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An Occasional Verse is Poetry for the Everyday Poet. This website is devoted to enabling poets easy access to publishing their occasional verse, poetry collections, poems, lyrics, odes, songs, and sonnets. Start with the ability to post your own work on and even go as far as starting your own poetry website.

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Today's Poem - 02/21/2017
A Precious Jewel - Viewed 7763 Times
David Devaney
December 13, 2002
Upon the winds I whisper.
Upon the stars I soar.
Into the twilight of my time
Not knowing what’s in store.
Excited to be venturing
where I have never been.
As life within the sunrise
does everyday begin.
New challenges do greet me
new intimates I meet.
Friendships ever growing
as soft my heart does beat.
Taking time to know of love,
it is a precious jewel
Greeting new acquaintances
never being cruel.
Capturing the memories
composites of my days.
Loving those who have loved me
in many different ways.
Laughing, crying, telling tales
bout life that I have known.
Though solitary in my world,
I never am alone.
For I am all that I have been
and all that I’ll become.
Father, soldier, confidante,
of me I am the sum.
Patiently awaiting
that special ecstasy.
When I do wake acknowledging
my final fantasy.
To here achieve upon this earth
that I do daily roam
A gentle kindness in my heart
and be no more alone.
For life well lived is understood
to be a life fulfilled.
One where love and special joy
for ever are instilled.
© 2002 David Devaney
From Borneo He Came - Viewed 6474 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2003
I saw a great orangutan,
from Borneo he came.
He watched, as we did watch him back,
though never quite the same.
His face was sullen, smileless,
yet there within his eyes.
A sense that he had found a home
did come with great surprise.
Captive though he might have been,
he captivated all.
Most thankful are we that he came
and him we’ll oft recall.
© 2003 David Devaney
Always Meant To Be - Viewed 6823 Times
David Devaney
September 08, 2002
I sit here by the garden park and watch the people
passing into the mist of the evening.
I wait patiently as God begins his journey into the night,
bringing to all, a cornucopia of patience and love.
A child passes, close by his father’s side, his steps firm yet tentative,
as he struggles to maintain the pace.
Women, strollers in front, jog through the heavy air,
as raindrops and love-bugs circle about this windswept summer’s eve.
Clouds, darkened by the afternoon sun, whisper silently,
as they course the heavens heavy laden with droplets from the sea.
Lovers walk, side by side, conversing silently with their eyes,
knowing always the eternity of their affection.
Friends, briskly pace themselves to a rhythmic cadence,
as tiny leashed dogs inquire about the tree bark at their nose.
Diamond, golden signs stop all movement, protecting each passerby,
from the uncertainty that lies just beyond the unknown.
All this happens within my grasp, within my view, as I sit silent,
the observer of things as they are and were always meant to be.
© 2002 David Devaney
Koala - Viewed 6508 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2003
I’m just an old Koala bear,
captive and forlorn.
Living in a cage of glass,
the trees are old and worn.
I rest my head upon my arms,
my eyes most often closed.
My neighbors are Koala bears
to this I’m not opposed.
Just three of us in Houston town,
down south in Herman Park.
So many people come and watch,
yet still I have no spark.
I sit and sleep here in my tree,
then once or twice a day.
I blink and raise my eyebrows up
and all the people stay.
They smile, laugh, the children scream.
“Hey mom let’s go inside”.
Yet all alone I must remain,
though from them I don’t hide.
I’m just an old Koala bear,
content to here remain.
To warm the hearts of young and old,
as happiness they gain.
© 2003 David Devaney
Beauty Soaring There - Viewed 6553 Times
David Devaney
July 01, 2002
Sixteen pelicans did cross
That jetty by the sea.
Each one in turn would take the lead,
They formed a shortened V.
Across the whitecaps headed west,
I’d not seen them before.
On occasion one or two,
Across my path would soar.
Yet sixteen came this summer’s day,
But no one seemed to care.
More concerned with thoughts of life,
Than beauty soaring there.
And then eleven more did come,
Wind currents set their height.
As cross winds from the south did blow,
They winged with all their might.
I wonder why so many came,
This sunlit, snow cloud day,
I guess so I might them admire,
And all my demons slay.
For when God’s beauty is revealed,
Do troubles disappear.
And I am grateful that I came,
To walk and watch and hear.
© 2002 David Devaney
That Only You Can Bring - Viewed 6677 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2004
The beauty of a special soul
is found behind their eyes.
The glimmer, with a sense of hope,
is never a disguise.
Extending downward to their lips,
it turns into a smile.
The love that’s seen on every face
can truly hearts beguile.
It’s found within their actions too,
they always seem to care.
Ending woe and misery,
with love there’s no despair.
They too possess a special gift
to every day exchange.
Renewing hopes for those distressed,
they problems rearrange.
Not worried what the world might think
their focus is the heart.
To be, as they, a special gift
with many hopes to chart.
So if someday you see their smile
or feel the warmth they bring.
Know that giving is a choice,
that only you can bring.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Wave - Viewed 7274 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
When the only thing in life’s a wave
and the next one and the next.
The troubles and the worries fade
no longer we’re perplexed.

