing me hold my life on pause.

How can you hit the hand that gives,
Loves and protects your dear soul
Try now to hide inside your sleeves
Cause what you had, you have no more.
© 2007 Calin Radulescu
I had a dream - Viewed 4106 Times
Calin Radulescu
July 29, 2007
I find myself boxed in this world,
It’s warm, it’s cold and in between,
Got to escape, I can’t afford
To waste my life, to miss my dream.

A new light shines bringing me hopes,
To sudden for a quick response
My body moves as pulled by ropes,
My looks are full of nonchalance.

Missing the roots I left behind
Missing the branches that broke loose
I keep’em all in heart and mind
I hold them, although...leave ‘em loose.
© 2007 Calin Radulescu
A Morning Thought of You - Viewed 4181 Times
David Devaney
January 28, 2006
Though I did never taste your kiss
Nor hold you in my arms
I sense that you are part of me
So sweet now are your charms
Your fragrance that of lilacs
Your beauty as the rose
You warm me through the coldest night
Inspire verse and prose
We seem to have a history
Though none for us is known
Perhaps the future has begun
No longer we’re alone
We share our thoughts most intimate
And talk of bygone years
Easing problems of the past
Each demon that appears
We love the sea magnificent
The beauty of the sun
Share a passion for this life
Can laugh when day is done
Like to cuddle and to dream
Share thoughts and fantasies
Work with diligence and zest
Toward future destinies
Then someday as we finally meet
I’ll know the warmth of you
Holding tight your energy
As we this love renew
© 2006 David Devaney
So It Begins - Viewed 4426 Times
David Devaney
August 01, 2007
Sometimes a life mysterious
Was all that I did know
I never found just how I could
More evenly now flow
I looked beyond just who I was
For someone I was not
Allowing others to control
A life I soon forgot
It never came to be my own
Through mirrors I’d observe
The road was ever winding
I seemed to twist and swerve
But then one day I did awake
To better understand
That with support from those I love
I by myself could stand
Strengthened by new energy
I’d step into my time
Acknowledging there’s much to learn
When seeking life’s sublime
So now as August comes alive
With new simplicity
Each day is redirected
To set my passion free.
© 2007 David Devaney
Have You Ever - Viewed 4294 Times
David Devaney
July 20, 2006
Have you ever found a rainbow
where raindrops never fall
Have you ever seen a star at night
that you can now recall
Have you ever whispered of true love
and heard a symphony
Have you ever loved with all your heart
and set your passions free
Have you ever been all by yourself
in a crowd ten thousand strong
Have you ever had a special place
that was where you belong
Have you ever caught a falling star
and felt its warming glow
Have you ever been alone with God
and knew his love would grow
Have you ever with a precious friend
revealed what’s in your heart
Have you ever listened as they helped
make days to better start
Have you ever been just who you are
and felt most satisfied
Have you ever lost a friend to death
and knew why you had cried
Have you ever lived a fantasy
and found that it was real
Have you ever felt an angel’s touch
then with life better deal
Have you ever come to recognize
how perfect life can be
Have you ever, then forever
you’ll live in ecstasy
© 2006 David Devaney
When I Began Imagining - Viewed 4524 Times
David Devaney
August 08, 2007
When I began imagining
I was so very young
Dreams of escapades in life
A hero yet unsung
But least of all the things I sought
This loneliness I feel
Much better if you’d share my heart
So I with life could deal
The empty nights too numerous
So cold in summer heat
I never learned to love enough
Nor for one heart compete
The day begins and ends the same
Too empty and alone
I wish that God would bless me with
A heart to call my own
I’d be a friend and lover too
And share what I have found
T’is then that life would be complete
And every day astound
© 2007 David Devaney
Came A Voice - Viewed 4352 Times
David Devaney
August 09, 2007
I’ve known of gold and frankincense
But neither now possess
Pursued them both for countless years
My heart they’d not caress
I fought the battle endlessly
With money as a goal
Then felt the anguish and the tears
The price my very soul
Exacting tariffs on myself
Depleting energy
I never found the strength within
To set my spirit free
Yet from the darkness came a voice
Familiar, full with hope
Allowing me to recognize
That I must better cope
With life and all its challenges
Just being who I choose
Each step much greater than the last
In wars I will not lose
© 2007 David Devaney
Always New - Viewed 4449 Times
David Devaney
August 11, 2007
I seek the comfort of your love
To hear your gentle voice
To ride with you beyond the sun
To everyday rejoice
I wish upon the brightest star
For you to touch my heart
And whisper of that special time
When love for us might start
I watch you in my memories
A sparkle in my dreams
And long to hold you evermore
Within my arms it seems
I treasure too most all of you
But none will I possess
Allowing you to bloom and flower
As you this world caress
Then timeless through eternity
I hope to share with you
The magic and the mystery
When love is always new
© 2007 David Devaney
Louis M. Devaney - Viewed 4161 Times
David Devaney
August 07, 2007
On birthdays we remember
Those hearts we love the most
Then when their time has moved along
We of their memory boast
One man for me remarkable
With energy and grace
Respecting life and history
He made a better place
He cared for everyone he met
In such a special way
Worked each day with diligence
Knew how to romp and play
His life was too his passion
His garden and his work
He cleaned like none that came before
His duties he’d not shirk
He was a father and a son
A husband and a friend
His days would start with energy
That lasted till the end
He knew what life was all about
His God was close beside
Acknowledging this man of strength
With passion zeal and pride
And now with heaven as his realm
He counsels and consoles
A true purveyor of God’s love
With never any tolls
© 2007 David Devaney
David - Viewed 4553 Times
David Devaney
August 12, 2007
There is an essence to someone
Who gives first from his heart
Caring for those most in need
As this new year does start
You first and foremost are a friend
To those who’ve touched your day
A singer most extraordinaire
With talent to display
You’ve traveled bout this wide wide world
And loves to entertain
From Music Man to Charlie Brown
So much from you we gain
You love to Karaoke too
And share a talent pure
Do use a handheld skillfully
In business I am sure
I’ve watched you grow from boy to man
And see someone unique
Then recognize your competence
In knowing what to seek
So now as birthdays reappear
I wish you great success
Knowing that when you perform
You truly will impress
© 2007 David Devaney
Finally Aware - Viewed 4130 Times
David Devaney
August 13, 2007
It’s been for sixty years or more
That I have lived this way
A little bit unsynchronized
Emotions on display
My mind was out of parallel
My actions undefined
The walls began to close on me
I lost my stable mind
Anxiety would take control
So empty and alone
Obsessively opposed to change
No time to call my own
Forever I’d not understand
The things which had occurred
That it had been inherited
Seemed clearly quite absurd
Yet as the opportunities
For life and happiness
Did disappear while I did age
I found a new distress
The loneliness and emptiness
Anxiety does bring
These patterns echoed in my mind
Great bells would constant ring
T’was then the angel part of me
A brother also scarred
Revealed the cause and consequence
Of things I might discard
He told me it was in the genes
In many forms diverse
A true addiction to a way
That brings a mental curse
So with this information stored
I’ll slowly make the change
Then dedicate my every day
To actions rearrange
© 2007 David Devaney
With His Love - Viewed 4277 Times
David Devaney
August 26, 2007
If we were in the garden
Where Jesus suffered so
Would we sleep through his agony
As all his pain did flow
For it was then he was aware
Of every sin made known
And too that he must bear them all
When he was all alone
The horrors of the Auschwitz camps
The New York “Nine-One-One”
Pearl Harbor and the bombings
Each Middle Eastern gun
Nagasaki and the death
That everywhere had spread
The children who are sacrificed
And often left for dead
Each soldier who has died in war
Those dead who never fought
Christ’s agony is all these things
That history has taught
Egyptians who would Jews enslave
The black slaves throughout time
The Irish who would fight to prove
Religion was a crime
The murders in the cities
The rape and pillaging
These garden agonies he felt
That life to him did bring
Yet still he bore them all alone
For mankind would not change
And find the love he sought to share
So life could rearrange
For history repeats itself
The anger and the greed
In every generation found
Though he for love did plead
He gave his life to demonstrate
The reason why we live
And all the hatred in this world
His death did too forgive
So let his tears befall you now
And settle in your heart
Then touch the future with his love
So better days will start
© 2007 David Devaney
A Cupid\ - Viewed 3823 Times
David Devaney
August 27, 2007
Last night I was imagining
So many wondrous things
The center of a tootsie pop
The sweetness that it brings
A cupid’s arrow in my heart
That brought new love to me
The petal of a perfect rose
Whose treasures I did see
The balance that I finally found
As on two wheels I rode
The silence of the falling snow
When through the field I strode
The circle that is endless still
As it goes round and round
The music of a symphony
Creating joyful sound
The laughter from a child’s heart
So innocent and pure
The end of all anxiety
When Doctors find a cure
A glass of ice cold lemonade
Shared on a summer day
The beauty of an orchid bloom
When seen upon display
Forgiveness and its meaning
Applied to everyone
The call of nature with the dawn
When life is new begun
A friendship lasting evermore
Whose loss is never feared
The patient angel guardian
When darkness disappeared
The locomotive engine sound
Its whistle in the night
The beauty of the autumn’s change
A marvelous delight
The gratitude that is expressed
By every thankful soul
The satisfaction we do feel
When we do reach life’s goal
So many things imagined once
In which we now believe
And final recognition that
Each one we can achieve
© 2007 David Devaney
Most Thankful For - Viewed 4149 Times
David Devaney
August 28, 2007
What is it I’m most thankful for
Of all the things I’ve known
When God does linger in my heart
I never am alone
He shares with me the beauty found
In everything he’s made
The crystal wonderment of life
That daily does pervade
The mist upon the morning grass
That sparkles in the sun
The rainbow passing o’er the sea
Before each day is done
The seabirds as they wake then soar
Along the ocean’s rim
The sailor who does tack and glide
Once he has set his trim
A kiss I’ve shared with one I love
That lingers still within
A friendship made and never lost
So life can new begin
A childhood of innocence
A man returned from war
The birth of children in my time
Who’s life I reassure
It is a hug that’s endless shared
With those who need it most
The pride that comes when we succeed
As of ourselves we boast
It is the smile and the tear
Reflecting who we are
The strength and the maturity
That comes with every scar
And most not least of all it is
The knowledge of these things
That God does share with us each day
As love he constant brings
© 2007 David Devaney
Who Is That Reflection - Viewed 4105 Times
David Devaney
September 01, 2007
Each time I pass the mirror
Is anybody there
And who is that reflection
That always seems to stare
They too are quite remarkable
Hiding in the wall
They mimic everything I do
As I seem to recall
Their beauty is astounding
They too are quite demure
They seem familiar then they’re gone
To others reassure
No artist could depict them
No sculpture justice do
And every time I look at them
They’re playing peek a boo
I guess I’ll just accept them
Exactly as they are
For nothing is as beautiful
As this bright shining star
© 2007 David Devaney
Its Strength Instill - Viewed 4075 Times
David Devaney
September 01, 2007
It’s when we tiptoe through our lives
That they do fade away
We never capture who we are
Or what is on display
Yet when we stride with happiness
True joy is everywhere
Perhaps it is this way we feel
That we should always share
To live life with and endless smile
With thoughts that get us through
The knowledge that this warmth we feel
Each day we can renew
That everyone whom we might touch
Will always feel our love
Allowing them to understand
It comes from God above
He places it in every heart
To nurture and mature
So when we need it most of all
It is a special cure
It’s then we see it in the face
Of everyone we know
And hear it in the symphony
That through our lives does flow
We taste and touch it in the air
Upon each fragrant breeze
And capture it within our thoughts
Where always it does please
And then we place it in our past
Our future and our now
A hidden treasure evermore
That does new dreams allow
Then last and most importantly
We share it as we will
Bringing joy to everyone
As we its strength instill
© 2007 David Devaney
A Friend Will Call - Viewed 3901 Times
David Devaney
September 01, 2007
At times it seems life’s energy
Has some place else to go
And too the giddy up is gone
Just where you do not know
The sun does seem to never set
The heat grows stronger still
And to survive you must accept
The strength within your will
When all the rain in torrents falls
While winds do howl and scream
And shadows always reappear
As nightmares in each dream
When day and night are both the same
And dawn and dusk likewise
And every step you seem to take
You also compromise
When up is down and down is up
No matter where you are
And close is never near enough
And always very far
When illness can’t be overcome
Though you do try and try
And all the stars play hide and seek
Somewhere within the sky
When all these things are happening
And troubles you befall
It’s then a friend can end this woe
By giving you a call
It matters not the time of day
The minute or the hour
A friendly voice can end the rain
Then blossom like a flower
Eliminating all the doubt
The anguish and the fear
And bring you to a better time
As they do draw you near
Just like an angel guardian
Protecting you from harm
They bring new life and happiness
Like every lucky charm
So when you’re in the doldrums
With silence everywhere
Just wait and too a friend will call
Ending your despair
© 2007 David Devaney
Mother Theresa - Viewed 4094 Times
David Devaney
September 02, 2007
A Timeless Prayer

Sweet and loving Mother Theresa
Patroness of humanity
Your smile is a beacon for the Holy Spirit
The guiding light of comfort and respect
For those who are most in need
You feel their plight and live their anxiety
Knowing it is right and just and necessary
To place them in your care
You suffer too the anguish and the emptiness
Of the hopeless and the forgotten
Let this prayer enter your heart
And let it lighten those burdens
That make you feel so forsaken and alone

