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Category - People
A Poem from the The Heartbeat of One Drum Collection
Step Beyond Your Yesterdays - Viewed 1513 Times
David Devaney
July 06, 2012
When you feel that tingle in your loins
That tickles through your toes
Then effervesces through your heart
As everywhere it flows
When your touch becomes an embers glow
And your thoughts all fog and mist
And your dreams do all end happily
As if you had been kissed
When time alone brings emptiness
And your thoughts find only one
And you feel the warming glow of life
At midnight with no sun
When you laugh at every word expressed
And cry with easy tears
And linger in your memories
Before life disappears
When you see beyond the edge of time
And feel emotions rare
And know the comfort of one heart
Who truly seems to care
When you feel it touch it taste it
Do laugh and sometimes cry
Then step beyond your yesterdays
On tomorrow do rely
For it's here that life does new begin
With every breath you take
Full with love and happiness
In which you shall partake
© 2012 David Devaney
© 2004-2014