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Category - Love/Romance
A Poem from the The Heartbeat of One Drum Collection
A New Year Trilogy of Thought - Viewed 1435 Times
David Devaney
December 31, 2011
New Year Revelations
Midnight Verse, 12-31-2011

Contemplating Preciousness
One Special Heart, 12-31-2011

When contemplating preciousness
Most often you appear
Your loveliness in dreams remains
And does life's passion sear
You have in life a certainty
A kindness and a strength
Knowing that your family
Brings love of endless length
Committed to fulfillment
Your grandson brings new life
His smile and his laughter
Help end your daily strife
So as you tiptoe through your time
Before each day does end
Remember always evermore
You are my special friend

Love's True Destiny
Contemplations, 12-31-2011

If ever I would love again
The choice that I would make
Would be one heart who chose to live
And love for goodness sake
We'd step beyond reality
And linger in the stars
Travel to the universe
The Milky Way and Mars
We'd listen to the heartbeat
Of everyone on earth
Then taste with them the treasures rare
That comes with our rebirth
We'd give beyond capacity
True love beyond compare
And every single moment lived
Our essence we would share
We'd listen to the melodies
Which are life's special sound
And everywhere that we would go
True love would there abound
We'd listen and we'd always hear
Life's words of consequence
Forgiving and forgetting
The past and its pretense
But most importantly of all
We two as one would be
Always conscious and aware
Of love's true destiny

I Wish
Thoughts Impressed, 12-31-2011

I wish that you would always be
The beginning of my end
The nectar and the sweetness
That evermore would blend
I wish you'd linger in my thoughts
Perfecting every one
And that each day now yet to be
Would be with you begun
I wish your beauty would remain
An always part of me
Impressed within my special thoughts
And dreams and memory
I wish your wish that did come true
Would be as mine the same
Peace on earth love everywhere
No need for wealth or fame
And last but first forevermore
I wish you happiness
Where all that was and is will now
Your moments all caress
© 2011 David Devaney
© 2004-2014