© 2007 David Devaney
I\ - Viewed 3945 Times
David Devaney
September 02, 2007
So often I’ve forgotten
Just what it means to pray
And how to help those most in need
Who put love on display
I’ve forgotten what it means to care
For those we can’t forget
Allowed my actions to be changed
By things I would neglect
I’ve forgotten what it is to give
Expecting nothing back
And lost the pathway to the Lord
Though parallel the track
I’ve forgotten what it means to be
Much better than I should
And wish that I might not forget
The truly common good
I’ve forgotten just how love does feel
When it is freely shared
And just how God reveals to me
A love that’s uncompared
I’ve forgotten too those many things
I wanted to forget
For they did bring anxiety
Which I could not neglect
Then last and most importantly
I’ve forgotten how to live
Since I forgot those joyful words
That do my life forgive
© 2007 David Devaney
I\ - Viewed 4077 Times
David Devaney
September 03, 2007
So often I’ve forgotten
Just what it means to pray
And how to help those most in need
Who put love on display
I’ve forgotten what it means to care
For those we can’t forget
Allowed my actions to be changed
By things I would neglect
I’ve forgotten what it is to give
Expecting nothing back
And lost the pathway to the Lord
Though parallel the track
I’ve forgotten what it means to be
Much better than I should
And wish that I might not forget
The truly common good
I’ve forgotten just how love does feel
When it is freely shared
And just how God reveals to me
A love that’s uncompared
I’ve forgotten too those many things
I wanted to forget
For they did bring anxiety
Which I could not neglect
Then last and most importantly
I’ve forgotten how to live
Since I forgot those joyful words
That do my life forgive
© 2007 David Devaney
A Thought Away - Viewed 3972 Times
David Devaney
September 03, 2007
I often think of waterfalls
Great rainbows and the sea
The stars that shine throughout the night
The blessings given me
I watch the sun as it does rise
To all the earth reveal
And taste the fragrance of the dawn
Then so much better feel
I listen to its heartbeat sounds
So rhythmic and so pure
Not knowing what this day might bring
Or for me hold in store
No need to ere imagine life
For always it is new
And even when the nighttime comes
Its beauty passes through
So many wondrous joyful things
Are here within my reach
And every single one of them
Does many lessons teach
The first is true awareness
That they can all exist
That I have seen them in my time
Where beauty oft is missed
The fact that I can share them too
The pine cone and the flower
The fragrance of an autumn rain
The minutes in each hour
So many things that God has made
In which I do partake
And most importantly of all
I should not them forsake
The rivers that through forests flow
Each creature he has made
The walrus and the butterfly
That do our lives pervade
The orchid and the marigold
The honeysuckle vine
The wonderment of life itself
That starlight does refine
I see this beauty everyday
Of it please be aware
It’s only just a thought away
When you are standing there
© 2007 David Devaney
New Courses Chart - Viewed 3703 Times
David Devaney
September 03, 2007
When I strive for mediocrity
I often it achieve
It’s when I dream beyond my goals
That I in life believe
When I’m always looking for support
On others do depend
I find a leash does tether me
With nothing to defend
When my actions are meticulous
And time I do not waste
Then what I seek to find will be
And true success I’ll taste
When I know that patience leads to change
And awareness is my guide
I will discover ecstasy
And never need to hide
When I touch and taste and feel the strength
That I do now control
In life I’ll find great happiness
And never pay a toll
And most importantly of all
When I choose to share my heart
Each day will bring great confidence
As I new courses chart
© 2007 David Devaney
Would - Viewed 4009 Times
David Devaney
September 11, 2007
If I would think back on this life
Would it to me seem strange
And if the chance were there to change
Would I it rearrange
Would I believe a better path
Would easily be led
And would the path be clear and free
As I along it tread
Would I accept alternatives
To better then become
And would I be definitive
When dancing to this drum
Would I therein discover love
That lasted evermore
With true commitment understood
And would I be secure
Would I transform or be the same
Just constantly aware
And would I too accept this fate
And not forlornly stare
Would I be who I want to be
With nothing more to gain
Or would the treadmill life becomes
Make me a man most vain
Would life itself be better lived
Where dreams do all come true
And would I live to dream again
Of always loving you
© 2007 David Devaney
Amanda and Her Annabel - Viewed 3839 Times
David Devaney
November 15, 2007
There is a special tenderness
Of mother and her child
A sense of true serenity
As both hearts are beguiled
For many months they grew with love
In close proximity
Then when the sunlight touched them both
There was great ecstasy
Amanda and her Annabel
Have both begun to grow
In fantasy and happiness
Their lives now better flow
They spend long hour’s side by side
So much is there to learn
With things unknown and never seen
Experience they yearn
And Michael diligent and kind
Is always by their side
His smile end to end reveals
A special father’s pride
Time is spent in nurturing
Counting stars at night
Strolls about the neighborhood
With things that do delight
Quiet walks around the house
Just mom and Annabel
Smiles whispers lots of hugs
And tales of life to tell
There is a sense of comfort too
As daily things do change
Perhaps a word or two will come
As thoughts they rearrange
So precious and magnificent
This first month here on earth
Life’s patterns and its fantasies
Are shared from day of birth
© 2007 David Devaney
In Perspective - Viewed 3628 Times
David Devaney
November 15, 2007
When we put things in perspective
Is it then that we’re aware
That life unlived is dangerous
And death can us ensnare
When we only see the negative
And things are upside down
Can we overcome the doldrums
That always make us frown
When we only live in memories
Of sorrows yesterday
Are there really new tomorrows
When we go out to play
When our talent’s always hidden
In the others that we’ve met
Will we then discover who we are
Or always us forget
When love is only yesterday
With someone we once knew
Can we ever love forevermore
And all our dream come true
When sorrows finally bring a smile
And tears are tears of joy
Do we then at last discover
What others did destroy
When who we are is what we are
And this we will accept
Is it then a life begins for us
That we did once neglect
When all these things present themselves
And all are recognized
It’s then we find the spirit self
Of the we we once disguised
© 2007 David Devaney
A Canvas Pure - Viewed 4022 Times
David Devaney
November 18, 2007
When I awaken with the dawn
My mind’s a canvas pure
Each thought is new the old is gone
Wiped clean the night before
My dreams are fondled memories
Subconsciously retained
But with the sunrise all is clear
My canvas not yet stained
The mirror on the bathroom wall
One person does reveal
The mist of early morning cloaks
This image that I feel
Each step is on the canvas drawn
By everything I see
As daily life does new begin
Creating mystery
I never do anticipate
Discoveries unknown
Yet as they through my eyes appear
My canvas will have grown
My spirit and my very soul
Are energized with thought
Each one a rainbow of design
By which I have been caught
The red eternal passion
Pure gold the wealth I’ve lost
The black brings darkness to my day
The white will have no cost
All colors intertwining
Each stroke a moment’s time
My canvas everyday reveals
A masterpiece sublime
It is my life relived each day
Explicitly displayed
Cleansed each night by restful sleep
The colors all will fade
Into the oneness of my mind
My heart, my life, my soul
Made pure by a forgiving mind
With love the only toll
© 2007 David Devaney
Thanksgiving 2007 - Viewed 3964 Times
David Devaney
November 20, 2007
It’s every single star at night
The people I have known
An end to war and violence
With seeds of peace here sewn
Each day with each experience
The love of family
The fragrance of the morning rose
The always constant sea
The friends to come I have not met
And friendships I renew
The fact that God has blessed us all
And helped us life pass through
It is a child newly born
A precious little girl
The nectar of the honey bee
When they about me swirl
It is one single “Hershey Kiss”
To tantalize my thought
The dreams of all things beautiful
By which I have been caught
It is for those now passed beyond
Who mentored too my day
The love I share with everyone
That’s always on display
It is the freedom that I know
Not limited or lost
The willingness to cherish peace
Though there may be a cost
So many things I’m thankful for
But most importantly
The wonderment of every heart
Who shares this time with me
© 2007 David Devaney
As We Each Day Renew - Viewed 3854 Times
David Devaney
November 21, 2007
In life there are most simple things
For which our thanks we share
A night when sleep comes easily
Though seemingly most rare
That always special moment too
When music fills our day
A symphony of harmony
With each note on display
That instant when we understand
And every problem solve
When algebra comes easily
Fulfilling our resolve
The times we trip and catch ourselves
And never hit the ground
As if an angel guardian
Had us that moment found
That little bit of licorice
We tasted as a child
And taste again at eighty two
When life’s no longer wild
The prayer that’s answered in the night
Though never even said
The colors of the rainbow seen
The spectrum green through red
A new born baby in our arms
The moment of their birth
The first and last acknowledgement
That we are of great worth
The soldier who would die for us
So we could longer live
The constancy we find in life
When we can faults forgive
The pecan pie a friend has made
And shared with everyone
The first word that a baby says
When life has new begun
And all things endlessly in time
And every dream come true
Be thankful for these memories
As we each day renew
© 2007 David Devaney
Of Friendship - Viewed 3829 Times
David Devaney
November 21, 2007
When I think of things I have achieved
And everything I’ve done
These moments of true happiness
When I can touch the sun
The energy I do possess
And utilize to grow
The ups and downs and ins and outs
As I through life now flow

When I recollect these moments pure
That I am most complete
These times I think creatively
With life a constant treat
It’s then I mountaintops can climb
Though standing very still
And I can live amongst the stars
All placed there by my will

When every word I ever knew
Is always close at hand
Crystallizing thoughts and dreams
Though I alone might stand
Then everything is clear to me
And easy understood
And things I do of consequence
Are for the common good

When too I find the inner strength
To stay this course I choose
There is one constant in my life
A love I shall not lose
It came and I accepted it
Allowing life to be
The ember and eternal flame
That’s always guiding me

One heart, one mind, one energy
One courage to succeed
This gift of friendship freely shared
For me the perfect seed

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
As We Their Story Tell - Viewed 3932 Times
David Devaney
November 21, 2007
Most thankful are we Annabel
How much you can’t believe
Since you have touched life’s energy
Great blessings we receive
New stars do twinkle in the night
The sun does brighter shine
The flowers are more beautiful
Their fragrance is divine
The trees now touch the mountaintops
Their branches strong and true
And life itself is better lived
And all because of you
The ocean’s now and evermore
Do bring a constancy
As all the world does recognize
The treasures of the sea
You are the innocence in life
Its beauty and its strength
Your smile opens every heart
To dreams of endless length
So many things you bring to us
Sweet precious Annabel
They’ll take a lifetime to reveal
As we their story tell
© 2007 David Devaney
My Trinity - Viewed 3766 Times
David Devaney
November 21, 2007
The Father has created me
The Spirit is my guide
The Son has brought redemption
For sins I cannot hide
The three as one have brought my life
And every day I’m thankful
For this My Trinity
© 2007 David Devaney
Perhaps A Jimi Hendrix - Viewed 4255 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2007
We do believe in energy
That life does here renew
That time which seems most limiting
Is only passing through
We are composites of the selves
We choose to emulate
Perhaps a Jimi Hendrix
Might truly be our fate
We listened and we idolized
Then watched him rise and fall
And every day within our life
His talents we recall
We speak of him with reverence
For what he did achieve
Then tell our sons and daughters all
That in him we believe
The sound he made was mystical
His blues rocked near and far
His Fender Stratocaster
An upside down guitar
He took us from reality
Where childhood was pure
And then became a part of us
When we were insecure
And though he may have passed beyond
He never left us stiff
His essence found within our soul
As he performed each riff
He comes again and then again
His legacy not found
And though of many he is part
It’s he who did astound
So next time you are intimate
With those who’ve tasted strife
Allow their passions to reveal
The strength of endless life
© 2007 David Devaney
A Knowing Smile - Viewed 4063 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2007
You wear a knowing smile now
A twinkle in your eye
Bringing back those memories
When life was not a lie

You toured before ten thousand strong
On music you were bred
The Quarter was your nursery
The Rising Sun your bed

Your brother was the ivory
Worn thin you played them well
When all the ladies gathered round
Sad stories they would tell

A friend to every wayward gal
Who came to watch and wait
Your fingers would caress their words
The nighttime was your fate

A minstrel and a vagabond
You lived through every song
And some day you’ll be going back
To where you do belong

From Baton Rouge through Memphis town
Then on to old Nashville
You opened and you closed the night
As rock bands always will

And though these times are history
They always do return
It’s then we’ll see that knowing smile
That day long nights did burn

You wear a knowing smile now
Forever and a day
Rockollections of those times
When rock and roll you’d play
© 2007 David Devaney
Rainbows to the Sun - Viewed 4055 Times
David Devaney
November 24, 2007
The spectrum is to color
As rainbows to the sun
From red through green to violet
New beauty is begun
The white light of each sunbeam
Will hide the colorful
The orange and blue and indigo
Use raindrops as their tool
The yellow often happiest
Can frequently appear
These seven colors magical
Will draw your spirit near
Through windows they might sparkle
On dusted sills of white
But never ever will be seen
Within the darkest night
In waterfalls they constantly
Do dance upon the mist
And if you chase them to their source
It’s as if you’ve been kissed
The Red, the Orange, the Yellow
Green, Blue and Indigo
Last elegant but loveliest
The violet does flow
So when you see a rainbow next
Appearing naturally
Allow it to reveal for you
Life’s true reality
© 2007 David Devaney
The Rumble and the Sparkle - Viewed 3995 Times
David Devaney
November 24, 2007
The rumble and the sparkle
Do always raindrops bring
Allowing nature’s beauty
To blossom forth in spring
It all begins in wintertime
When snow does often fall
White crested fields of loveliness
From days we might recall
Protecting every flower seed
From winter’s frozen night
They rest beneath the blanket snow
Until the time is right
With spring then does each crocus rise
Each tulip and each rose
First nurtured by an April shower
And melting of the snows
The creeks and streams and rivers fill
Then all are ocean bound
Where sunlight mists them to the sky
With clouds of whiteness found
The wind then carries them aloft
South, east and west and north
From cold winds acting on their heart
New raindrops sprinkle forth
Falling once again in May
Each seed becomes a flower
Then fields of loveliness appear
Beneath each fragrant shower
This is a cycle beautiful
As seasons change and flow
For the rumble and the sparkle
Do help each flower grow
© 2007 David Devaney
All Things Beautiful - Viewed 3970 Times
David Devaney
November 24, 2007
Your eyes see all things beautiful
The marvelous and real
As mom and dad do every day
So many things reveal
Sweet words of loving tenderness
They whisper to your heart
Allowing you to understand
Where love does always start
You speak through twinkles in each eye
And ask about new things
The cat who sits on momma’s lap
As lullaby’s she sings
The shadow image on the wall
That sunlight helps to dance
And Grommet who is sitting there
Just waiting for his chance
You see the bright and colorful
As new things you observe
The square and the rectangular
The oval and the curve
Your mommy will describe them all
Then call them by their name
And place them in your memory
To always be the same
You’ll giggle and you’ll laugh a bit
When daddy tells a tale
Of blogging on the internet
Where everything’s for sale
His weblog is most interesting
It told us of your birth
And made the universe aware
Of you of special worth
So many things sweet Annabel
Are waiting here for you
For now as mommy holds you tight
Her dreams have all come true
© 2007 David Devaney
Nowhere Train - Viewed 3733 Times
David Devaney
January 07, 1998
I took a ride the other day
Upon the Nowhere Train
And found a sunrise window seat
My trip was not in vain