When the ocean rises with the wind
and the tides are running high.
The only vision that is seen
is the ever changing sky.

When the surfers come to congregate
along the coastal shore.
Their church and pews are on the sea
as breakers constant roar.

When old and weary strangers trek
for miles to the sea.
Their worries and their troubles fade
with the ocean running free.

When children frolic long its edge
and build sand castle walls.
The wave will quick demolish them
as each of us recalls.

When crabs and clams do hunker down
below the roaring surf.
And sea grass elbows in the wind
as salt invades its turf.

When treasures and great pleasures come
to all who dip their toes.
There are no troubles in this world
as each wave ebbs and flows.
© 2002 David Devaney
Wheel to Wheel - Viewed 6861 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Wheel to wheel, of every age,
they came to course the boards.
A rainbow colored tapestry
they are the cycling hordes.

The thin, the fat, the tall, the short
the old and too, the young.
Front to back and rim to rim
along the boards they’re strung.

So many clicking through their gears
though many do without.
Pedals all go round and round
As they with joy do shout.
© 2002 David Devaney
My Butterfly - Viewed 5356 Times
David Devaney
February 28, 2002
I saw a stained glass butterfly,
Upon the summer’s wind.
Its beauty was a gift from God,
that helped my day begin.

It soared midst flowers beautiful
Sun sparkled and unique.
Touched the heaven’s essence pure
As I did treasures seek.

I see it everywhere I go,
Upon the ocean’s crest.
Within the shadow of the moon
On every daily quest.

It lingers just behind my eyes
Always near at hand.
My butterfly is dreams pursued
No matter where I stand.
© 2002 David Devaney
Ten Million Stars - Viewed 6670 Times
David Devaney
June 12, 2004
I saw ten million stars last night,
but wished upon just one.
I watched the waves break on the shore,
before this day was done.
I saw a great white buffalo,
soaring through the sky.
A “Snoopy Dog” with puffy ears
in heaven I did spy.
The “Dippers” large and small were there,
each moving south and west.
Then quick, a shooting star appeared.
This night it was a test.
Could I be silent and aware,
of beauty all around.
Let the wind its secrets tell,
where love is truly found.
Listen to the melodies
the nighttime breeze does play.
Taste the fragrance of the sea
brought to me this day.
And could I simply here enjoy,
The wealth of nature pure.
That God did give the universe,
to happiness restore.
© 2004 David Devaney
An Opinion - Viewed 5076 Times
David Devaney
October 09, 2004
There is no great embarrassment
if Kerry you might choose.
It’s just that war is such a waste
for everyone does lose.
Death, destruction, hatred too
does all the world pervade.
And every heart that understands
knows hatred cannot fade.
‘Tis greed that seems to stimulate
the reasons why we wage.
Revenge does also us control
upon this endless stage.
Though "Nine One One" is tragic
and it we won’t forget.
Just like Pearl Harbor many died
and we our sights did set.
Upon mid-eastern terrorists
and all we thought might be.
For we the brother of mankind
must set the whole world free.
Yet when we make decisions
that cripple, maim and kill.
Though armies now are volunteer
they die against their will.
For politicians do decide
from towers clean and white.
The reasons that our young must fade
those elected never fight.
So when you vote please listen
to your heart not rhetoric.
Then let your conscience be your guide
whomever you might pick.
For Bush, he’s truly done his best
to stabilize this land.
I’d rather give Iraq to France
they play well in the sand.
To compromise is never weak
to touch, to taste, to feel.
For when another soldier dies
their wounds will never heal.
So let us send a message
Americans we all.
Go fight these wars in conference rooms
where only egos fall.
© 2004 David Devaney
Angels of the Sea - Viewed 5214 Times
David Devaney
May 27, 2002
The dolphins, Angels of the Sea,
their kingdom has no end.
As fisherpeople jetties ply
this message they do send.
“We are the harbinger of life,
of peace and hope and dreams.
We touch the earth with gentleness
across its’ many seams.
From sea to sea we bring great joy,
as Angels we bring hope.
Touching every continent,
we know each rise and slope.
And as mankind, this beauty rare,
in greed destroys our home.
We wander further from his shore,
and leave this fateful tome.
Allow us now to do our work
God’s messengers on earth.
So all the creatures large and small
can in us find rebirth.
© 2002 David Devaney
Before the Dawn - Viewed 5518 Times
David Devaney
February 28, 2004
Before the dawn you’re on my mind
and bring me happiness.
I lie here silent in the dark
and know of your caress.
Too many years have passed me by
since I have new love known.
The fragrance just a memory
too long I’ve been alone.
I hear your words within my mind
they help me carry on.
I sense your presence and your warmth,
then quickly you are gone.
My heartbeat quickens with each thought
I tingle in the know.
And though we’re distant now in time,
our energy does flow.
I think that we were meant to be
blended in the hour.
Each the other sharing dreams,
the blossom to the flower.
So as the warming sun does rise,
so too do we each day.
Much stronger am I now since you
my life is on display.
© 2004 David Devaney
Forever and Eternal - Viewed 4203 Times
David Devaney
June 15, 2000
There truly is a God who has touched our hearts with his benevolence.
Knowing only the colors of the palette of creativity,
we are the harmony in the everyday experience of our existence.

