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Category - --Other--
A Poem from the The Heartbeat of One Drum Collection
Havasu Landing by Mary Webster - Viewed 1107 Times
David Devaney
March 06, 2012
Havasu Landing……High Desert Camp

It's quiet

The sounds I hear come from the wind

Burro's talking in the night

And coyotes singing in the hills

A hummingbird whistles at dusk

He climbs high and dive bombs me

Over and over and again

Missing my head by inches

I laugh in delight

I beat on my drum

Under the stars

A campfire lights the night

A crescent moon

Crosses the sky

Two planets hang near by

As the city beyond the lake

Twinkles like diamonds

Sometimes fireworks grace the calm

With carnival light

This night is mine

The shooting star

Tells me so.

Mary K D Webster
March 6, 2012
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