I left the station with a jerk
And headed south, southwest
My destination desert towns
Beyond the mountain’s crest

I circled round its precipice
Then passed through tunnels long
The engines three did make the grade
For they were diesel strong

Then quick the darkness disappeared
As Eden I did find
Imagined beauty everywhere
And life was being kind

With desert flowers growing wild
The cactus fully dressed
Hillside rabbits multiplied
God’s handiwork impressed
This train was going nowhere
When Heaven’s Gate was found
A Nowhere Train to Paradise
And I was Heaven Bound
Yes I was Heaven bound

Then new horizons brought to view
A cowboy history
The Wild West behind the sun
Is what I came to see

An old church steeple first I spied
Did dominate the scene
With whitewashed sides of wood antique
Its graveyard yellow green

The old coral was rickety
Still horses it restrained
The blacksmith bathed in constant sweat
Steel shoes his shop contained

A General Store with souvenirs
Of quick draw gunfight times
A red hotel with hour rooms
When trysts were not yet crimes

A wooden walkway everywhere
A stagecoach and a jail
A mystic place by time preserved
Beside the desert rail

Then back aboard my timeless ride
The sunset was my goal
The clickety clacking of the train
Had touched my very soul
My train was going nowhere
When Heaven’s Gate was found
A Nowhere Train to Paradise
And I was Heaven bound
Yes I was Heaven bound
© 1998 David Devaney
The Heartbeat of One Drum - Viewed 3470 Times
David Devaney
September 01, 2003
I’ve searched and searched most all my life
for one to stand beside.
A heart to share my fantasy
in whom I could confide.
A friend, a lover, confidante
who’d take my hand in theirs.
And love me for just what I am,
someone who always cares.
We’d talk a bit and laugh a lot
and wander hand in hand.
Through our dreams and ecstasies,
she would beside me stand.
We’d know that passion was for real,
yet love was so much more.
An inspiration she would be
for loneliness a cure.
We’d walk together side by side,
yet independent be.
Understand that we’re unique,
with needs for living free.
I’d hold her in my arms so tight,
we’d both blend into one.
Joined as friends and lovers too,
before each day was done.
Commingled beings in our thoughts,
our passions and our dreams.
By mystical agreement,
we’d plan our lover’s schemes.
We’d know of God and nature pure,
and talk with both a bit.
Touch the clouds and ride the stars,
like gloves our lives would fit.
Her beauty would be recognized
and all the world would know.
Kindness, friendship and respect,
would from her constant flow.
Lovers we would always be,
in many different ways.
Our hearts and prayers and intellects
would intersect our days.
Facing many challenges,
in life that daily come.
Together we would resonate
the heartbeat of one drum.
I’d know to share her talents pure
with those who were in need.
Not possessing who she is
our love would plant the seed.
Of happiness for all the world,
who touched upon our day.
For loving her would too reveal
great treasures on display.
Yet still I search and search this world
for one to love with me.
To touch the earth, the sea, the sky,
our love would set us free.
I’ve called to her ten thousand times,
then turned and ran in fear.
Yet once again as life does wane,
I seek to draw her near.
So if you hear and feel my cry
and understand my ilk.
Come let us truly lovers be,
a weave of finest silk.
Interwoven in our thoughts,
so soft yet colorful.
Together we will here become
an ever perfect jewel.
© 2003 David Devaney
Within God\ - Viewed 3641 Times
David Devaney
November 30, 2007
When I was so much younger than
I’ve ever been before
I met a bunch of women proud
With “habits’ to the floor
They each had given all their love
To God who did it need
I never knew the reason why
He planted heaven’s seed
They taught me too most everything
I needed to become
A gentleman who recognized
That God is too the sum
Of things that are synonymous
With joy and happiness
And that the Lord would care for me
With special tenderness
They lived there in the convent house
That sat upon a hill
With wisdom helped my patience grow
And taught me to sit still
I never knew them very well
As much as they knew me
Yet for eight years I followed them
Till ninth grade set me free
Today I never see them much
The “habits” they don’t wear
But always till the end of time
They’ll be within God’s care
© 2007 David Devaney
The Heartbeat of One Town - Viewed 3681 Times
David Devaney
December 01, 2007
At Kitty’s place each Sunday morn
Nice people gather round
To taste a bit of breakfast fare
Where happiness is found
A waffle or two easy eggs
Sweet sausage, grits and toast
You’ll hear about most anything
And get to meet the host
Miss Kitty she is always there
To greet you with a smile
And tell you tales of old Surfside
That will your heart beguile
You’ll take a chance on cherry pie
And listen as she tells
Of times she’s spent in paradise
When hurricanes brought swells
She’ll tell you too of bygone days
When bikers came to play
St. Louie and its Gateway Arch
And friends she meets each day
As fire chief she’ll twist your arm
To give a buck or two
She makes each day a better day
When you are passing through
The “Cow” it is a friendly place
A restaurant and a bar
A place for sharing memories
With people near and far
It is the heartbeat of one town
Where time has come to rest
The fountain of eternal youth
And everyone’s her guest
© 2007 David Devaney
Santa - Viewed 3700 Times
Charlotte Ingham
December 01, 2007
On Christmas day,
Everyone shouts hurray,
Santa giving toys,
To all the good girls and boys,

Flying north south east and west,
Children are hoping for the best,
Gifts for mums gifts for dads,
Not for children that are bad,

Everyone is tooked up tight,
As Rudolph leads Santa into the moonlight,
Presents are big and some are small,
Some are better than them all,

So Christmas is here,
Give a great big cheer,
As Santa rides off with all the reindeer!
© 2007 Charlotte Ingham
Christmas dinner - Viewed 3378 Times
Charlotte Ingham
December 01, 2007
Turkeys on the table,
Everyone has a label,
There's mash and peas,
But also lots of bills and fees,

Roast potatoes and carrots too,
All the plates are shiny and new,
It all looks so nice,
The bread is all fresh and sliced,

Lovely pudding is next,
Whilst sending a Merry Christmas text,
Everyone has so much fun,
But they still can't wait to see the sun!
© 2007 Charlotte Ingham
Snow - Viewed 3364 Times
Charlotte Ingham
December 01, 2007
Snow is falling on the ground
Children running all around,
Its great weather for making a snowman,
Even snowballs if you can,

The tree's are bare,
Theres only two leaves up there,
The roof tops are covered in white,
But the wind isn't strong enough to fly a kite!
© 2007 Charlotte Ingham
Dolphins - Viewed 3289 Times
Charlotte Ingham
December 01, 2007
Plunging into the water,
Scaring sharks,
Swimming along side boats,
Eating fish,
Swimming in schools,
Guess what I am?
© 2007 Charlotte Ingham
Snow - Viewed 3742 Times
Charlotte Ingham
December 02, 2007
Snow is falling on ground,
Children running all around,
It’s great weather for making a snowman,
Even snowballs if you can

The tree’s are bare,
There’s only about two leaves up there,
The roof tops are all covered in white
But the wind is not strong enough to fly a kite!
© 2007 Charlotte Ingham
Christmas dinner - Viewed 3756 Times
Charlotte Ingham
December 02, 2007
Turkeys on the table,
Everyone has a label,
There’s mash and peas
But also lots of bills and fees,

Roast potatoes and carrots too,
All the plates are shiny and new,
It all looks so nice,
The bread is all fresh and sliced

Lovely pudding is next,
Whilst sending a Merry Christmas text,
Everyone has so much fun,
But they still can’t wait to see the sun!
© 2007 Charlotte Ingham
Santa - Viewed 3563 Times
Charlotte Ingham
December 02, 2007
On Christmas day,
Everyone shouts hurray,
Santa giving toys,
To all the good girls and boys,

Flying north south east and west,
Children are all hoping for the best,
Gifts for Mums gifts for Dads,
But not for children that are bad,

Everyone is tucked up tight,
As Rudolph leads Santa into the moonlight,
Presents are big and some are small,
Some that are better than them all,

So Christmas is here,
Give a great big cheer,
As Santa rides off with the reindeer!
© 2007 Charlotte Ingham
It\ - Viewed 3791 Times
David Devaney
December 05, 2007
A week has only seven days
True Chanukah has eight
To share a special history
And also celebrate
A victory of great consequence
Against each legionnaire
A beautiful Menorah
For which the people care
From Torah in Leviticus
For Mitzvah we must light
Eight candles all not flickering
This oil of delight
Pure and special moments now
Through centuries renewed
From Kislev on the twenty fifth
No spirit shall intrude
All candles they are equal
None longer than the rest
And too are sung great songs of joy
This season you are blessed
And gifts will come with Chanukah
The Dreidel’s secrets told
A story of the people seen
As tale of truth unfold
With four sides silent spinning there
Things seem to disappear
And yet this history of man
Will draw the family near
So on these days of Chanukah
For you the very first
Allow your loving family
To for the Shabbos thirst
© 2007 David Devaney
Chanukah Sweet Annabel - Viewed 3394 Times
David Devaney
December 05, 2007
A week has only seven days
True Chanukah has eight
To share a special history
And also celebrate
A victory of great consequence
Against each legionnaire
A beautiful Menorah
For which the people care
From Torah in Leviticus
For Mitzvah we must light
Eight candles all not flickering
This oil of delight
Pure and special moments now
Through centuries renewed
From Kislev on the twenty fifth
No spirit shall intrude
All candles they are equal
None longer than the rest
And too are sung great songs of joy
This season you are blessed
And gifts will come with Chanukah
The Dreidel’s secrets told
A story of the people seen
As tale of truth unfold
With four sides silent spinning there
Things seem to disappear
And yet this history of man
Will draw the family near
So on these days of Chanukah
For you the very first
Allow your loving family
To for the Shabbos thirst
© 2007 David Devaney
With The Wind Comes Mystery - Viewed 3588 Times
David Devaney
December 04, 2007
With the wind comes mystery
An ever changing tide
A northwest wind brings bitter cold
From which we cannot hide
The southeast brings the hurricane
That counterclockwise spins
The east wind does much gentler blow
As sunrise there begins
The night winds are most ominous
Invisibly they howl
The clouds all juxtapose the moon
Wind driven they do scowl
The winds of early spring reveal
A fragrance nectar sweet
And autumn winds clear every tree
As leaves the earth do meet
Tornado winds all terrify
Those lying in its way
And blizzards blind most every soul
Who’s out that winter’s day
The western winds are furnace hot
The desert by them borne
And northeast winds do coasts destroy
And will each sailor warn
The winds they too can vocalize
Their words not violent
But once they’ve passed they leave behind
A reason to lament
They are God’s energy revealed
His power and his will
And if becalmed we miss them so
For they our dreams fulfill
© 2007 David Devaney
The Name is Annabel - Viewed 3707 Times
David Devaney
December 09, 2007
The first “A” is the alphabet
Those letters A through Z
Each one when joined is magical
Then words appear for free
The first “N” is the neighborhood
Where flower blossoms grow
When friends and family gather round
The love does easy flow
The second “N” the newness
That daily does appear
As mommy tells you of this life
When she does draw you near
The second “A” announces
A lass of special worth
For all the stars do brighter shine
Now since your day of birth
The “B” is for the beauty
Now always on display
Arriving in October
With seventeen the day
The “L” is for the love you bring
To everyone you meet
The happiness you effervesce
While in your bouncy seat
And when these letters are combined
We find our “ANNABEL”
A little girl remarkable
With futures to foretell
© 2007 David Devaney
A Different Christmas Poem - Viewed 3317 Times
Jeff Giles
December 09, 2007
A Different Christmas Poem

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,

I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.

My wife was asleep, her head on my chest,

My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.

Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white,

Transforming the yard to a winter delight.

The sparkling lights in the tree I believe,

Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.

My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep,

Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep.

In perfect contentment, or so it would seem,

So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream.

The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near,

But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear.

Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know,

Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow.

My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear,

And I crept to the door just to see who was near.

Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night,

A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight.

A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old,

Perhaps a Marine, huddled here in the cold.

Alone in the dark, he looked up and smiled,

Standing watch over me, and my wife and my child.

"What are you doing?" I asked without fear,

"Come in this moment, it's freezing out here!

Put down your pack, brush the snow from your sleeve,

You should be home on a cold Christmas Eve!"

For barely a moment I saw his eyes shift,

Away from the cold and the snow blown in drifts.

To the window that danced with a warm fire's light

Then he sighed and he said, "Its really all right,

"I'm out here by choice. I'm here every night.

It's my duty to stand at the front of the line,

That separates you from the darkest of times.

No one had to ask or beg or implore me,

"I'm proud to stand here like my fathers before me.

My Gramps died at Pearl on a day in December,"

Then he sighed, "That's a Christmas

Gram always remembers."

