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Category - Music
A Melody A Song - Viewed 477 Times
David Devaney
April 30, 2006
Life is but a treasure chest
Of dreams and fantasies
Anticipated happenings
And joyful ecstasies
Imaginary moments
That tingle us each day
Starlit nights of wonderment
Now always on display
It is a touch a soft caress
A melody a song
A special understanding
That we do here belong
It's always living in the now
Where energy is pure
Not contemplating anything
Nor ever keeping score
The hummingbird that might appear
One sultry summer's eve
Life and love and happiness
In which we do believe
It's lying comfy in a bed
No worries and no fears
Allowing life to easy flow
When passion reappears
It is not living yesterday
Tomorrow and beyond
But rather understanding now
That life will carry on
So step into each moment rare
And crystallize your view
And feel the energy of life
As it makes dreams come true

David L. Devaney
© 2006 David Devaney
© 2004-2014