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Category - Places
A Poem from the The Heartbeat of One Drum Collection
Paradise on Havasu - Viewed 1141 Times
David Devaney
February 11, 2012
When searching for life's Paradise
One need not go too far
It's just across that London Bridge
Beneath each brilliant star
In deserts high on native land
Along Lake Havasu
True friends who gather craft and drum
No one's just passing through
The God Creator asked if they
Would share what he's transformed
Sunset clouds most mystical
That nature has adorned
It's full moons breaking through these clouds
Their veil the starlit sky
The burros all in cadence
As drum sounds soar on high
Those fish traps made by Dick from scratch
With Jerry's helping hand
Gourds the girls have set aside
Where rattles soon will stand
It's midnight high above the lake
The shimmering of lights
God and man made beauty shared
The serenity of nights
The sunrise glimmer on the lake
The beauty and the peace
Those spirits who the deserts roam
The gold won't them release
It's friendships found both new and old
The camaraderie
The dawn till dusk magnificence
And wondrous energy
It's Mary at the Laundromat
While Jerry shapes a stone
Life's Paradise is nature's heart
Where no one stands alone
© 2012 David Devaney
© 2004-2014