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Category - People
A Poem from the The Poet and His Thoughts Collection
The You You\ - Viewed 1106 Times
David Devaney
February 18, 2012
Be who you are
Be who you choose
Be who you dream to be

You are the creator
The God of yourself
Incarnate the you and be free

Live where you will
Live by your choice
Live every moment each day

You have full control
The decision is yours
From the pathway you choose never stray

Love with your heart
Love with your mind
Love with each breath that you take

You are the potential
The truth of yourself
When blended by you no mistake

Laugh with the heartache
Laugh with the joy
Laugh till the tears start to fall

You are your own mentor
You too are the sage
For the self that you wish to recall

Forgive where you've been
Forgive what you're not
Forgive yesterday and forget

Just live every moment
Make special them all
For they are the you you'll beget
© 2012 David Devaney
© 2004-2014