"My dad stood his watch in the jungles of 'Nam,

And now it is my turn and so, here I am.

I've not seen my own son in more than a while,

But my wife sends me pictures; he's sure got her smile."

Then he bent and he carefully pulled from his bag,

The red, white, and blue... an American flag.

"I can live through the cold and the being alone,

Away from my family, my house and my home.

"I can stand at my post through the rain and the sleet,

I can sleep in a foxhole with little to eat.

I can carry the weight of killing another,

Or lay down my life with my sister and brother

"Who stand at the front against any and all,

To ensure for all time that this flag will not fall."

"So go back inside," he said, "and harbor no fright,

Your family is waiting and I'll be all right."

"But isn't there something I can do, at the least,

Give you money," I asked, "or prepare you a feast?

It seems all too little for all that you've done,

For being away from your wife and your son."

Then his eye welled a tear that held no regret,

"Just tell us you love us, and never forget.

To fight for our rights back at home while we're gone,

To stand your own watch, no matter how long.

For when we come home, either standing or dead,

To know you remember we fought and we bled

Is payment enough, and with that we will trust,

That we mattered to you as you mattered to us."

LCDR Jeff Giles, SC, USN
30th Naval Construction Regiment
OIC, Logistics Cell One
Al Taqqadum , Iraq.
PLEASE, Would you do me the kind favor of sending this to as many people as you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to our U.S. service men and women for our being able to celebrate these festivities. Let's try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us.
© 2007 Jeff Giles
A Journal For All Time - Viewed 3244 Times
David Devaney
December 17, 2007
I remember every moment
As if it were today
The mountaintops where we did meet
How wonderfully you’d play
I was a business vagabond
With no place I could go
Who wandered into Camelback
To hear the music flow
And instantly I understood
The purpose why we are
So I did listen as you sang
Beneath each shining star
You shared a sense of dignity
Commitment and respect
And every word that came to be
I would them all collect
I’d write them in my little book
A journal for all time
And place them in my treasure chest
Where I would let them rhyme
They brought to me a harmony
A love for things to be
Allowing me to understand
True life and fantasy
And always while I listened
I stepped into my dreams
And found a friend forevermore
Who loved me too it seems
And now as I on thoughts reflect
You often come to mind
These moments I remember
Will us forever bind
© 2007 David Devaney
Beyond Myself - Viewed 3583 Times
David Devaney
December 27, 2007
I have lived each conversation
I have loved and laughed and cried
And everything I have achieved
Will never be denied
I have too in life been intimate
Known anger and great fear
Been saddened by life’s emptiness
And shed a lonely tear
I have battled complications
Ambition and great wealth
And lived too often all alone
With no great need for stealth
I have touched upon the wonderment
Of God and all he’s shared
Through him found great elation
When I had been despaired
And when I look around about
At images not me
I find a life tumultuous
That all the world does see
It’s then I reconnoiter
To see where I have been
So I can as the rising sun
A new day here begin
I choose not repetition
As forward I do flow
Seeking new experience
So I can stronger grow
And too the great excitement
That comes from unknown things
The passion and the energy
That new love always brings
It’s all these recollections
Of tomorrows yet unknown
That help me step beyond myself
As seeds of life are sewn
© 2007 David Devaney
Really An Imagining - Viewed 3400 Times
David Devaney
January 02, 2008
I tried to listen to my thoughts
To hear what they might say
Perhaps I was imagining
When love came on display
I closed my eyes to better see
The words that would appear
And then I watched in wonderment
As they did draw me near
I touched them with my energy
So they could crystallize
And when they came alive for me
They wore no strange disguise
I let them linger on my lips
Their taste was honey sweet
I savored each and every one
When they my heart did meet
Just then a sweet aroma came
A scent beyond compare
For every thought that had appeared
Brought love for us to share
T’was then that I could understand
This taste and touch and view
Were really an imagining
Of all my dreams come true
© 2008 David Devaney
So Lovely and So Rare - Viewed 3119 Times
David Devaney
November 03, 2003
Barehanded I did try to catch
One lovely butterfly
I chased it long the ocean’s rim
Beneath a cloudless sky
The sun did sparkle through its wings
And amber was its hue
Its beauty caught me by surprise
Against the ocean blue
Then quick I stopped to their reflect
Midst flowers by the shore
Why chase and capture spirits free
Who live their lives so pure
I watched as it did playful climb
Into the dunes of grass
“Tag your it” it seemed to say
To blossoms lad and lass
Then I did wonder why I thought
Its freedom I would take
The beauty of this innocent
Who rainbow skies do make
Since it was meant to live its life
For all this world to share
Flying softly on the wind
So lovely and so rare
© 2003 David Devaney
Good morning... - Viewed 3277 Times
January 27, 2008
Good morning...
i have something for you
and for them
and for everyone
And the world is so big
and we each have something
for them
and for everyone
And you have it for me
a little something
inside your pocket..
between your fingers..
beyond your clothes..
maybe today we're losing..
it could be today you've won...
but there always will be reasons
Why on somedays we bump on
to each other
and our souls
and speak
a certain glitter in our eyes
a little curl above our mouths
and that is knowing
© 2008 Jedritzelle
My Friend God - Viewed 3281 Times
David Devaney
January 28, 2008
I spoke with my friend God last night
About this life we’ve shared
He told me that though life’s been tough
I need not be despaired
He understands just how I feel
And all that I must learn
And that I do not stand alone
When for his love I yearn
He counseled me then did explain
About humanity
And helped me then to recognize
The strength of liberty
The freedom that I have to choose
No matter right or wrong
And that there is so much to life
That truly makes me strong
I told him of those crazy things
That I was prone to do
And he replied he knew them all
Before they passed me through
I said that others called them sins
Which lead to mans disgrace
To comfort me he did reveal
My life and every trace
He then explained that loving him
Was hardest for each soul
But if we kept him in our heart
We’d reach a special goal
That loving him is easiest
By loving those we know
Our friends and too our family
Do help love constant flow
And when we spoke of my mistakes
He everyone forgave
So I could love him even more
And for his friendship crave
He shared examples with me then
Of those who came his way
Saints and sinners every one
Whose lives he did display
And last and most importantly
He took me by the hand
And told me through eternity
He would beside me stand
© 2008 David Devaney
Before The Dawn - Viewed 3052 Times
David Devaney
February 20, 2008
I woke before the dawn could taste
The sweetness of the morn
To find the true anxiety
That all my life I’d borne
No precious sleep could I reclaim
The darkness brought great fear
For lying there beside myself
No one could draw me near
I raised my hands and heart to God
Yet still no comfort found
For by my troubles and my fears
I had to life been bound
T’was then I tried to recollect
My treasurechest of dreams
But only nightmares would appear
And emptiness it seems
So then I rose to contemplate
Each moment and each day
And recognized the part of me
That’s always on display
T’was there I found the consciousness
To help me understand
The beauty of this countenance
Within which I do stand
I felt no more anxiety
No pain nor loneliness
For God the Spirit came to me
And did my heart caress
She took away my anxiousness
And did my strength renew
Revealing too the reason why
This life I’m passing through
She held me tightly in her arms
Till sunrise brought the dawn
And gave my life new consequence
So I could carry on
And though I still have phobias
Anxiety and fear
I know that through the darkest night
She’ll always draw me near
© 2008 David Devaney
Fireworks.. - Viewed 3055 Times
March 10, 2008
Overcome with awe for him,
She leaned in and kissed him,
Fireworks in her heart,
Her body pressed against his,
Her hair fell forward,
Like a curtain,
Hiding their faces for the briefest of moments,
Before she pulled back,
Her face alight with the brightest smile,
Her eyes still closed,
As if the kiss was still going,
And maybe for her it was...
© 2008 Sheevs
Happiness....x - Viewed 2953 Times
March 10, 2008
And when I finally saw him,
It was everything I remembered and more..
I smile and quicken my pace,
Dying to hear his voice..
I reach him, and for a second I’m unsure of what to do..
But his returning smile and open arms quench my doubts,
I step into his embrace,
His lips lightly touch my cheek,
Sending a shiver through me,
His arms tighten around me,
My every sense is filled with him,
A bubble of happiness raises up inside me..

I could happily stay here forever,
Wrapped up in him..
My heart thuds loudly in my ears..
For weeks now thoughts of him have consumed me,
And now to see him is rewarding and delightful..

My day, without even beginning, is complete...
© 2008 Sheevs
I\ - Viewed 2852 Times
March 10, 2008
Everything is normal.. I’m just me..
I look up, you catch my eye and smile..
I smile back.. My heart speeds up..

Thoughts and feelings tumble through me,
My cheeks are hot, I hear nothing but the
Beat of mine own heart..

In that second you make me feel so special,
Like you’re the first person to ever really see me...

I wonder if you realise the effect you have
Over me.. It is so amazing..
It takes my breath away...
I can’t imagine that you don’t..

Either way, I keep quiet, sitting alone, yet not alone..
Wrapped up in thoughts of you...

Everything is normal, yet different..
I’m still just me...
Nothing yet everything has changed...

I hold you in my heart... xx
© 2008 Sheevs
Love.. - Viewed 2897 Times
March 10, 2008
I love that soft and floaty feeling
When my feet just leave the ground,
It doesn't happen often,
Just whenever you're around..... ?
© 2008 Sheevs
You Make Me Forget My Worries (song) - Viewed 3103 Times
April 25, 2008
I'm lien here talking to you on the phone
Touchen myself
And making me moan

As you talk to me softly
I fanisize
You being right beside me

I wonder what it would be like
If my hands were yours
And you would be squeezing me tight

As you whisper in my ear
In your sexy voice
And tell me what I want to hear

You make me forget my worries
You make me forget the lies
Of all those crazy ass guys
That used me
That pushed me into something I didn't want to try

When you're here with me
You use your powers
To make my body all sweaty and tingly

As I unbutton your belt
At the same time I'm kissing you
That turns to makeing out

Things are spinning in my head
Things that I shouldn't worry about
Mainly I think about being in your bed


The time has come
When we go all the way
And you make my body go knumb

There is just something about you that I trust
You make my body swirl
You make my heart thrust


As your kissing my neck
I moan softly and run my fingers down your back
The things you do to me, make me love you more and more each day
Baby I love you and crazy thing you do
© 2008 Danielle
Guilty from Sin - Viewed 2580 Times
April 25, 2008
Oh officer please take me away
Behing bars is where I should stay
My life is slowly turning gray
I'm guilty from sin
I deserve to be in prison
All my wrongs have just begun
I'm just afraid I'll hurt someone
When I'm alone just watch me
You will understand what I mean
Just look into my eyes
You'll see why I lie
Take this as an opportunity
To become a hero
And the ability
To be known to what you know
I'm guilty from sin
I deserve to be in prison
All my wrongs have just begun
I'm just afraid I'll hurt someone
I don't derserve to be out walking free
I don't derserve to happy
I'm an animal
I'm a crimanl
I'm guilty from sin
© 2008 Danielle
Maybe - Viewed 2694 Times
April 25, 2008
I see a women
Maybe thoughtless
Though I can't read her mind
I can feel what she feels inside
Maybe screaming
It's as if she don't want no one to know
She wants to be normal
Maybe happy
But she only knows what she feels
Neither anybody nor no one will ever know
The look of depression when alone
The look of happiness when people are around
Maybe if I could help her, then will she talk?
Then will I know?
Maybe if I become her friend
Then will she tell me?
Maybe if she were real
Then will she be happy?
© 2008 Danielle
My Time Within My Time - Viewed 3226 Times
David Devaney
April 28, 2008
As I begin to recollect
My time within my time
I see the mediocrity
That keeps me out of rhyme
I watch the indecision
The immaturity
The pathways leading nowhere still
The fading fantasy
I look upon the endless course
That through my lifetime wound
The chances I refused to take
The road to which I’m bound
I wonder why I’ve lived this way
With nowhere else to go
The upside down and inside out
So often I did know
The questions without answers
The fear to take a chance
The love I’ve felt but never shared
As backward I would dance
So many things that seemed unsure
The dreams not recognized
The words of passion never said
With pain they were disguised
The children that I called my own
Not knowing childhood
The sense of condemnation
Whenever I felt good
So many different feelings
Revealed this day once more
Thank God that time does still remain
To find a better cure
© 2008 David Devaney
Sweet Precious Friend Danielle - Viewed 2961 Times
David Devaney
April 28, 2008
I heard you cry with emptiness
Sweet precious friend Danielle
With sadness you revealed your soul
Did many stories tell
Of youth and too its wonderment
Of agony and pain
Of all those feelings paramount
That brings each days refrain
You touched upon the emptiness
In three small bits of verse
Revealed the guilt that comes with sin
In which we life immerse
You spoke of love and tenderness
When finding love so new
Some day your life will be fulfilled
And dreams will all come true
And like the rest who suffer time
And live with loneliness
You’ll find a sense of consequence
When love does you caress
© 2008 David Devaney
I Feel... - Viewed 3015 Times
April 30, 2008
I feel free
But sometimes lonely
I feel happy
But sometimes needy
Of the things I know
Of the life I used to know
But with you in it our love would continually grow
Even though I’m free
I can’t help to be lost
But I know you’ll help me find my way
You know what I need the most
Your key will fit my heart
And I know no one will tare us apart
Every night
There’s not a second
That I don’t picture you with me
Your touch always makes me happy
But there is one thing I have to say
I feel free
But sometime lonely
I feel happy
But sometimes needy
Of the things I know
Of the life I used to know
But with you in it our love will continually grow
© 2008 Danielle
Soundless Screams - Viewed 3043 Times
April 30, 2008
Louder and louder my heart pounds
As I force the scream to make a sound
I want someone to heal me
I want someone to hear me
“Hello”, is anyone out there
Does anyone care?
I’m in pain
Trying to scream for agony
I make these soundless screams
Pulling my hair
Cutting myself and making me bleed
When I cry
Black tears come from my eyes
I’m not normal
I am not meant to be in this world
With this knife inside my fist
I slowly cut my wrist
I feel the pain
As my body drains
My life on Earth is here no more
“Good bye life, Hello Hell”
Is what I said before I fell
I slowly close my eyes
And whisper out my good byes
I finally finish off my last breath.
Remember me as the girl with silent screams
That just suffers and just bleeds.
© 2008 Danielle
More Then Friends - Viewed 2925 Times
April 30, 2008
Hanging out together as friends
I thought that was how it was going to stay tille the end
Then i heard a rummer by someone
That you had these feeling for someone
And you knew how I felt for you
And I didn't know what I was going to do
I felt lost and lonley
Then someone came to me
It was your sister
She pulled me close to her
And said to me softly
That i was the girl you have been loving
My heart started beating faster
Then I let out a little laughter
I was suprised
That this one guy
I have known almost all my life
Wanted to be more then friends
I didn't know what to say
I didn't know what to do
Then what came out of my mouth
Was that I liked you too
© 2008 Danielle
Rummer - Viewed 3049 Times
May 01, 2008
I talk a lot
But I always keep secretes
I love all my friends equally
But my best friend hates me
One thing you tell me
Goes around
But a friend you once trusted
Is now someone you blame
I don't understand
When I am always there for you
We do ever thing together
I love you
But you blame me
The rummer was cruel
You lost many friends
You lost many friends
You got grounded
You blame me
I would never do anything to hurt you
You are my best friend
And I love you!
© 2008 Danielle
I\ - Viewed 2784 Times
May 01, 2008
So I'll find my way
Follow my feelings
Trust my feelings
Will bring new beginings