Upon the horizon, the sun rises and sets in its magnificent splendor.
always remembered, often depicted, frequently imagined,
It is the infinite rainbow of our truth and our understanding.

Life is not you nor I, male nor female; black, yellow, white, red nor brown,
Neither flora nor fauna, mountain nor stream, animate or inanimate,
but rather, the universal composition of all these things.

The symphony of color, fragrance, sound, taste and touch,
we are the silence, the whisper and the crescendo of all things one to the other.
Our incarnation is simply the acceptance of our participation.

I am because of you, and you because of me.
We are the same but uniquely different in our oneness through the soul.
This is the core of our existence and our connectedness one to the other.

There is not hate nor love, anger nor joy, war nor peace.
For these are mere moments of disparity in the timelessness of our truth.
Negatives in the thought process of dependent intellects not blended chakras.

Our oneness with the creator is our recognition and our independence.
For we are the seed and the flower, the acorn and the tree, the spark and the fire.
Forever and Eternal, we are the energy of the earth and the sea and the sky.

I am because of you and you because of me, one in recognition and in spirit.
Uniquely different but the same in our quest for knowledge, truth and love.
For it is this love, truth and understanding that is the God of all that does exist.

We are the template of our experience and the composite of our energy,
Bound only by the limitations of the uncertain acceptance of our divine participation.
For God is in us and with us and for us, “So Mote It Be”.
© 2000 David Devaney
In A Purple Cow on A Highway Blue - Viewed 8585 Times
David Devaney
February 04, 2007
Now somewhere deep in Texas
Where the Brazos finds its end
And the pelicans do course the sea
As the winds great palm trees bend
Where the moon is shrouded by the clouds
That intersect the skies
And the Shrimpers troll the oceans rim
In boats their nets disguise
Where the chocolate sea begins to change
Into an aqua haze
And the people always share a smile
With spirits that amaze
Where the barges ply the inland way
With no wake often seen
And the bridges arch upon a land
Forevermore bright green
Where the streets all end upon the sea
And the sand crabs reappear
And everyone becomes your friend
When first you do appear
Where breakfast wears a purple hue
And always tastes sublime
And the sunshine is not far away
As you pass back into time
Where love does permeate the air
And happiness is pure
And E. M. T’s do Surfside proud
When life is so unsure
It’s here a gal remarkable
Does own a friendly bar
Painted purple by the sea
With a cow its only star
And too you’ll find Ms Kitty there
For few like her exist
Her hair a little pink and gold
With warmth you can’t resist
An extra special friendly gal
Who shares each day her heart
In a Purple Cow on a Highway Blue
Is the place where dreams do start
© 2007 David Devaney
Saint Valentine in Heaven Waits - Viewed 4207 Times
David Devaney
February 14, 2007
Now on this day true friendship
Through hearts we often see
And flowers travel through the night
Fulfilling fantasy
When cupid on each shoulder sits
His arrows filled with love
And Valentine in heaven waits
With treasures from above
When all great lovers in this world
Acknowledge who they are
With gifts of candied happiness
Now sent from near and far
When little children cards design
And share red lollipops
A day when love’s found everywhere
With rainbow chocolate tops
When all of us do life forgive
Forgetting yesterday
And every moment that’s brand new
Finds joy upon display
A day so special and unique
That only love will do
I wish you warmth and happiness
And all your dreams come true
© 2007 David Devaney
Now Gone - Viewed 3923 Times
David Devaney
March 13, 2007
I soar as though a butterfly
Beyond the amber sun
Nurturing the beauty there
Before my time is done
The wind does whisper silently
A herald to each day
As mountains, seas and forests green
All end mankind’s dismay
New treasures rare and mystical
Revealed each day at dawn
Allow them to embellish you
Before they are now gone
© 2007 David Devaney
When I Began Imagining - Viewed 3181 Times
David Devaney
August 08, 2007
When I began imagining
I was so very young
Dreams of escapades in life
A hero yet unsung
But least of all the things I sought
This loneliness I feel
Much better if you’d share my heart
So I with life could deal
The empty nights too numerous
So cold in summer heat
I never learned to love enough
Nor for one heart compete
The day begins and ends the same
Too empty and alone
I wish that God would bless me with
A heart to call my own
I’d be a friend and lover too
And share what I have found
T’is then that life would be complete
And every day astound
© 2007 David Devaney
David - Viewed 3253 Times
David Devaney
August 12, 2007
There is an essence to someone
Who gives first from his heart
Caring for those most in need
As this new year does start
You first and foremost are a friend
To those who’ve touched your day
A singer most extraordinaire
With talent to display
You’ve traveled bout this wide wide world
And loves to entertain
From Music Man to Charlie Brown
So much from you we gain
You love to Karaoke too
And share a talent pure
Do use a handheld skillfully
In business I am sure
I’ve watched you grow from boy to man
And see someone unique
Then recognize your competence
In knowing what to seek
So now as birthdays reappear
I wish you great success
Knowing that when you perform
You truly will impress
© 2007 David Devaney
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