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What is an Occasional Verse
An Occasional Verse is Poetry for the Everyday Poet. A website devoted to enabling poets easy access to publishing their occasional verse, poetry collections, poems, lyrics, odes, songs and sonnets. Starting with the ability to post their own work on and even going as far as starting your own poetry website.

We are still working to make An Occasional Verse easy to use but as you can now easily register and begin uploading your own poetry. The collections option is also now working. When you log in you will have the ability to Add a Collection. Then when you go to upload your Poems you can pick from your collections.

As of 04/21/2005 you can't search or list based on the Category but we are working on that also. We appreciate your patience while we make this the best poetry website available on the web.

We look forward to your comments and feedback.

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I Believe - Viewed 6102 Times
David Devaney
March 01, 2002
I believe that there is a present time
where I can truly participate
in the beauty of my own life.
I believe in sensitivity, creativity,
goodness, love, joy, and friendship.
I do understand that I need to be there
from time to time and then for all of time
to greet the gods of my being
and reveal to them, the universe of my dreams.
I am not the third person plural
experiencing life but rather myself.
I am the I and me of my own existence.
I choose to lead my life in response
to my own needs, wants and desires,
not reacting only as a puppet
to the puppeteers demands.
I commit to God and choose to know myself
through the excitement of this experience.
I realize that life’s hills are steep
and its mountains high,
yet no obstacle will deter me in the pursuit
of this experience which is for me
the now and the evermore of my being.
I can only be myself,
the composite of my experience
but I need to experience
the treasures of my own life
to recognize who I am.
I will love myself, forgive myself
and not be burdened by the anger
on my own misunderstanding.
© 2002 David Devaney
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