I don't know where this is going
I don't know what I'm doing
I just know that I need to be close you
I can't help but feel lost
But I know you'll help me find my way
You know what I need the most
I just hope it's not that far away

I feel free
But sometimes lonely
I feel happy
But sometimes needy
Of the things I know
Of the life I used to know

So even if I cry
And I will show the rest
That you hold me in your arms
And that you will always provide

So I'll find my way
Follow my feelings
Trust that everyday
Will bring new beginings

So with that I can only say...
I don't know what I'm going
I don't know what I'm doing
I just know that I need to trust you
I just know that I need to be close to you.
© 2008 Danielle
Dark to Shine - Viewed 3362 Times
May 01, 2008
The chair sits
Quiet in the darkness
From the window
Shines no light
Hours pass
It's no longer darkness
It now makes
A shadow
On a peached colored wall
The window
Now it shines
And makes a glair
Now no darkness
Nor shadow
It now glose
Like the room
Is empty

*This peom that I written is based on a painted picture of a chair by a window in the corner of a little kids bed room.
© 2008 Danielle
Uncle Bob - Viewed 3065 Times
David Devaney
May 06, 2008
He was a man with energy
Great strength beyond compare
His heart would be his legacy
T’was love that he did share
As brother, uncle, friend and more
True happiness he’d bring
Yet still he understood that life
Might many problems bring
A man of kindness and of warmth
Though challenged through his time
He still would smile and he’d laugh
Each day would be sublime
He lived to know and understand
That true integrity
Would be his mentor and his guide
And set his spirit free
Beyond what mortal man would know
He would experience
A life well lived with truth and grace
This man of consequence
He understood that life was fair
Though not the same to all
And through these eighty years plus four
His love we most recall
So many knew him very well
He touched them with his heart
And with him in their memories
Each day does better start
He too would mentor and well guide
And often reassure
Those needing of his energy
To find life’s lasting cure
And though he was a simple man
Like him there are so few
For life with him was life well lived
With love each day brand new
© 2008 David Devaney
Anne - Viewed 2739 Times
David Devaney
May 22, 2008
You’ve counted birthdays’ one through twelve
As they did draw you near
And found true love and happiness
Would never disappear
You watched ten million stars each night
Then found that special one
That came to be that day of birth
When your life was begun
It first appeared from angel dust
Just thirteen years ago
Then all the world in wonderment
Much brighter seemed to glow
From baby to a precious child
Into your life you grew
With intellect remarkable
Your heart was always true
You’d sing and dance and celebrate
The years that touched each day
Then laughed at silly little things
When they were on display
Traveling, you touched this world
Like honey to the bee
And brought great warmth and tenderness
To every destiny
But now the dozen first you knew
Are packed away in time
For on this birthday you begin
A teenage life sublime
With knowledge growing everywhere
New friends and old new found
You’ll taste and touch and feel sweet life
As thirteen comes around
So take a moment on this day
To think and laugh and dream
Then every moment that appears
Much happier will seem.

Happy Birthday 2008
© 2008 David Devaney
Mara - Viewed 3008 Times
David Devaney
May 24, 2008
With you there is a loveliness
Beyond the starlight that is shining
Into the universe of my imaginings

There is a tenderness that softens
The pain and ends the oblivion that
Too frequently intrudes upon my reality

There is a strength and a courage
That endure through the darkness of the night
Bringing to my heart a trusting serenity

There is true patience beyond comparison
As I journey the many unending pathways
Of my certain confusion and uncertain ignorance

There is truth and fidelity
As I observe the incomparable beauty
Emanating from the heartstrings of your creativity

With you there is trust and perfection
Found so infrequent in this lifetime
That awaken daily into their ecstasy with the sun

Though our pathways may too infrequently intersect
I remain faithful, diligent and committed
To the wonderment of our special friendship

So Mote It Be
© 2008 David Devaney
My Forevermore - Viewed 2986 Times
David Devaney
May 30, 2008
I am the catalyst to the determination
Of the being that I am choosing to become
And my life is an adventurous never ending
Journey into the fulfillment of the spirit of my reality

I have chosen so many different pathways
That there is often uncertainty and confusion
As I wander aimlessly through a universe that is
The hidden delicacy of my humanity

There are lovers that I have yet to love
Mountains that I have yet to traverse
Magnificent quests that I have yet to experience
And dreams that I have yet to understand

But still I have retained the creative energy
To pursue the effervescent everyday wonderment
Of the sun as it rises into my heart stream
And sets in all its glory upon my dreamscape

I am the completion of my destiny
Yet to be extinguished as I journey
Through the existential adventures of my creativity
My anticipation and my forevermore

So Mote It Be
© 2008 David Devaney
rumour - Viewed 2636 Times
Charan kamal singh sahota
June 11, 2008
Sometimes i ask myself how different i can dare to be,
i looked in the eyes of fear and it got scared of me.
my love with life is long lasting,
these people and places are so contrasting.
what seperates me from them is my courage,
you can't vibrate it no matter how many times you try to discourage.
my emotins flow like a river,
the world may be large
but my emotins are bigger.
my head aches like it got tumor,
i'am mad my life is a rumour.
© 2008 Charan kamal singh sahota
Mara Inspired - Viewed 2864 Times
David Devaney
June 12, 2008
If in each moment of our hearts
New lifetimes we could share
I’d bring to you a universe
With love beyond compare
We’d ride the “Milky Way” through time
And watch new rainbows form
Then capture every fantasy
With love to keep us warm
We’d tiptoe into Paradise
But only stay a while
For beauty such as yours is rare
And would this world beguile
We’d listen to each lullaby
That morning birds do sing
Then capture sunbeams with our thoughts
As they new hopes did bring
We’d tickle every fantasy
Bring laughter to each day
And on each star that coursed the sky
We would our dreams display
We’d perfume every garden
With fragrance uncompared
And let the world partake of love
That truly must be shared
We’d never feel the darkness
That often comes with time
And only know sweet passion rare
So gentle and sublime
We’d never look for diamonds
Nor jewels of any ilk
For in the loveliness you are
We’d find most precious silk
Woven into happiness
True love and dreams come true
Then every heart that touched your own
Would find each day brand new
And every dawn would sparkle green
With faith and hope and love
Sharing life’s eternity
With angels from above

© 2008 David Devaney
New Begun - Viewed 2661 Times
David Devaney
June 23, 2008
Sometimes responsibility
Is not the easy way
Yet still we do ourselves commit
From it we will not stray
We take a loved one in our arms
Their spirit, heart and mind
Forever more acknowledging
T’is better to be kind
We guide them and we comfort them
And keep them safe from harm
Then find their special innocence
Their sweetness and their charm
There is no mandatory way
To love and share our heart
But rather just the choice we make
As we new courses chart
No mirrors will be watching us
No judgments right or wrong
Just life as it is meant to be
And in it we belong
So if and when we find the strength
To share what we possess
We’ll always find the consequence
Then too our dreams caress
And we will be enlightened then
By rainbows in the sun
For love free shared is beautiful
When life is new begun
© 2008 David Devaney
The Child and the Innocent - Viewed 2616 Times
David Devaney
June 23, 2008
To pray is most important now
Of all the things we do
For friends and neighbors, everyone
We find here passing through
Yet few do understand this gift
Of conversations made
With God, the Angels and the Saints
Who from our vision fade
At first we were most innocent
And nightly learned to pray
We thanked our Angel Guardian
For sharing each new day
We asked and too we would implore
For guidance, strength and love
Not worried bout the answers that
The Lord sent from above
But then it came most suddenly
As we did quick mature
The prayers we said most every day
We simply would ignore
Not hearing any answers
To questions never asked
The child and the innocent
Were by our youth now masked
T’was then we lingered by ourselves
Unsure of why we strayed
We never could remember too
Exactly how we prayed
Then suddenly as age appeared
So too came fear and woe
As once again did God now seem
To in us better flow
Then we returned to innocence
From whence we first had come
The rhythmic sound of blessings shared
The heartbeat of one drum
© 2008 David Devaney
Splinter - Viewed 2697 Times
Lindsay Walker
August 02, 2008
Hold your heart when you feel alone.
isolated in your head,
reach for a connection,
too much space in this bed.

Im preparing before I fall,
hard to tell who I am, what I feel,
to complex for my feelings to be real.

Its neither black or white,
its full of colour, full of life,
but im just going to waste,
this is a splinter but I musn't loose face.

Its too far for me to see,
too much mist in that distance,
I may need a helping hand,
I may need your guidence.
© 2008 Lindsay Walker
étranger - Viewed 2606 Times
Lindsay Walker
August 02, 2008
look around, look around,
tell me what you find.
a lonely room, a lonely girl
tell me what youve found.

sadness. pain.
let these tears fall like rain.

little girl, take a breath,
take a deep breath.
little girl pick yourself up,
open them eyes and have a good look.

look around, look around,
tell me what you find.
a painful heart. eyes of a stranger.
tell me what youve found.
© 2008 Lindsay Walker
Silent Cries - Viewed 2305 Times
Lindsay Walker
September 16, 2007
Lets gather and dread tommorrow
bury these feelings and
hope someday they will go.

Jump in with both feet
and become someone eles,
stop starring at that reflection
and become yourself.

Crawl deep within,
go back and be yesterdays child.
all the things that will take you back,
Can I go back? Oh can I go back?

layers of lies, layers of lies
are bringing on my silent cries.
My silent words causes a
reflection of anger in these eyes.
© 2007 Lindsay Walker
Windows - Viewed 2501 Times
David Devaney
July 16, 2008
The windows to each spirit
Are mystically fulfilled
With truth and love and confidence
Most frequently instilled
And every day is timeless too
Though hours might exist
Yet if we do ignore our hearts
Our essence will be missed
We are the focus and the dream
Of whom we choose to be
Allowing hopes to fill each day
And bring pure ecstasy
The sun does rise with us each morn
With joy and warmth and light
Sharing too its confidence
Until the call of night
So touch it with your gentleness
And blend into its fire
Then every moment that you know
Will all your days inspire

© 2008 David Devaney
Through Cries - Viewed 2738 Times
David Devaney
August 09, 2008
Through cries now never ending
And darkness deeper still
We seek a life of happiness
And confidence of will
We challenge opportunity
To every day renew
Finding strength and energy
That helps to get us through
There is an emptiness and fear
That we must overcome
The dark nights of our yesterdays
Of which we are the sum
Composites of experience
We try to understand
Then find renewal and success
Within uncharted land
We always change but are the same
Anxiety repeats
Yet still we can accomplish goals
Then overcome defeats
It merely takes commitment true
Of mind and heart and soul
To touch and taste life’s wonderment
Fulfilling every goal

© 2008 David Devaney
Everything is nothing - Viewed 2290 Times
September 06, 2008
I managed to mourn your tears.
I have bleeding your wounds.
Wishing for me all your diseases,
dismounted my life to build yours.
Never rained on you
nor will the sun damage.
And so it stayed in vacuum anything,
suspended in the accessory,
monitoring, protecting, scaring,
fueling another terrifying being
around which I gravitate,
clung to an orbit without which
would cease to exist.
So I am no longer than your desires,
the yearn to achieve
and the contempt for the achieved.
© 2008 Xavier
Pathway. - Viewed 2154 Times
Emma Watson
October 17, 2008
I walk a lonely road, searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.
Will I ever find what I am looking for; do I have the strength to continue?

If I knew that it would come to this, it would never have existed,
This wasn’t my challenge to complete, this job was never listed.

Yet, I am caught; I’m trapped, in a world without tomorrow,
With darkness at every doorway I know my time is borrowed.

But never halt the fighting; never turn your back,
On the things you’ve always wanted, the things you feel you lack.

I’m standing tall, I’m standing proud, and I’m never backing down
Because I have found a world I love I thought would not be found.

