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Category - Places
A Poem from the Angels God and Creation Collection
The Bridge to Heaven\ - Viewed 1258 Times
David Devaney
February 10, 2012
The Bridge to Heaven's Gate
Yavapai County, Arizona

I tried to count those billion stars
That rose above the ridge
T'was then I found to heaven's gate
These mountains are the bridge
Spirits passing through the night
Angels as their guides
Since time began and evermore
This secret no one hides
A desert land where prophets come
To meditate on life
Envisioning a better world
With no more war or strife
Where stars for every creature born
Throughout this universe
All sparkle with magnificence
As they pure love disburse
For every spirit passing through
Upon their heaven's quest
Does reincarnate as a star
Great beacons for the rest
© 2012 David Devaney
© 2004-2014