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Category - Emotion
A Poem from the The Poet and His Thoughts Collection
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David Devaney
February 11, 2012
Will I renew upon this earth
The strength and energy
The wisdom and the intellect
Life daily gives to me
Will I accept the consequence
The freedom and the choice
To touch the universe with love
Then share its common voice
Are days a new beginning now
And nights the end of time
And will I share their preciousness
Their wonderment sublime
Will I partake of friendships real
And dreams that will come true
Pursuing long lost ecstasy
As I each day renew
And will I share this knowledge gained
The gift of endless thought
In every moment yet to be
As I by time am caught
And last but most importantly
Will I my talents grow
Perfecting who I do become
Allowing life to flow
© 2012 David Devaney
© 2004-2014