My footsteps echo on the concrete of the pathway of my life.
© 2008 Emma Watson
Which Horizon is My Destiny - Viewed 2402 Times
David Devaney
December 27, 2008
As I pass through the intersections
Of my lifetimes, I often stop and look around to see
Which horizon is my destiny

Always there is beauty, always there is fragrance
Always there is the sweetness of a friend who beckons me
To refresh myself with their energy

I am never alone along this journey
Though there does exist intermittent loneliness
When I lose sight of the forest of my fantasies

She has called me by name and I have answered
But only with the trepidation that comes
With the insecurity I so very much want to deny

Is she soft, is she kind, is she beautiful
It matters not to me within my life’s destiny
Rather, it is better that she will love me as I am

So Mote It Be
© 2008 David Devaney
When I Look - Viewed 2113 Times
David Devaney
December 28, 2008
When I look around about
Beside and in between
I see the beauty of each day
In nature ever green
I look upon the shrouded sky
And see the tears that fall
They cleanse and nurture Mother Earth
Whom God loves most of all
I feel the love of special friends
Who’ve touched me with their heart
Allowing me to live fulfilled
And courses better chart
I see the hummingbird that feeds
Upon the nectar sweet
Then taste the garden fragrances
As they my lips do meet
I see the rainbow and its gold
In everyone I’ve known
True friends who’ve shared their warmth with me
I’ve never been alone
I see the alpha of this life
And how it all began
And understand the challenge found
In life for every man
I see the woman of my dreams
Yet wait for her to know
Allowing changes to occur
As life does ebb and flow
I see the children born of me
Reflections of my soul
The circle that returned their love
Without a fee or toll
I see tomorrow and today
But yesterday is gone
As each new moment that I live
Does help me carry on
And too I see a precious friend
Who brings new hope it seems
Fulfilling me with energy
The person of my dreams

© 2008 David Devaney
Flickr Views 2008 - Viewed 2420 Times
David Devaney
December 28, 2008
Flickr Views 2008

Sweet Annabel you’ve grown I see
You giggle and you talk
You chase the cats about the room
How wonderfully you walk
Your smile fills our hearts with joy
As happily you grow
Up and down and in and out
We’ve watched you in the snow
Your mommy always tells us true
How special that you are
When pulling trains or reading books
You are her shining star
And you are daddy’s princess too
So beautiful your smile
And from that first day of your birth
You’d many hearts beguile
We’ve watched as pictures did reveal
The changes that occur
And all that happens in your time
We even saw your fur
So many moments you have shared
Of everything you do
The mouse goes click the screen goes beep
And you come running through
The cupcake icing on your nose
Blue berries on your chin
We’ve seen you as you go to sleep
And when your day’s begin
Upon the couch or potty chair
And backward facing seat
You’ve been a toothless wonder too
And did mom’s birthday greet
So much we’ve seen so much we’ve shared
With Flickr as our host
How special and how wonderful
As of this year we boast
© 2008 David Devaney
Because of You - Viewed 2166 Times
David Devaney
July 08, 2007
I’ve touched upon ten thousand lives
Who’ve touched upon my own
And since you were a part of me
I’ve never been alone
Friends from childhood who shared
The gift of innocence
And those who fought a war with me
Where there is no pretense
Students, teachers, everyone
Who led me to the source
Of intellect and knowledge pure
That helped to chart my course
I’ve always been inquisitive
And answers I’ve received
At times I’ve been too skeptical
For I had been deceived
Yet still I cherish everyone
Who counseled and consoled
They brought to me humanity
Which can’t be bought or sold
I am because of everyone
The spirit and his guest
It seems to me remarkable
That I have passed life’s test
But most of all I’ve learned of love
Forgiveness and respect
To tell each heart who’s touched my own
That them I’ll not neglect
For every single night I know
These feeling I renew
And share them with the Lord above
As prayers are passing through
So always know within your heart
You’re often on my mind
Much better I because of you
As happiness I find

© 2007 David Devaney
The Reason Why - Viewed 2322 Times
David Devaney
January 11, 2009
When first I met you with my heart
It was forevermore
Through lifetimes now innumerable
Of this I am most sure
The reason and the purpose true
Of all that I can be
Your beauty and your radiance
Bring certain ecstasy
You’ve brought the wonderment of life
To everything I choose
Creating precious energy
That I shall never lose
You are the petal and its flower
Its fragrance mystified
The spirit and the counselor
In whom I do confide
With you there is no history
As always we will share
The inspiration and the warmth
Forever shining there
You are the rainbow butterfly
The mountains ever green
The wonderment of endless joy
Upon my daily scene
And too in life importantly
You are the reason why
That love and life do both reveal
God’s beauty neath the sky
So let me tell you once again
These simple thoughts so true
Forever in my heart you’ll be
As dreams are coming true

© 2009 David Devaney
An Ode To Emma - Viewed 2251 Times
David Devaney
January 11, 2009
The echo that you seem to hear
Is courage I am sure
As you so often recognize
These things now most obscure
The darkened tunnel and the road
That bring reality
The challenge too of living strong
When there’s no light to see
The willingness to fight today
Tomorrow’s yet unknown
The energy to steel yourself
When now you are alone
The noisy echo and the sound
Of every day you live
The courage and the fortitude
To all these things forgive
And most importantly of all
The knowledge you possess
To live and love and laugh again
As you each day caress

© 2009 David Devaney
2009 Visions and Dreams - Viewed 2058 Times
David Devaney
January 12, 2009
The courage to begin to change
And find my self control
To everyday commit myself
With virtues to extol
To find the woman of my dreams
Then meet her while awake
To take the time to share my love
And never life forsake
To talk with God most every day
And share a thought or two
To listen most attentively
While friends are passing through
To share the rainbow’s pot of gold
And all that I receive
To have a greater confidence
When I do wealth achieve
To say I love you every day
If only from afar
To laugh at silly funny things
And ride a shooting star
To share great secrets of my heart
With one I can confide
To face the challenge of each day
And never from it hide
To write a special book of verse
Then find celebrity
To wipe the teardrops from my heart
And choose integrity
To every day just be myself
And for myself be strong
To understand though all alone
In life I do belong
To always share forgiveness first
With those I might offend
To live and laugh and love once more
And simply not pretend
To write of wondrous joyful things
As they to me appear
And always through eternity
Be poet mentor seer.

© 2009 David Devaney
Barack Hussein Obama It\ - Viewed 1858 Times
David Devaney
January 20, 2009
It’s only in America
From sea to shining sea
That man and freedom intersect
For all the world to see
It’s only in America
Each one can have a dream
That represents humanity
And brings a true esteem
It’s only in America
That faith can be revealed
As courage and forgiveness
In every heart are sealed
It’s only in America
One man can stand alone
Accepted by his every peer
As seeds of hope are sewn
It’s only in America
Respect is evermore
And lessons from the past are learned
To decency restore
It’s only in America
The voice of truth is heard
It echoes from each mountain top
Is spoken with each word
It’s only in America
That choice is ours to make
So we express our conscious thought
To not this world forsake
It’s only in America
Where God is freely known
That true belief is understood
With no need to atone
It’s only in America
Each man can too believe
That he can be all that he choose
And accolades receive
It’s only in America
Where lives democracy
One man Barack Obama
Can set our passions free

© 2009 David Devaney
It\ - Viewed 1957 Times
David Devaney
January 24, 2009
Sometimes my recollections
Are fantasies come true
Memories I might recall
Old times I now renew
Friendships that I should relive
Not merely in my dreams
These joyful moments reappear
More often it now seems
The first time that I fell in love
Or when I first was kissed
Trips to nowhere hand in hand
Are now most often missed
Birth and death and in between
Each second that I live
And everything I now recall
That I in life forgive
From childhood in innocence
To passions that I’ve shared
Each journey made to someone’s heart
Each one for whom I’ve cared
It’s hugging someone just because
No reason need be known
A Christmas or a Birthday card
A call upon the phone
It’s children blessed into my life
God’s gift of love and strength
A daughter grand to spoil me
And give my dreams new length
It’s mom and dad and brother Lou
True friends from college lost
A war I fought but never won
With life the greatest cost
It’s all the things I’ve never done
And those I’d like to do
But most importantly of all
It’s loving all of you


Truly my greatest treasure
Is the family and friends
Who have touched upon my time
© 2009 David Devaney
Loving All of You - Viewed 2130 Times
David Devaney
January 24, 2009
Sometimes my recollections
Are fantasies come true
Memories I might recall
Old times I now renew
Friendships that I should relive
Not merely in my dreams
These joyful moments reappear
More often it now seems
The first time that I fell in love
Or when I first was kissed
Trips to nowhere hand in hand
Are now most often missed
Birth and death and in between
Each second that I live
And everything I now recall
That I in life forgive
From childhood in innocence
To passions that I’ve shared
Each journey made to someone’s heart
Each one for whom I’ve cared
It’s hugging someone just because
No reason need be known
A Christmas or a Birthday card
A call upon the phone
It’s children blessed into my life
God’s gift of love and strength
A daughter grand to spoil me
And give my dreams new length
It’s mom and dad and brother Lou
True friends from college lost
A war I fought but never won
With life the greatest cost
It’s all the things I’ve never done
And those I’d like to do
But most importantly of all
It’s loving all of you


Truly my greatest treasure
Is the family and friends
Who have touched upon my time
© 2009 David Devaney
What\ - Viewed 1805 Times
February 20, 2009
What's life when you want it to end
What's life when you're down to ground
What's life when you're not willing to live
Damn Life it's not worth to think..

What's life when you think its not what you deserve
What's life when people you're alright but definitely not
What's life when hatred comes and it hurts
Damn life it's not worth to gain...

What's life when your thinking your dead
What's life when it doesn't exist anymore
What's life when you hate God in return
Damn life it's not worth to believe...
© 2009 Roland
When God Does Call Us Home Again - Viewed 1745 Times
David Devaney
February 21, 2009
When God does call us home again
It matters not our name
Or if we did success achieve
And found an earthly fame
It matters not the gold we sought
The diamond or the pearl
Or if a war we there had won
With banners to unfurl
It matters not the path we took
If goodness was our guide
If we religion did espouse
Or from its demons hide
It matters not if we did lead
Or merely watch and pray
With focus on a precious faith
That God had sent our way

When God does call us home again
Will we him recognize
Simplistic in his presence
With love he’ll not disguise
And will we be most worthy too
And there his grace achieve
It’s not just living here on earth
But how we do believe
It’s sharing all that we possess
With everyone we know
Allowing knowledge to transform
Just how we seem to grow
It’s giving of our talents
Relinquishing our heart
Loving just because we can
As each new day does start

When God does call us home again
We’ll thank him for our time
Then share our life experience
Both in and out of rhyme
We’ll tell him of each consequence
Of all that we did learn
Then thank him for the gift of love
That we in life must earn
And last but most importantly
We’ll share what he has taught
That life well lived is heaven sent
And can’t be sold or bought

© 2009 David Devaney
Greatness Recalled Alfred J Lutz - Viewed 1929 Times
David Devaney
April 13, 2009
St. Peter’s Books

I do remember fondly now
The wisdom that he shared
The courage to in life be strong
When other’s had despaired
The motivation to succeed
And always persevere
The challenge too, to find a way
But never grow through fear
I often think of moments shared
When he would problems solve
He focused and he understood
Then worked with great resolve
In sixty eight when I was young
Our lives did intersect
And though a war would interrupt
This friend he’d not neglect
He taught me things most practical
And those that seemed complex
With patience he would clarify
Those rules that would me vex
We’d often add and multiply
The numbers must agree
For him the path was simply drawn
But not the same for me
He’d laugh a hearty friendly laugh
Then share a glass of wine
Taste and toast and touch each day
And thank the Lord divine
A husband, father, brother, son
His love for life was pure
And with the guidance of his will
Each day would be secure
He was a motivator too
Inspiring success
And through his perfect love of God
He’d every heart caress
Al Lutz, he was a gentle soul
As always he shall be
And now he keeps St. Peter’s books
Recounting history

Alfred J. Lutz, Jr.

Remembering Al

He was a man of dignity
Of kind and gentle heart
Each thought began for him with prayer
So better times would start
He was a mentor and a guide
To all who touched his day
And always was his gentleness
Forever on display
I do remember traveling
Into the countryside
Through fields full laden with sweet corn
As dreams he would confide
Focused and most confident
He lived his life with grace
His children were his happiness
That none could ere displace
T’was way back when in eighty eight
We’d stop for mass and pray
Before the sun would break each dawn
You’d find him on his way
Confident and competent
Integrity his goal
Sometimes true caring from the heart
Exacts a mighty toll
I do remember learning too
He had so much to share
As patiently he guided all
Those people in his care
He knew his God and loved him true
Like few that I have known
And though he sits now by his side
We’ll never be alone
For Al remains a part of us
His strength and energy
Forevermore have we been blessed
Through him eternally
© 2009 David Devaney
LOVE¹ /|Л√/ n [u] part two. - Viewed 1705 Times
April 17, 2009
LOVE¹ /|Л√/ n [u] part two.

Is it simply another,
Four letter word?
Need we bother,
With this turd?
Is it a verbal codger,
An overdone fad?
A ruse for the artful dodger,
A noun elegant yet bland?

© 2009 munyasa
With No Place Yet To Go - Viewed 1733 Times
David Devaney
April 28, 2009
I’ve lost all hope in life itself
And live through emptiness
Inside out and upside down
I need a fond caress
Someone to love me as I am
And too as I do change
To help me find a better path
And life now rearrange
I need someone to touch my soul
My energy my dream
And help to brighten every day
Then end this lonely scheme
I hope to find her in my time
Before my hours fade
Tasting touching who she is
And all her thoughts invade
I’ve wandered aimless much too long
With no place yet to go
Perhaps in dreams she will appear
And make life better flow
So now I say a special prayer
Thanksgivings for true love
In hopes that God will hear my cry
With blessings from above
A thimble full of angel dust
To sparkle each new day
And too a woman full with dreams
To with me ever stay

So Mote It Be

© 2009 David Devaney
Imagining - Viewed 1815 Times
David Devaney
May 14, 2009
In life I’ve been imagining
Since first I touched this earth
A summer’s day in forty six
Became my day of birth
An effervescence filled my heart
Then I began to grow
How beautiful this wonderment
When it begins to flow
I saw this world when it began
Then rested for a while
The Mona Lisa caught my eye
When she began to smile
I watched as wars did come and go
Too many lives were lost
Then prayed just one would be the last
For too great is their cost
I fell in love so many times
Though none with me remain
Yet still believe one special heart
Will bring a new refrain
I’ve sought and did achieve success
Like sand it disappeared
Into the winds of destiny
My life too often seared
I found my true humanity
In the spirit of my soul
Then focused on eternity
An always present goal
Spoke with God infrequently
When I was focused wrong
Then recognized that with his grace
Forevermore I’m strong
So many things since I began
Imaginings now real
Dreams come true for everyone
If them we will reveal

“So Mote It Be”

© 2009 David Devaney
Sometimes - Viewed 1790 Times
David Devaney
May 29, 2009
Sometimes I wonder who I am
From whence I might have come
Have I fulfilled my every dream
Of them am I the sum
Has life full lived been part of me
With happiness and grace
Or have I wandered endlessly
And left no single trace
Have I known friendship and it shared
And given of my heart
Helping those in need the most
Have I helped dreams to start
Have I set goals and them achieved
Or stumbled long the way
Left my mark with consequence
With nothing more to say
Will I be found in someone’s dreams
And make them comfortable
And bring to them a certainty
That often they’ll recall
And will I with intensity
Bring love and strength and hope
Guiding those who need my will
Along the mountain’s slope
And will I evermore remain
A monument of strength
Bringing joy and energy
Through days of endless length

So Mote It Be

© 2009 David Devaney
Thoughts of God - Viewed 1749 Times
David Devaney
June 06, 2009
When first I think of God each day
Forgiveness I most seek
For every indiscretion found
That makes my life most bleak
For things ill thought or said or shared
That cause another harm
For living inconsistently
And sounding the alarm
When next I think of God each day
I think of perfect love
Her beauty shared through nature
And every star above
Of prayers she answers endlessly
For those who seek to find
A better moment in their time
When life has been unkind
Then when I think of God each day
A little after two
I see the strength and wonderment
That helps all dreams come true
I feel his presence in my heart
And sense his energy
Knowing he is always there
Fulfilling fantasy
Then last and most importantly
As think of God each night
The cleansing presence of his grace
Will ends life’s lonely plight
Its then I thank him for his help
His wisdom and his strength
Knowing they will guide my path
Through years of endless length

© 2009 David Devaney
Lovers Parents Friends - Viewed 1955 Times
David Devaney
June 06, 2009
Norman and Peggy Llewellyn

They married thirty years ago
This bouncer and her beau
Their California love would bloom
For both did truly know
That life had joined their energy
Their wisdom and their dreams
She an engineer who knew
Life’s demolition schemes
And Norman was a man of heart
Who cared for those in need
An airport and a seaside town
Would plant a different seed
So to the Texas coast they moved
To find a better way
In “H” town they would first reside
But not there too long stay
For just a little south and west
They found a treasured isle
It was this “Village” by the Gulf
That did their hearts beguile
With airports close sweet Peggy flew
To bases far and near
To certify all bombs were gone
And none could reappear
And Norman he did hang his boards
His “Cat” berthed in the yard
The “Golf Carts” were made ready
No parts would he discard
And both became a better part
Of Surfside on the shore
Giving help to every cause
With strength that does endure
They beautified the village
Extinguished every fire
Designed a bike path for the town
Did dreams and hopes inspire
So now as thirty years do pass
With them we celebrate
Renewing life and love and hope
While they “New” dreams create

Surfside Beach Texas
© 2009 David Devaney
Thoughts on Fathers Day - Viewed 1591 Times
David Devaney
June 22, 2009
At times I lack the courage
To love God as I should
To see him through the darkest night
There on the patterned wood
To understand he gave his son
So I could love achieve
And recognize that in my time
In me he does believe
I hear him call to me each night
So gentle and so kind
Bringing truth and confidence
As I his beauty find
Encouraging my every thought
As dreams he does reveal
And every now and then he’ll ask
If I his passion feel
His heart too beats in unison
With those who understand
That loving is the perfect gift
To share with all the land
That darkness cannot shroud the sun
If God is in my heart
And that each breath that I might take
With him does find its start
He loves me as a father should
Protecting me from harm
And though mistakes I freely make
It raises no alarm
For he gave me humanity
The freedom and the right
To choose a pathway of my own
Through dark and endless night
And if I choose within my heart
To be fulfilled with love
He’ll join with me forevermore
In heaven high above

© 2009 David Devaney
So Welcome Home Young Harry - Viewed 1788 Times
David Devaney
July 01, 2009
There is a certain ambiance
A sense that you belong
This place seems most familiar
The energy is strong
The fragrance too is mystical
Remembered but not new
The sounds are different but the same
Past dreams are coming true
One voice, that of a little girl
Heard many times before
Full with love and happiness
Confident and sure
So easy is it to adjust
Your home they call this place
For weeks that numbered thirty eight
You nurturing can trace
Three cats here scurried all around
Daddy played his Wii
While Annabel and Mama spoke
And loved you constantly
From couch to chair to living room
Good friends and family came
To celebrate each season’s cusp
No two were quite the same
Autumn Winter Spring would pass
Then summer did appear
It was late June you found your breath
Then mama drew you near
So welcome home young Harry
With birth you have returned
To Mom and Dad and Annabel
Who’s true love you have earned

Pop Pop
© 2009 David Devaney
The Person That You Are - Viewed 1592 Times
David Devaney
July 01, 2009
As I contemplate
The beauty
And the serenity
Of these pathways
Through the lifetimes
Of my existence,
I most often encounter
The creation
The fulfillment
And the completion
Of my potential
In the recollections
Of your participation
In my dreams

It is at this very moment
That I finally smile
For now I have recognized
The wonderment of
The person that you are

So Mote It Be

© 2009 David Devaney
This Sense of Awe - Viewed 1858 Times
David Devaney
July 04, 2009
T’was when I held Lev in my arms
I felt this sense of awe
This baby boy, my progeny
Was long and lean and tall
He rested softly near my heart
As if there once before
At ease, he cuddled closer still
And did my love secure
He stretched his fingers and his toes
And gave a little sigh
Then told his Pop Pop with each breath
On me you can rely
And though he was but one week old
His energy revealed
The babe, the boy, the lad, the man
Who future time has sealed
For with his birth has come new hope
New life, new energy
That touched upon my consciousness
And grew creatively
So Mazel Tov to you young Lev
Your dreams will be fulfilled
As knowledge, strength and perfect love
Are everyday instilled

Pop Pop
© 2009 David Devaney
I Am Your Angel Guardian - Viewed 2264 Times
David Devaney
October 21, 2009
I looked around the other day
To see what I might see
And there did find a new found friend
Who brought their love to me
I’d never seen her here before
Though frequently I came
Perhaps I had not noticed her
The place seemed much the same
Except for one important change
A brilliance had appeared
As if the sun had energized
Quite strange and too quite weird
Though twice I blinked my eyelids closed
She still did here remain
Her beauty and her radiance
Brought forth life’s new refrain
I thought I was imagining
So I pinched my cheek a bit
And whistled loudly with a shriek
Right there where I did sit
Yet still this brightness did remain
Its source a special heart
Who simply lived to truly love
And help lives better start
I turned and she did turn with me
We smiled laughed and cried
T’was then she whispered in my ear
And did this fact confide
I am your angel guardian
I’ve know you since your birth
Guiding you along the way
Protecting too your worth
A spirit too of consequence
I’ve taught you how to be
How to pray and how to think
And how to set life free
A special friend to touch your heart
Through all whom you have known
The reason why upon this earth
You never are alone
And most importantly of all
To bring love uncompared
That you have taken as you must
And with the world it shared

© 2009 David Devaney
Annabel is Two Today - Viewed 1751 Times
David Devaney
October 17, 2009
How wonderful sweet Annabel
Two years you have achieved
That every day would be brand new
A truth you have believed
You’ve caught a rainbow in your heart
Had multicolored dreams
Then taught your mom to patiently
Enjoy your wondrous schemes
Your hair has grown most beautiful
And Harry’s joined your gang
Then often through the internet
We’ve heard the songs you sang
You have a special energy
As endlessly you go
And everyone who hears you laugh
Does hear true love there flow
You are a sister, daughter too
One step ahead of time
And since you came to stay with us
Each day has been sublime
Learning words and reading books
Great stories you do tell
And with your brother by your side
You cast a magic spell
That brings to all great happiness
And too a sense of worth
That’s tickled every heart with love
Since we knew of your birth
So as this third year you begin
Please always recognize
You are someone remarkable
No need to it disguise

Pop Pop
© 2009 David Devaney
When God Does Touch You - Viewed 1378 Times
David Devaney
October 28, 2009
When God does touch you with new life
His touch brings happiness
And in each moment that you share
He does your days caress
No matter they be difficult
Or fraught with pain and tears
He always will remain with you
Eliminating fears
He brings you courage and new hope
The strength to carry on
Though burdens may to heavy be
With him they are quick gone
He knows that you are fragile too
He made you as you are
Protecting you from every foe
With him there is no scar
First and most assuredly
He is that special friend
Who brings you comfort and true love
Until your days do end
He never will ignore your needs
Forsake you for your sin
But rather he’ll forgive your faults
So life can new begin
His energy is part of you
With you he will remain
So he can help your dreams come true
And all your wishes gain
With him there is fulfillment too
So each day you can grow
And like the river to the sea
Your time will easy flow
So when the days seem upside down
And mountains are to high
Please understand he’ll be with you
When dreams do fill the sky
And most importantly of all
He’ll listen as you choose
The path in life that you must take
With him you’ll never lose

© 2009 David Devaney
With Winter Comes - Viewed 1389 Times
David Devaney
December 03, 2009
I find that when the winter comes
Our hearts much warmer grow
That frigid weather just outside
The wind and sleet and snow
Though devastating to our dreams
Will never change our way
For inside by the hearth and fire
We happiness display
We choose this time for Holidays
For candy canes and wreaths
Menorah lighted candles
And presents neath the trees
We warm ourselves with greeting cards
With toasts and howdy do’s
And some of us just get away
Upon a winter’s cruise
There’s magic and there’s mystery
When solstices draw near
And stars that shine much brighter too
As angels reappear
It is a time for sharing joy
For loving and for hope
For sleigh bells and for Dreidel’s
As we with long nights cope
It’s hours spent with puzzles
That everyone must try
Piece by piece we recreate
The beauty of the sky
It’s cookies made by grandma
And cheeks all rosy red
Latkes made on Hanukkah
The taste of gingerbread
It’s love and laughter always shared
And Santa Claus the elf
The decorated fire place
With stockings on its shelf
It’s all these things and Christmas too
But most of all I’ve found
With winter comes forgiveness
As true love does abound

© 2009 David Devaney
Young Harry Now Comes Chanukah - Viewed 1826 Times
David Devaney
December 06, 2009
Young Harry now comes Chanukah
The festival of lights
This miracle of memories
Is found on these eight nights
A triumph over darkness
As few replaced the strong
The Menorah its true symbol
Does show you do belong
The prayer “Hallel” is offered
In gratitude and praise
The righteous few have conquered
This victory displays
It is a time to celebrate
With “Gelt” and “Latkes” too
A joyful revelation
As spirits all renew
It is a feast of purity
Of victory and love
When God did guide his people
With angels from above
“Nes Gadol Hayah Sham”
A miracle took place
Each candle lit acknowledges
The victories you trace
Here too you’ll find the “Dreidel”
Inscribed for all to see
“Nun, gimmel, hei and shin”
Have set the people free
So take the time and celebrate
This first and many more
With mom and dad and Annabel
There’s happiness in store

Pop Pop Devaney
© 2009 David Devaney
My Dear Friend Mara - Viewed 1411 Times
David Devaney
December 06, 2009
My dear friend Mara, Angel bred
Is truly heaven sent
One heart that time does share with us
She life does represent
The spirit of true happiness
Of kindness and pure love
Gifted and most talented
A wellspring from above
She is a mentor and a seer
A profit and a friend
So many hearts are one with hers
As with them she does blend
I’ve known her for these many years
Her special elegance
But most of all within her dreams
The need to always dance
She’s cradles those within her heart
Who need her love the most
Then strengthens them with energy
As of them she does boast
She listens and she counsels them
All dreams does understand
Assuring those who need her help
That life can be most grand
A mystic and sorceress
True liege of Mother Earth
She shares her effervescent life
And has since day of birth
A woman full with energy
Each molecule is pure
And too her touch rejuvenates
Those lost and most unsure
She is the starlight of the sun
The sparkle in the gold
The spectrum in the rainbow
Where beauty does unfold
And most importantly of all
To everyone she’s known
Forevermore she’s in our hearts
Where love has stronger grown

© 2009 David Devaney
Ten Pelicans - Viewed 1728 Times
David Devaney
Once home I spied ten pelicans
The clouds were dappled gray
They soared into the setting sun
Their beauty on display
They disappeared beyond the haze
Above this mystic sea
Brown pelicans upon the wind
Revealed the world to me
They told me tales of mariners
Who sailed the ancient blue
Immigrants and vagabonds
And pirates whom they knew
Observing too man’s history
His destiny and lore
As sage and seer they understood
Why dreams life can’t insure
From high above this ocean’s crest
They watched the world below
On pirouette they’d quickly dive
So they might stronger grow
And as ten thousand fishermen
Stand steadfast by their line
These fisher birds of special ilk
Do their techniques refine
Watching, waiting, they observe
The moment and the time
To soar, then dive, then eat, then rise
Their methods are sublime
And for one instant I was drawn
Into their world unknown
Knowing that upon this earth
I’ll never be alone
For everywhere about me now
Is beauty uncompared
That every moment of each day
Is with me freely shared

© David Devaney
Don\ - Viewed 1250 Times
February 21, 2010
Heads and Tales, two sides of coin,
Must both are, like a body's loin.

Lucky you are, on the either side,
Probability of your turn is wide and wide.

Once or twice if you do not come,
Big deal man, its not a problem.

Equal in potential, don’t worry my horse,
Influenced by gravity who made the toss.

Hey ma bro, please don’t feel low,
Do something that you keep others on tow,
Don’t take bow, you are still in the show,
I know You will do it, I have faith in ma bro…
© 2010 Kaushik
- Viewed 1187 Times
David Whalen
April 23, 2010
When I was a lad
My grandpa always had
An adage for each and every situation

He’d rub his face,
Sagely gaze into space
As if in deep, focused concentration

Then he’d turn to me
And say “Well, Son you see
It’s a bit of a complication”

It didn’t seem to give him pause
About What my problem really was
His answer was the same without deviation

His answer to me
Always just confused me, you see
Yet could not have been proffered any kinder

His answer was always kinda funky
He’d say “never ask the monkey…
Son…Always ask the Organ grinder”

To this very day
I can honestly say
I don’t know what he meant
…But I loved him
© 2010 David Whalen
Where Days are Always Magical - Viewed 1339 Times
David Devaney
June 11, 2010
One day while walking with my friends
In Surfside by the sea
We suddenly discovered there
A land of fantasy
The clam shells resting on the beach
Were emerald green and gold
The sea birds were conversing too
Bout things they’d bought and sold
The ocean’s waves were motionless
We heard no single sound
And through the water glistening
New treasures did abound
We saw great schools of minnow fish
As they quick passed us by
And just behind the very last
A bigger fish we’d spy
Round and round and up and down
Swimming too and fro
The fish in front were scurrying
The last one, oops, too slow
We saw blue crabs all hurrying
To find their breakfast fare
The oysters they were laughing too
With seaweed in their hair
The hermit crabs were changing shells
As they so often do
The morning sun awoke the sky
With shades of orange through blue
Then on we went along this beach
So timeless and so pure
Where days are always magical
And nights do dreams restore

© 2010 David Devaney
Dave Stroud - Viewed 1634 Times
David Devaney
June 11, 2010
His commitment is remarkable
His intellect unique
And all those voices he does guide
Shall find what they most seek
He truly is a gentle man
So rhythmically correct
He hears the difference then inspires
What others might neglect
He is a friend and confidante
To those who call him peer
And when he hears a troubled voice
He is their guide and seer
A mentor and a counselor
A creative thoughtful man
Each day for him is energized
His voice does lead their band
This patient man with confidence
Too steps beyond the realm
Thorough and meticulous
Great teacher at the helm
Through each tomorrow and today
He’s focused on his goal
Of futures that are bountiful
For spirit mind and soul
His heart too understands that life
Is shared so all can feel
The wonders and euphoria
Great talent does reveal
So now as history unfolds
To cradle each new day
We praise this man magnificent
With courage on display
© 2010 David Devaney
Gage Christopher - Viewed 1272 Times
David Devaney
June 11, 2010
There is a little boy we know
Some day he‘ll be a man
This member of our family
This child in our clan
He came to us much earlier
As babies sometimes do
His mama loves him O’ so much
His daddy through and through
A tiny and a fragile lad
When first he came our way
And though one year and more has passed
He steals our hearts each day
Gage Christopher’s from Surfside
An island by the sea
His family has his surfboard waxed
It’s ready when he’s three
He loves to laugh and play and climb
Is always on the go
And lives near Pirates Alley
With lots of time to grow
He loves his mama very much
And Daddy Adam too
This knight in shining armor
Is a pirate through and through
So everyday we celebrate
This boy with golden hair
Those deep blue eyes and happy smile
Now placed within our care

"Pop Pop"
© 2010 David Devaney
Misty - Viewed 1283 Times
David Devaney
June 11, 2010
Patiently persistent
Precocious and demure
With diligence she perseveres
She knows just what’s in store
Consistent in her efforts
To find the better way
And with her there is confidence
That’s always on display
An early morning riser too
She daily greets the sun
Accomplishing each task assigned
Before the day is done
And through the inconsistencies
That time might now reveal
She always shares great confidence
And makes folks better feel
A listener she understands
Life’s true complexity
Responsive to her job’s demands
No matter what they be
A special friend and confidante
To those who share her time
Since Misty came within our midst
The days are more sublime
And now this gal is mountain bound
To the Rockies way out west
Where the snow does fall upon the trees
And the winds do hearts caress
Where the sun plays peek a boo each night
And the air is crisp and pure
To challenge life and find success
And happiness for sure

© 2010 David Devaney
This Bridge to Paradise - Viewed 1614 Times
David Devaney
June 13, 2010
The bridge that leads to Paradise
Is merely two lanes wide
It arches high above the pass
Where crewboats come to hide
And from its crest you’ll always see
The Gulf in panorama
And too the village on its edge
Seems like a diorama
Most beautifully depicted there
Are jetty, shore and beach
White dappled clouds beneath blue skies
Are too within your reach
Each house likes storks on long stretched legs
Sits high above the land
While Palm Trees whisper tales of yore
Above the sugar sand
They tell of Fort Velasco Old
Its place in history
Of Pirate Treasures buried deep
And too their mystery
These sand ghosts too regale us all
With odes to fishermen
Who sailed their boats upon the sea
To not return again
They whisper too of bygone times
When surfers rode each wave
Onto great beaches endlessly
That folks now hope to save
So next time when adventuring
In search of what you’ve lost
Come ride this bridge to Paradise
It has no fee or cost


Surfside Beach, TX
© 2010 David Devaney
I Found A Bit of Paradise - Viewed 1476 Times
David Devaney
June 13, 2010
T’was South Southwest of Houston
Where the earth and heaven meet
That I found a bit of paradise
In the sand beneath my feet
It is the place where each new day
Is different from the last
Where beauty comes in rainbow hues
And dreams on lines are cast
A place where pelicans all soar
To greet the morning sun
Where dolphins chase the angel fish
When they are having fun
Where starlight shines forevermore
And fantasies come true
An always special friendly place
With skies forever blue
It is the place where sugar sands
Across the dunes all blow
When winded by the southern breeze
Like ghosts they silent flow
The place where love is treasured more
And cherished as if gold
And where the fragrance of the sea
Cannot be bought or sold
It is a place of harmony
Of sanctity and hope
Where angels come when in between
So they with time can cope
It is the place where everyone
Can surely choose to be
A heart and mind and spirit pure
Fulfilled with ecstasy


Surfside Beach, Texas
© 2010 David Devaney
A Silent Symphony - Viewed 1195 Times
David Devaney
June 15, 2010
There is a silent symphony
That rises with the dawn
The sun does kiss the verdant earth
The dark of night is gone
The waves and sea caress the shore
And linger for a while
Then songbirds whisper of their love
As nature does beguile
The flowers stretching toward the sun
Then quietly exude
The beauty of the break of day
A wondrous interlude
The sands crabs all cavorting here
And seabirds soaring high
Share silhouettes most beautiful
Beneath the morning sky
And through it all life’s orchestra
Begins to then rehearse
With harmonies upon the wind
They share God’s song and verse
For when mankind awakes to find
The wonders of each day
Pure nature’s panorama
Is always on display


Surfside Beach, TX
© 2010 David Devaney
FRomWhich I always Learn - Viewed 1396 Times
David Devaney
July 13, 2010
When first I went imagining
Bout just what life would be
I never thought that I would find
This wondrous ecstasy
A family once unwoven
Has now been intertwined
With children three and grand now five
My life’s been redefined
I lived so empty and alone
Though special friends I shared
And did survive life’s consequence
For by them I’d been cared
Wandering most endlessly
I had no place to go
Still through it all I did survive
As love would always flow
And though uncertainty did flare
It never quite took hold
So now I choose a better way
For life to here unfold
This love free given has revealed
The need to it return
Then all the world’s a better place
From which I always learn

© 2010 David Devaney
2010 Christmas Giving - Viewed 1170 Times
Ruth Warren
December 26, 2010
2010 Christmas Giving

Being grateful that Christ died for us
Keeps us from all the fuss;
Celebrating His birth, on Christmas day
is really, the only true way.

Giving Him first place in our lives,
Will keep us healthy when someone dies;
But lifting our loved ones in prayer
Shall put them, in God's Holy care.

Praying without ceasing, brings relief,
Our goals we then will achieve;
Praising our God all day long,
Will keep us, positive, and strong.

So let's give, as well as receive,
For this is God's blessing, I believe;
Not only will our living show good,
But show God's love as it should.
© 2010 Ruth Warren
What Christmas Means to Me - Viewed 1088 Times
Ruth Warren
December 26, 2010
What Christmas Means to Me
Babs Warren 1986
A.S.K. Ruth Bunch Warren

As a child, Christmas was great,
I knew I’d receive something that was
My birthday present was usually late,
But at Christmas, my joy was completed.

As a youth, Christmas had changed,
For I understood where the presents came;
We drew names and gifts were exchanged,
And we hoped those received were not the same.

Now that I’ve older grown, and a parent too,
I understand the hurt in not giving a child;
Things they’d like or desire, yet love untrue;
In spending money, reckless, and wild.

For if forgetting the Christ Child, dear one,
There’s no love to give this year;
Give more of yourself, as His Son,
And this year, you’ll live without fear.
© 2010 Ruth Warren
Response to Daddy Gods Prayer - Viewed 1107 Times
Ruth Warren
December 26, 2010
I especially like Daddy God in this prayer,
as our Heavenly Father, He is always there.
Where our earthly father may err,
Daddy God, shows he cares.

To begin in honoring our Daddy God,
Starting the day, by writing our blog;
Sharing the Good News to all that hear,
Finding the Daddy God, you cannot fear.

The fear you may have comes from love,
As the Daddy God, looks down from above.
He nudge's us when we blunder,
Bringing us back to His wonder.

And now as I read Daddy God’s training from His book,
And follow His instructions, which is all it took;
To bring me to Daddy God’s Heavenly home,
I will Praise Him, follow and adore Him at the throne.
© 2010 Ruth Warren
I\ - Viewed 1181 Times
David Devaney
March 01, 2011
I’ve heard this little secret
From a woman on the beach
There’s a little bit of “Paradise”
That’s still within our reach
The sun is always shining there
The water’s crystal clear
And when you cross that arching bridge
Its pleasant sounds you’ll hear
With battalions of brown pelicans
And seagulls by the score
And waves that share seafaring tales
When breaking on the shore
There are rainbows misting in the clouds
And stars that course the sky
And each new person that you meet
Will on your word rely
There is beauty hidden in the dunes
Midst “Monarch” butterflies
And dreams so endless coming true
That no one can disguise
It is a place of happiness
Of serenity and peace
Where angels come to rest each day
And pressures all release
An island that will beckon you
To come and stay awhile
With energy so nurturing
It always bring a smile
A Village so remarkable
You’ll never want to leave
For here in “Surfside by the Sea”
In “Life” folks still believe

David L. Devaney
© 2011 David Devaney
An April Trilogy - Viewed 958 Times
David Devaney
April 16, 2011
An April Trilogy
In Remembrance of
Margaret Edith Devaney
Mother, Friend and Inspiration

The Fire Inside

There is in every one of us
The challenge to succeed
The wondrous opportunity
To find what we most need
It is that fire inwardly
Whose embers never fade
Those moments when we celebrate
As love does life pervade
It is an understanding too
Of whom we might become
The effort and the energy
Of which we are the sum
It is the courage to commit
To follow every dream
To take the time discovering
Each fiber and each seam
To focus all that fills our heart
On what we choose to be
And cut the bindings that ensnare
To set our passions free
Its then we will become ourselves
The object in our day
With happiness and confidence
Forever on display


The Journey to Love

I am finally beginning to understand
The reason and the purpose for the
Person that I am forevermore becoming
I see through the complexity of my own transformation
As I step softly, day by day, into my life,
My adventures, my development, my certainty,
My fulfillment and my denouement
I now understand that I am in the pursuit of love
Not merely for its infatuation and experience
But more so its creation, its participation
Its expression and its universal development
Bringing always its wonderment
To the eternity of my humanity
Love is not the precipice over which I might fall
Into the oblivion of my confused uncertainty
It is rather the horizon of my potential,
Beautiful, exciting,, energetic and arousing
It is that which stimulates my senses into becoming
The person I am intended to be
It is God through me caring for and sharing with
Those whom I choose to participate in my time
The reason and the purpose for my existence and my fulfillment
It is you and I and we and they and who we all are becoming
In this endless journey into the discovery of ourselves
Step by step traversing
The wondrous and joyful composite of a
Blended experience with true life
Pure strength, certain truth and endless love

So Mote It Be


The Love of God

The love of God that cares for us
Is not found in mankind
But rather in a universe
To which we oft are blind
It is the sun’s pure energy
That greets us with the dawn
The rain that nurtures every heart
Before the day is gone
It is the wind found whispering
Through mountain forests high
The rainbows that do new appear
Across a weathered sky
It is the petal of each bloom
That flowers fragrantly
The beauty that is everywhere
That we so rarely see
It is the perfect harmony
That comes to us with life
But never is it avarice
That brings great war and strife
So always and forevermore
Remember and recall
The love of God is given free
And has no cost at all

© 2011 David Devaney
The Magic Beauty - Viewed 6691 Times
David Devaney
April 11, 2005
An energy did first appear,
it was the blowing wind.
Its cauldron too, the mighty sea,
would soon the rain begin.
The seabirds herald to mankind,
that storms would soon approach.
The tides were rising rapidly
the land they would encroach.
This walk of boards was creaking now
and swaying to and fro.
God’s majesty in nature found,
his strength does awesome grow.
And I was but a dilettante
who heard and felt and saw
The magic beauty of the storms
that bring change to us all.
© 2005 David Devaney
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